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Nope!! Smoking is bad for your health (my mom doesn't allow me to smoke)

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Some cheap game on PC: FTL: Faster Than Light Dungeon of Dredmor For FPS you should try Planetside 2 or Blacklight Retribution

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You can use PDF-Viewer for editing and adding booklet

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Tiger has no chance when the Lion King and his queens attack.

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I'm from Asia

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I have no problem with Steam. Although some games on Steam are ripoff, but all I have to do is wait for the sale.

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@ikusaba: You don't have to, playing on easy give you more scrap & it's would be easier to unlock new ship, which make Normal easier. I found myself keep losing on easy, I only beated the game once on easy

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You should set the trap near the rabbit hole and use carrot as a bait. The map contains multiple islands, each island connects to each other by a road (or bridge), run around the map and you find the way to the others

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The Walking Dead is an awesome game, I like the story, graphics, cut-scene very much. But your choices don't really matter in the game, different choices could lead to different dialogs or different NPC reaction, but the main storyline is still the same

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