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It's been awhile since I made a shop for this thread.

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Almost time for the Lang Zone, Duders. less than 30 minutes now. Odds of everything being screwed up at the start?

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@sparky_buzzsaw: You don't need to. it's all going to be one channel. The feed is going to switch between stations throughout the stream.

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@shagge: The only sad part for me is that I'll be playing Dave in FIFA and The Show at the same time Crusader Kings II is going on.

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@finaldasa: Good man! Dave did a great job last fall, when he did a solo 24 hr stream for this charity. Should be even more entertaining this time around.

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Hey duders, Dave Lang will be broadcasting a 24 hr charity stream on Twitch, from Iron Galaxy Studios starting tomorrow at 5pm Central.

Here is the schedule of games to be played.

  • Operation Supply Drop Stream Schedule

    Hey all, just a reminder that we’re streaming for Operation Supply Drop this weekend, starting at 5p CST on Saturday on our Twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/irongalaxy If you don’t know about this charity, it’s pretty rad and you can read all about it here: http://www.operationsupplydrop.org/

    We’re setting up two gaming stations and will be cutting between them almost the entire time (so long as we have people around to work the control booth). Here’s a rough schedule of events that we’ll do our best to stick to (all times CST):

    Station 1:

    5p-6p: Spelunky (PC)

    6p-7p: FTL Role Playing (PC)

    7p-8p: Super Time Force (XBox One)

    8p-9p: Divekick AE Local (PS3)

    9p-10p: Titanfall (XBox One)

    10p-11p: Chivalry (PC)

    11p-12a: Payday 2 (PC)

    12a-1a: WWF Smackdown Here Comes The Pain (PS2)

    1a-2a: Killer Instinct Online Lobbies (XB1)

    2a-3a: Towerfall (PS4)

    3a-4a: Mercinary Kings (PS4)

    4a-5a: Trials Fusion (PS4)

    5a-6a: Sportsfriends (PS4)

    6a-7a: Samurai Gunn (PC)

    7a-8a: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (PC)

    8a-9a: Papers, Please (PC)

    9a-11a: Crusader Kings (PC)

    11a-5p: TBD/Random

    Station 2:

    7p-12a: Wreckateer Gold Medal Run (360)

    12p-1a: TBD

    1a-2a: Street Fighter IV AE Local Play (360)

    2a-3a: TBD

    3a-4a: Blitz The League 2 (360)

    4a-6a: Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Playthrough (360)

    6a-9a: Assasins Creed 4 100% Completion (PS4)

    9a-10a: FIFA Showdown w/ evildeadron (PS4)

    10a-11a: MLB The Show(down) w/ evildeadron

    11a-12p: Trials Fusion (PS4)

    12p-5p: TBD/Random

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@mattyftm: Screenshots from buzz_clik came late, so I had to do it today and people were on alert...Lang squashed it too early. had it gone out last night like I did with Screamville / Angry Pinheads and the Adam Boyes as CEO of EA, we would have gotten some traction.