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@NovaDTH said:

Whitta is making a Kurt Russell movie?

Respect x100

I hope it features Snake Plisken and takes place in the far flung future of 2010 or something.

"Escape From Planet Earth"

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Listening to the first SID immediately after listening to the Spellcast SID (I fell behind on these blogs), the start riffs sounds almost identical at first.

I like the first SID well enough, but 'm not to found of the second. However I've not been of fan that particular "style" of chip tune... without really being able to better explain what said "style" is - but it's fairly common in post 90' SID's.

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Looks like I missed this entry - however I'm not above looking the SID up on HVSC.


Again you've managed to find a piece that was completely unknown to me. It always sucks when you find out that a favorite turns out not to be an original piece of music... it is pretty good though.

I don't know why - but I keep humming the Golden Axe stage 1 music over this... apparently it would make for a decent mash-up :-)

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If the whole "games should work/impress on all the platforms they're released on"-thing were true, then most multi-platform games that have a Wii-release wouldn't be able to be contenders either... Now that doesn't really make sense - does it?

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I figure this song is relevant to the game.

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@BoG said:

@oatz said:

Going by this, I'd say no.

I'd be so bold as to add one more piece to the equation. Not only do we need an existing technological society in our case, we also need one capable of travel between systems. Considering that we ourselves have yet to develop this, I'd wager the chances of that are slimmest of all. No, we have not been visited.

He also leaves out the fact that these intelligent beings have to exist at the same time as us. It is often an over-looked variable in these discussions.

Life can easily have come and gone before life on our planet - or the other way around.

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@DonChipotle said:

Once I found an Attrazione I never needed another car

Well... honestly didn't NEED other cars than that Torch I picked up as my first car for most of the game... But the completist in me has to take a new model car to my crib, so I have one of each.

@TaliciaDragonsong said:

I've been thinking I'm only seeing the same ones all the time. Bootlegger, Justice, Phoenix and the Kaneda bike. Rest is typical trucks or cops/cleaners/firefighters. Strange.

Actually didn't run into any Phoenixes until late in the game. Also found that many of the Jeep-like cars are a lot of different models.

At the start of the game I was on the look-out for a Hammerhead, since I quite liked that musclecar from Saints 2 - but I figured it wasn't there - but then I earlier today came across a car called a Hammer. I'm not entirely sure if this is the same car-model, since I can't remove the roof of the Hammer and it seems a bit more like an SUV. It sounds like a muscle-car though.

I'm almost entirely sure that they removed the Harley-like Sabretooth - otherwise I would figure all the bikers in the city would be riding that instead of Estradas.

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I've been playing through the game's story and is pretty much just messing around in the city now.

I'm a bit surprised though, that now (well above 30 hours in) that I still come across new car-types. I've just come across a sports-car called Temptress I've not noticed in the game before - but this has actually happened probably 3-4 times after the I've completed the game.

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Man... Just wanted to play this and noticed to my surprise I had to go through an update.

@SMTDante89: I'm totally excited about finally being able to play those 2 songs again! I played them both extensively in RB2.

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I'm actually still surprised how many (good) games for this system I know nothing about - But I am of cause also limited by the random selection of games my bigger brother got hold on, and didn't read magazines about games before I had an Amiga.

Maybe I should try this one out. The SID is... adequate, but not really anything special IMO. But I'm well aware that personal nostalgia goes a long way. I'm sure I have my fair share of favorite SIDs, that not all hold in as high regard as I do... Some are probably simply *burned* into the brain from playing repeatedly for hours :-)