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Just picked it up. All it is ladder and online, with some neat display touches. The bosses are still infuriatingly hard. 
Kinda regretting my purchase.

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Thank you for using the Fry meme in a legitimate story. 100% serious.

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It'd be nice if they'd give some other characters alt. costumes. No need to double up.

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I'm EVHKwick on Live, and I play fairly often. Hit me up, duders!

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I'd like to see more serial features. Screened has some really fantastic features they produce on a semi-regular basis (Serious about Series, Defending your Movie, etc.) and I'd like to see some new text features spawned from the same vein. Maybe a feature on video games aging gracefully (or not so much), or divisive games. I would love to see a lot more text features available on GB; it's one of the few things I consider missing from this website.

Also, non-related, but I'd love to see the same kind of Screened-esque video features here on GB as well.
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@Mahonay said:
" I think Dave needs to make "Endurance Run" an automatically censored phrase on the forum. "
I think Dave needs to make "Endurance Run" an auto-replace phrase on the forum. And not tell us what it will change to.
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@Cubical: Be a bigger troll.

I have the DS version. A great port of the PSX version, plus some added features. It's cool that it'll be available on my TV again, but this isn't worth eight bucks for me.
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@Wrighteous86 said:
" @Chabbs0 said:

" @Bocam said:

" @Chabbs0 said:

" Brad Nicholson was doing his job fine."
No he wasn't "
If his job was to report news that was happening in the games world, then yes he was. "
When you're paid to write and your articles are usually late, constantly full of typos, and sometimes contain misinformation, you are not doing your job well. I am a paid writer. I would be fired if my output was similar to Brad Nicholson's. (Brad is still submitting news articles, by the way).



" Brad  Nicholson is also doing a great job. I feel like he's stepped up his game as of late."

I think this is partly because they've brought in a full-time news writer and he's essentially got some "competition". He knew he'd have to step up his game if he wanted to keep this income-source.

Patrick's got a great track-record, however, and I'm excited to see what he does at Giant Bomb.
Jeff pretty much came out and said Nicholson's articles were late because of them, and that they didn't give as much of priority to news pieces. 

Oh, and Klepek has said that now since he's a dedicated news editor, he can greenlight his contributions well before Jeff and company could.

But Nicholson's leaving GB, and I have to believe it's because of the pricks who have complained consistently throughout his tenure here. He did his job. He did it just fine. I'm sorry he wasn't Brad, Ryan, Jeff, or Vinny. Patrick is still getting shit in the Bombcast threads, and his whole first week here because he wasn't one of the four.

This community is full of fucking assholes.