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This just in, directly threatening to murder another human being downgraded from crime to "silly mistake".

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So, uh, what's the value of Redeploy? Because I just bought 4 order scrolls... and got 2. :O

I haven't seen it in action yet but I'd think it could be used to take a strong row that's been bogged down and just shift them all to the other side of the board to stomp an unprotected idol. In a case where you've lost 2 already it'd be a permanent "win" card you have to watch out for and guard against.

Though maybe in practice it sucks :) I got my Sister of the Bear who looks like she has an eating disorder :D

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@chavtheworld said:

@evilashe: Sweet! We can start collecting GB duders usernames then.

Also, order is haaaard.

Well they finally added a friends list but I doubt we have enough players here to justify a whole thread to collecting user names. I'm Evil_Ashe.

Orders new cards look pretty scary, especially Redeploy :(

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Anyway, if there are still GB dudes playing, it'd be cool to have some matches some time. I do wish they'd release Decay already though.

Their adding a friends list in the next update (about time, beta or not it's hard the fathom releasing a game like this without that feature) so this'll be much easier.

Also Order is for jerks :(

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Order? Energy? Heathens. It's Growth for life, SUMMON MOAR WOLVES!

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@John1912 said:

A good Sej should be feared. Very under rated char imo.

Only people who need to fear my Sejuani is my teammates :D

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I recently started playing Sejuani when I get stuck in the jungle. Yeah that woman who rides a pig that noone else ever seems to play? She's pretty goddamn awesome :D

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Keys keys everywhere! I've got 2 of the damned things if anyone wants one, hell if I could give up my place in the beta for a third key to hand out I'd do it (played 4 games, hated it).

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I've got a ticket and every damn game after a bad wave everyone goes Eniginer and after that inevitably fails people start quitting out. I WILL BEAT YOU ONE DAY!

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You play as Heavy? Because I'm tired of games where everyone else is a goddamn Engineer, I wanna play a medic damnit!