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I've never restricted my diet by holding off things that are ostensibly bad for me, I just eat whatever the hell I want to eat that won't make me feel like utter garbage afterwards.

I have stomach issues. So whatever I can eat I eat. I go by this pretty much every day.

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@andorski said:

Some insane deals there... but fuck shopping on Thanksgiving.

Unless maybe an order online if the deal is really good. But going out anywhere on those few days? Pfft.

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Hmm. That Game Sins. It says its 'inspired by" Cinema Sins. I doubt the whole Cinema Sins things has a copyright or is trademarked, but it's pretty on the nose for lack of a better word, 'stolen'. I'm not one for knowing what's ok in situations like that, but is it?

Also he's bad at that. He's clearly involving opinion and almost reviewing certain aspects instead of just 'sins' so to speak.

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I am loving it. Even though you have the option to blow shit up, I still am trying to sneak my way through the game as much as possible. When it's possible of course. I haven't been spooked or anything by the game but I do feel it can be very tense and that's a rare feeling for me in games, to actually worry about my character dying.

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Hi, I think a lot of people look down on video games because a lot of the video game thematic content appears to be written by sociopathic geeks with the maturity of a 14-year-old boy. Or worse. There's a also a certain culture in the scene that strives to celebrate this immaturity and the "right" of manchildren to be manchildren.

I tend to skip the "story" part of video games because it is almost always extremely clichéd and cringe-worthy, similar to the worse straight-to-DVD B-movies. I think most of them would fare much better as cultural products and a fun pastime if they just delivered the pure gameplay without embarassing attempts at storytelling.

I'm not a troll, I like (some) video games and this is my honest opinion. Giantbomb is currently my favourite gaming site because it focuses on video games and makes it easy to find out about new, actually released games, which is all I care about in a gaming site. Gaming culture has a lot of growing up to do and doesn't appeal to me in the slightest in its current state. The recent gender politics somehow have made it worse.

You can't complain about maturity while having a username like that.

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My takeaway from this is her character is apparently not gone from Supernatural. I am not pleased with this.

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There's three 2 hour long Quick Looks of The Vault of Glass, though, not good enough for ya?

To be honest, no. There's been so much of that game on this site and it's just shooting. I'm not against FPS games, just saying that you can only show so much.