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You need PSN friends playing Knack to efficiently upgrade Knack. So, let's exchange PSN IDs if you are playing Knack!

PSN: ajlangino

Put Giantbomb in your message so I'll add you.

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I am torn between Knack and Killzone, probably Knack.

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I really liked Shadow Hearts Covenant for the Playstation 2. It was a little straight forward for its time, so perhaps that is even more glaring now, but the combat system, characters, and story were a lot of fun. It was a good light-hearted JRPG.

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I just got it and am working my way through the tutorial. The initial character customization is a little weak, but hopefully that pans out further into the game. The story set-up seems cool and I am looking forward to the actual show. I appreciate that the SyFy network is attempting to do some cool tie-in stuff with this game . If you're on PSN then add me: ajlangino

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I liked the Year Walk - thought there was one progession step and one puzzle that was unclear. The progession step that I missed over and over again reminded me of that part in COD: Black Ops where you have kick down the barrels. In other words, I think a lot of people are going to have a problem progessing past that step.

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Fantastic article - it's writing like this that keeps me coming back to Giant Bomb and happily paying my membership. Keep up the good work.

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The reason the internet was tricked was not because of the trailer, but because of click first/fact check second reporting. Frankly, I was disappointed that Giantbomb got duped. I stopped regularly going to Kotaku, Joystiq, etc. because there was little thought behind their stories/writing. Thankfully, I've been with Giantbomb long enough to know what happened here was an aberration. Guys, just be more careful in the future.

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Thanks so much, this is fantastic! Insight into my favorite game, maybe of all time, and I started gaming with an Atari and Coleco. I cannot wait for part 2!

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@Puflwiz: I think these are great, especially the second one - that could've been my first play-through.

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Heaven's Souls - I think they flip the script and make it a punishing game against classic angels, demons, saints, and sinners.

Or maybe Destined Souls.