Might and Magic modding

Looks like guys from Russia decided to do some work on the classic Might and Magic games. If I understand well, for this purpose, they have some powerful modding tools. The currently ongoing projects include:

  • Might and Magic 8.5 - an extended version of original Might and Magic VIII: the Day of the Destroyer, which includes new classes, spells, abilities, graphics and more;
  • Might and Magic 6,7,8 remake in which the authors plan to merge three MM games into one, humongous adventure.

They also have some finished MM mods: Might and Magic 7: Maestro mod, Might and Magic 6: The Chaos Conspiracy.

I've heard of MM8.5 project some time ago and thought it no longer exists. Seems I was wrong. I wish them luck and must say that I can't wait to see the results of this endeavour.

You can follow their progress in mmgames.ru


MM8: this is serious.

All this Might and Magic 8 porn on GB is making me want to play through the game again with some weird-ass hero party (five Liches again, maybe or a Knight and four Dragons? Eh, dirty thoughts away). I quit that stuff ages ago and now this. 


 MM8 porn. Look at that Drum of Victory. You're a dirty, DIRTY quest item.
I've grown a little older since last playthrough and hopefully, now, have the willpower to resist the temptation.
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