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Evil Haole, feel free to add.

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Got two xbox one beta codes. Pm me if you want one.

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Good job duder, I enjoyed it.

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It's been awhile since I redeemed mine but I had the same problem.

I think I got it to work by going to the microsoft store searched for a 1600 points card, added it to my cart, went to checkout, and while going through the checkout process found a place to enter a code.

I think the offer was only for a certain timeframe and now the store only sells 50 or 25 cards. Think you may be boned.

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Same issue for me on ipad

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I'd buy it, proceeds to his wife maybe or some other worthy thing.

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Fuck I miss him

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Nice, thanks again soup, love the update.

Glad you enabled a way for us to send you some cash, money well spent.

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Anyone else unable to download subscriber content even though they are a subscriber?

Soup_menu any chance you could add some superfilous in app purchase so we could throw you a few bucks for making such a great app?