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@zeik said:

I don't know all the details or repercussions of the situation, but as I understand it, non-union voice work is in fact the primary reason for voice actors to go uncredited. (Or on occasion use aliases.)

Yes, many voice actors are indeed SAG members who do non-union work. Working on on such projects is extremely risky for them because it can result disciplinary action, such as heavy fines. Perhaps they can even be ejected from the union, but that's just speculation on my part.

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Roanoke, VA, USA

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@gaspower said:
This is like TNG when Riker got the beard and the show got better. :)

Well, there's a reason it's called Growing the Beard...

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So, during the 9/20/2013 Unprofessional Friday, there was a segment where Vinny was playing music from the computer at the back of the set as the guys go through the food a reader sent in a mailbag. I couldn't be bothered to look for all of the songs, but I did find this: Into The Void. It begins about 21:35.

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@rorie said:

I was reading something on this, and apparently some of the places in south Florida are used by people overseas who want to order stuff from the States but don't want to pay large shipping fees. So apparently some of these places consist of actual buyers who'll get a bunch of merchandise, ship all of it at once, and then reship it to the individual buyers back in the other country to cut down on costs. No idea if it's true or not!

It probably is true. I know that there are people in Japan who offer a deputy service where you can commission them to buy goods from local shops and websites who don't deal with overseas orders. I haven't used a deputy service myself, but it's something I've considered doing.

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@zoeytrope: Technically, no one should do that. But if you click through the links to the Audio Network site, you can buy each song for $1.25 USD a pop (they also sell in other currencies). Just click "Usage Type" on the top right corner of the page and select "Download for Personal Use". I've probably spent $30 altogether so far.

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@musou: Cool beans, duder! The list doesn't have the "TNT Theme" (The Battleships) and "E3 Bombcast Break Song" (Ghetto Bird) that @drewbert posted earlier on this page.

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Just as it says on the tin. On two separate occasions I've replied to a thread that I have set as Watched and both times the thread was removed from my Favorite Topics list. So I've had to go back and click 'Watch this topic' again.

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Hey, while we have some eyeballs looking at the thread, can anyone confirm or deny if Back To The Hood appeared in any of the streams or videos? I want to say I heard it somewhere, but I can't say for sure.

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Hey! I'm glad someone is putting this list together.

Someone else mentioned it earlier, but Robot Laser Death was used on the Farming Simulator 2013 Quick Look. I see it hasn't been added to the list ;). I'm also pretty sure that Duck Juice and Sin City Blues was also used a few times during the streams.

I wanted to say that Robot Laser Death was also used during the end of the The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav Quick Look, but that apparently is a different song, even if it sounds rather close.

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