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There may or may not be a List out there that lists the majority of items for #10. My profile may or may not be a good place to look for such a list.

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I watched the entire show start to finish and didn't get it. Oh well.

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There was 4 press conferences today and only one of them is getting talked about at all. The two bald guys (didnt catch their names) are MS homers and are attempting to spin everything that Jonathon/Gary/Alex says that is even the slightest bit negative towards MS. Granted they are doing their jobs and of course they are going to defend the company that they work for, but this is not making for interesting discussion.

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Worst MS E3 presser in recent memory. Other then the Star Wars Kinect game there was really nothing that got me excited. The voice controlled stuff is just dumb. Who wants to speak the dialog for Mass Effect 3 or control Sims by voice? That will get old real fast.

Extreeeemely underwhelmed by what MS showed.

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Loved this game enough to s-rank it.  I was seeing blocks everywhere for days just like other people have mentioned, not mention having the portal song continually stuck in my head.

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Haha I just realized that internet Steve's beard is an upside down mustache

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Internet Steve has completely redeemed himself with the ridiculous mustache and beard!

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Does it have to be a laptop?  Why not use your current laptop for things you will need a laptop for and get a desktop instead. 
Desktops are almost always far better for gaming then a laptop unless you go very high end, and you will get more bang for your buck with a desktop PC.  You can build a pretty decent PC for $700 these days.