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I've backed a few albums from artists I really like and respect. Never had an issue with getting my rewards but I also never put a ton of money down on any of them. I've heard some stories of people getting fucked over big time after tying up hundreds of dollars into shady campaigns, though. Granted those were usually run by people associated with underground rappers in jail for allegedly trafficking mass quanities of cocaine.

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Dubstep and Cocaine and a bleak outlook on the future. It's like the power rangers literally grew up with me.

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$35. Heavy and very durable. Great sound quality too.

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Suge Knight has had more attempts on his life than Hitler at this point. I know this joke doesn't really apply to this particular situation but I wanted to make it anyway.

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I love the new one where the government is trying to kill Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Creed:


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Most of my favorite podcasts are made by comedians, here's a few....

Desus VS Mero: Two guys roasting whatever's going on in pop culture. They usually focus on hip-hop and basketball, but you don't have to like either to find them funny.

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast: Bill Burr is already a huge comedian but his podcast is fucking great. It's him by himself (although he'll have guests from time to time) ranting like a psychopath and being overly defensive about everything. It's the only podcast I've listened to where I actually want to hear the advertising because Bill Burr can't read for shit and regularly fucks them up or is way too honest about the product. He's had multiple sponsors pull funding from the podcast because of this which makes it even funnier.

The Doug Stanhope podcast: I'm a huge fan of Doug Stanhope's comedy and he always has great guests who you probably haven't heard of but have great stories.

The Joe Rogan Experience: I feel like this show gets written off as Joe Rogan getting stoned and talking about life, maaaaan, but it's way smarter than that.

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The movie was fucked either way. I hate this new culture of censoring comedy for being "offensive" but in this case I understand why Sony pulled it. If they went forward and released it anyway the media would find a way to vilify them as greedy corporate pigs who put their bottom line before the potential safety of moviegoers. I guess being called pussies all over social media is the lesser of two evils in this case.

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@sethphotopoulos said:

@spraynardtatum said:

Body cameras give police more authority.

How so?

They'll be pointed at the citizens and not the police, it will effect our Miranda rights, video footage has just been proven to mean dick when indicting police (Eric Garner), cut footage will be used on the news to smear peoples character and influence public opinion further, it is invasive, it will make people being questioned feel more cornered than ever before, police video evidence will have more merit than public video evidence, and many more issues.

A camera can be an extraordinarily powerful weapon and if it is on the police uniform facing out then in my understanding it is being used to monitor the public and not police action. Its primary use will be against you and I. We should be the ones using our cameras more. We shouldn't be giving the police anything else to use against us. I think that will be an enormous mistake.

I didn't even think of it that way, but damn, you're right.

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I used to drink a lot of 40's when I wasn't old enough to legally get booze or afford anything good. I always went for Steel Reserve or Private Stock. Both will getcha where you're going and then some.