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Add alias to Lifeline:

"Operator's Side" - title of Japanese release.

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Two themes come to mind if I understand what is meant by menu: Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Restoration of Erathia and Unreal Tournament 2003. I don't want to sound biased, but if anyone mentioned those in the thread - you are a gentleman and a scholar in my eyes, even if you eat soup with bare hands. That being said I'll stop being the guy who post without reading the thread later this evening.

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Edit* Also this:

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@georgemike: make a lengthy, review-like blog post and share it on the forums here on GB or somewhere you'd like to do so. Be objective, some character is fine, but too much and you'll sound like a kid who's complaining on the internet. See reactions, ask for critique, improve, repeat. If you do this for a while you could try reading your old blog posts and see if you notice any old mistakes. I also suggest that you always remember difference between constructive criticism and plain insults aimed at your work. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish because this is internet.

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I wish this were middle ages and I could hound inquisition on you for mentioning Heroes VI in a list titled "Best of 2011". Then again, I only played demo.

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People do it to win. Winning is always fun.

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I wonder what could they "enhance". There's a lot of BG mods out there already.

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Looks like guys from Russia decided to do some work on the classic Might and Magic games. If I understand well, for this purpose, they have some powerful modding tools. The currently ongoing projects include:

  • Might and Magic 8.5 - an extended version of original Might and Magic VIII: the Day of the Destroyer, which includes new classes, spells, abilities, graphics and more;
  • Might and Magic 6,7,8 remake in which the authors plan to merge three MM games into one, humongous adventure.

They also have some finished MM mods: Might and Magic 7: Maestro mod, Might and Magic 6: The Chaos Conspiracy.

I've heard of MM8.5 project some time ago and thought it no longer exists. Seems I was wrong. I wish them luck and must say that I can't wait to see the results of this endeavour.

You can follow their progress in mmgames.ru

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@Video_Game_King: An online game based on the controversial show "The Family Guy". If your question was rhetorical, ignore my reply.