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" "...stolen by gypsies."That's racist. "
no its funny. get a sense of humor dude "
It's quite blatantly racist.  Whether you find it funny or not is immaterial.What do you suppose would have happened if he'd made a similar crack about 'negroes'? "
What does it have to do with you? Are you a gypsy jimbo?

If not then lighten up, the gypsies don't care about you waving their human rights flag for them they're busy doing other stuff.....like....stealing babies.
"It's not you so racism doesn't matter."Classy attitude as always, guys, well done. "
Really? We're getting upset about a crack about gypsies?

Lighten up. Not every race related joke has to be inflammatory. Otherwise how do you expect people to move on? 
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@Sundalen said:
" If they liked it they shouldve put a ring on it! "
I swear to god I will hunt you down.
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Man, for such a small game this is getting alot of hate.

Personally I think it's great for an artist to work on what grabs their interest rather than stay in their old space. Hating on the game because the composer is working on it instead of something else is a little stupid.

ANd for the record, I'm excited for Skullgirls. Coming from GG and BlazBlue, I know Mike Z knows his shit, and knows what would make a fighting game fun and balanced. His name on this game really puts it on the map for me, that and the artstyle.
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This was an awesome trailer. Looking forward to seeing what the game will be like.

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People are really down on Prey for some reason. I remember it being a great game with some fantastic level design and some really cool sweeping shots that at the time were really amazing to me.

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Super excited for this, Demon Souls was fantastic, and not just because it was difficult. The atmosphere and the gameplay was unlike anything I've played before or since. Glad they're making another one.