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The movie was fucked either way. I hate this new culture of censoring comedy for being "offensive" but in this case I understand why Sony pulled it. If they went forward and released it anyway the media would find a way to vilify them as greedy corporate pigs who put their bottom line before the potential safety of moviegoers. I guess being called pussies all over social media is the lesser of two evils in this case.

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Body cameras give police more authority.

How so?

They'll be pointed at the citizens and not the police, it will effect our Miranda rights, video footage has just been proven to mean dick when indicting police (Eric Garner), cut footage will be used on the news to smear peoples character and influence public opinion further, it is invasive, it will make people being questioned feel more cornered than ever before, police video evidence will have more merit than public video evidence, and many more issues.

A camera can be an extraordinarily powerful weapon and if it is on the police uniform facing out then in my understanding it is being used to monitor the public and not police action. Its primary use will be against you and I. We should be the ones using our cameras more. We shouldn't be giving the police anything else to use against us. I think that will be an enormous mistake.

I didn't even think of it that way, but damn, you're right.

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I used to drink a lot of 40's when I wasn't old enough to legally get booze or afford anything good. I always went for Steel Reserve or Private Stock. Both will getcha where you're going and then some.

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Canseco may be a rat and an all-around greasy bastard, but his twitter is unintentionally great because he sucks so badly at it.

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Riff Raff is great. He's like the last decade of rap cliches all poured into a vat of LSD.

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I was once unemployed for 16 years. Then I turned 16! Ba dum pish!

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I went and saw Limp Bizkit the other night. I also like some of Nickelback's music. French Montana has some good songs as well. I am a terrible person.

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Favorite genre/style?

My taste in dance music is really eclectic, much like my general music tastes. I love house, which I realize is a really broad statement, but I'm still learning the differences between all the sub-genres. I have no idea what you would call artists like Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Griz, and Gramatik, but I love all those guys. I've been getting more into hardstyle lately as well. The only thing I'm not that into is the mainstream trap that's been dominating the scene lately only because I find it kinda repetitive.

How'd You Get Into It?

My buddy sent me Deadmau5's Ghosts N Stuff right after it came out and it pretty much went from there for me.

Recent Release You've Been Enjoying?

The new Bassnectar and Glitch Mob albums are pretty dope.

Favorite Artists/Labels?

Showtek, Infected Mushroom, Deadmau5, Bassnectar, 3lau, Wolfgang Gartner. As far as labels OWSLA and Pretty Lights Music have some incredible talent on their rosters.

Do You Still Buy Physical Releases?

No. I stream everything through Spotify or Soundcloud. Sometimes I'll download sets from festivals through other sites. I go to tons of shows and festivals every year so my money finds its way to their pockets one way or another...

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I'll echo the praise for The Mist's ending. I think a lot of people hated it because it was so bleak.

I thought Signs was great until the ending. I can still watch it and enjoy it now but I had a science teacher in high school who broke down why the ending is complete horseshit and it definitely ruined it a little for me.

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Just follow who you want to follow and don't bother reading the trending topics if they bother you that much. Don't read your @ mentions. It's really easy to avoid all that shit if you don't wanna see it. I don't see why people get so annoyed with it.