Why I Will (most likely) Never Buy Starcraft 2 (blog)

I am a dedicated RTS player. I established that in my last blog a little bit (actually, not a whole lot, since it was quite bad). I am super excited for a little game called Starcraft 2 to come out, as I'm sure many of you are. However, I am totally content with the fact that I may never actually play it. I'll go through the reasons in a bit, but first, allow me to fill you in.

My group of friends are Genre-Hopping Gamers. For a certain amount of time, they could be crazy into Modern Warfare 2, then totally switch gears and be obsessed with World of Warcraft. Whenever I see them, they'll approach me and go "Dude(r)! You gotta get *insert random good game here*! It's wicked!" And being the mostly independent person I am, I pretty much slack off looking into it for at least a good solid week. Then when I finally get the courage to think to myself that my "Killzone 2 skills" should hold out long enough for me to check out that "ODST" game the guys are talking about, I give it a look-see. And so on and so forth. So when a friend of mine texts me "Age of Empires. Google. Now." I sluff it off for about a week, then I reluctantly google it, and see what I find.

So maybe you were anticipating a "That's when I had an epiphany..." moment, but rest assured. I was thoroughly skeptical until I dropped $20 on Age of Empires II a few weeks later. I figured, you know, they've been right with just about every other game they've preached to me about, I might as well check it out for myself. It was able to run on my laptop, which I was totally psyched about. See, I own a Mac. My brain is programmed to understand that I should not expect anything greater than a card game to be on a Mac at any given time. When I saw this, however, my mind was blown. Had I known this when I bought my PowerBook... oh man.

So moving along. I played AOE2 religiously. My friends all moved onto other games, and I stopped keeping track. I found my "calling" if you will. I then started looking into other RTS games. And one that caught my attention was Starcraft. "Age of Empires in SPAAAAAACE??" I thought. "That sounds amazing!" Keep in mind I was a little late on the RTS wagon. I had no idea then that Starcraft practically defines the genre, is hailed by the world as THE RTS, and is an actual sport in Korea. So I got myself a copy, and played it. I loved every minute of it. And why wouldn't I? It was an RTS. I actually got pretty good at it too, or so I thought. I decided to give online a try (since I never got any online AOE experience until I created a GameRanger account).

Now here is where the reasons for why I may not buy the second one start.

Wow. This is when I learned what Zerg Rush was. I foolishly loved the Terran, which, if not handled expertly, make an excellent target for army of Zerglings. Little had I known, this whole time I was playing like a turtle. I would take my time gathering resources, building buildings, making sure the layout of my base was aesthetically pleasing, creating a Barracks well after I had an Academy and Engineering Bay. Looking back, I wonder how the hell I stayed alive the first ten minutes of the game! Yes, later on I dominated, both in resources and military might. Yes, my games usually averaged out to be around and hour and fifteen minutes. Yes, I was having fun. So, knowing that, if I DID buy Starcraft 2, I would have to be prepared to eat some dirt. A lot ... of dirt.

EDIT: I have now found out SC2 is coming for Mac, so skip this paragraph if you want. Read it too, I don't care.

My second reason, is pretty simple. I own a Mac. I don't mind PCs, I just... own a mac. I don't have the money these days to afford a good enough PC to run half of the new and recent games I would love to play on computer. I mean I do have Boot Camp, but a heck of a lot that'll do me since my graphic card is trapped somewhere in this smooth white casing. Long story short, can't play it, can't afford to play it.

And last but certainly not least, is the fact that the original Starcraft was so damn good. From what I've seen in the SC2 beta, from what I've read in interviews with the developers, there's not gonna be a whole lot of new things, besides shiny graphics and new story. And the funny thing is, I know that is a gross understatement. It's almost like saying the iPad is a giant iPod Touch. It's not. I'm positive they'll deliver, but I suppose I'm happy with last years model.

Although I will continue to follow this game until its release date and on, I'll be here, waiting for a flow of money to head my direction, and practicing my anti-rush strategies.