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I love that small business-san has an outdated-ass flip phone. Incredible work.

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Great stuff as always Patrick. Damn I miss Ryan.

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Good on you, sir. What a wonderful tribute.

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What a profound loss for the GB crew, deepest condolences to Ryan's family and everyone at Giant Bomb. R.I.P. Ryan, thanks for the memories and laughs. Though I never knew you, I feel like i lost a good friend.

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@joshthebear: This is pretty much the first thing I thought of as well. Perfect.

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I don't think so at all. I was shocked like everyone else when I hit Red Wedding, but past the initial shock, it really made a lot of sense. The Starks were simply not equipped with the kind of political and strategic savvy to engage an enemy like the Lannisters, who outclassed them on both fronts. The brutal fate they suffered at the Red Wedding is shocking for sure, but hardly an unjustified one.

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@llamaegg: I disagree. Robb won every battle but was losing the war rapidly. He may be a good tactician and commander, but strategically he was incredibly out-matched by Tywin. Even if Robb didn't slight the Freys, with Greyjoy forces occupying key positions in the North and no way of causing any meaningful damage to Lannister forces in the south, he would have lost the war regardless in the end.

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Oh dear... In no particular order:

Civilization 3


Final Fantasy Tactics

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I enjoy Schwarzenegger movies a lot more than I should: Predator, The Running Man, Total Recall, True Lies, Eraser...

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Same problem here, Galaxy Nexus running ICS.