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@gregorygold: Blowing your nose the next morning is always fun.

I love 711 food. Those cold chicken parm subs look awful and probably taste awful to most people but I love 'em, and I don't even heat them up. Their pizza is also shitty but I'll buy it from time to time, mainly when it's like 4 AM and I'm drunk and nowhere else is open.

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Burning Man probably. It seems like an endurance challenge but I'd love to go one year.

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It kind of annoyed me until I saw this one from a guy who actually has ALS and a family history of ALS. Don't ask me why the fuck WorldstarHipHop have it on their channel...

The footage of him taking care of his mother who has advanced ALS is pretty god damn brutal to watch. Plus he makes a good point about the people complaining about it saying your news feeds will be back to stupid cat videos and Frozen covers in a few weeks. I found the whole thing a lot less annoying after that. I mean, it's not like the videos are interrupting my regularly scheduled thought-provoking Facebook posts from my dumb friends and me. Plus, this has been WAY more effective at achieving its goal than #BringBackOurGirls or #Kony2012 ever were.

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Coke Zero is totally okay, bordering pretty good.

Yeah, I find it's also a pretty great mixer for when you're trying to drink but don't wanna pack on weight with beer.

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Epic Rap Battles are all fucking awful and I think less of people that try to share them with me.

Dude, fuck those videos. They have billboards for them in Times Square (and presumably other places) now. So painfully unfunny and corny.

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I wish I didn't jump right into college after high school. That's about it, only because it was an expensive mistake.

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The man was one of best actor's around. Not many could play as many different roles as Robin. Whenever I thought about who the most versatile actors, it was always him and Woody Harrelson.

This. He was great in One Hour Photo and Insomnia, which were both incredibly dark roles.

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I think this bit sums it all up nicely.

"Anytime you do anything remotely sensitive, heartwarming, anything that's gonna make you more of a loving, caring, individual... Immediately, all your guy friends suggest that maybe, just maybe, you wanna suck a dick! It's brutal! Even if you do something smart!"

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I used to really hate them but I've come to respect them over the years. When I heard Tech N9ne defend them and their fanbase time and time again (Tech wouldn't have the career he has today if it weren't for the Juggalos, like it or not) for holding him down in the early days of his career, I started to hate them less. They've always been great on the Howard Stern show whenever they're on, and they seem like funny dudes even if they suck at rapping. You can't knock their business skills, they're self made millionaires and I respect that, even if most of their revenue comes from cashing in on teen angst. I give them a lot of credit for signing Twiztid, who in my opinion are the only talented artists on the Psychopathic roster. I'm glad they left the label and are doing their own thing now. Those dudes can actually rap their asses off but get written off for their affiliation with ICP.

As for the Juggalo thing, I hate it when artists try turning their fanbase into some sort of team or club or movement. Just listen to what you like and don't be obnoxious about it. I really want to go to the Gathering one year just to witness the chaos first hand. Plus they actually have a lot of dope underground hip-hop on the line-up besides ICP and their affiliates.