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I have the game and a few extra copies if anyone is interested. I would love to play some Tabletop Simulator with fellow Bombers

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count me in, Steam ID = GreenDevil

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GT - EvilGreenDevil

TZ - Eastern (GMT -5:00)

FIFA, Forza, KI

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I'm still really enjoying it.


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Absolutely you can. People don't give the stock weapons enough credit. An upgraded stock weapon can be better than half of the guns that are for sale in the depot.

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Hopefully they get rid of some of the lower pop servers in the coming months and force you to merge with the more popular ones (Mattherson/Waterson on the east coast). I bet they do this when they add the next continent Hossin.

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The Roadmap is a great idea....worth mentioning that the items are voted up/down a-la-Reddit style to help the devs focus on the more important changes and push off the ones that have negative feedback with the players.

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I'm on pretty much every night NC on Waterson and VS on Mattherson

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@FoolishChaos said:

Planetside is one of those games that just makes me sad it's F2P.

Its just like, such a cool fucking game, and I just wish I could plop $60 down and play it like any normal shooter instead of having to think about the fucking economy all the time.

For $60 you can buy pretty much every alternative gun you would really want. TBO nothing in the store is 100% needed to do well. The whole cert earning process just takes actually playing the game to progress. Players can hold their own with stock guns that are certed properly over a gun that is purchased with no attachments.

PS2 is an FPS first and an MMO second. Last I checked whether it was COD or WoW, you have to pur some hours in to unlock items and progress.

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@Jackel2072 said:

This is why I stopped. Basic stuff like red dot sights should not take hours to unlock. It's crazy

It really doesn't take much to rack up some certs in the game. you get 1 for every 250xp you get which can be from killing enemies, capping points, healing/repairing etc. You also get 12 per day just for logging in. I agree that 1,000 for some of the unlocks is a bit steep but then again they're incentivising (sp?) you to spend money. Do you NEED red dot sights on all your weapons? The stock loadouts work just fine.

I also agree that the new user experience could be improved. It's tough for someone never who has never played the game before, to just jump right into the middle of a huge battle without even remapping the keys yet. I say give the game a chance and definitely find an outfit to join or tag along with. It's a completely different (better) game with other people.