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This whole thing is crazy.

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So where can you find the code for the safe in the basement?

Also, the "governor will be pleased" note was signed H W if I remember correctly. Who was that?

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FANTASTIC article.

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Ryan was such a huge inspiration for me. I cried as if I had lost a close family member.

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What was the video of everyone holding move controllers and (what I assume to be) Alex carrying Patrick like a battering ram? That, and what was the demolition part?

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Thought about getting this. Does it require any level of dexterity? The concept looks real cool, but I don't wanna buy it if I suck at it.

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Can you even change your security questions?

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So far, no one has ever beat this. I've made it two thirds with the Lame Horse Mode. Anyone else make it farther?

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These "exclusive early DLC" debacles need to stop. I don't know how much money is exchanging hands in these sorts of deals, but honestly its isolating half of your fanbase. You can't just show up a month later saying, "you still want this?".

And now, to add salt to the wound, this shit happens. As a PS3 owner (haven't experienced these "crippling" bugs at all), they've lost my purchase.

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I literally just purchased the game for PS3, so I too am wondering what the Giant Bomb PS3 group is up too. Count me in, I guess!