Ok, so, the blog quest. (Not worth reading)

I don't really care much about these Giant Bomb quests they've crafted for the site. They're a swell little thing to do here aside from watching the video content the crew post and maybe look around the forums and help out with creating the best videogame wiki on the web. My part in the latter is certainly not big, I'm even reluctant to call it noteworthy, but if everyone on the site did as much then maybe every singe thing about every singe videogame would already be documented on here? I don't know for sure. Anyway, these levels should somehow better play into the site.

Anyway, to not let a blog post go to waste I'll try to write something akin to something you'd find if you were to read someone's blog. Not the good kind of blog with reviews and stuff that might be of use to anyone; I'll strive to come up with the most mundane thing possible!

Yet as I wrote that last sentence I realized that my fingers won't allow that. Why would anyone ever want to read when someone else woke up, what they had for breakfast or what the hell they thought about maybe possibly posting on Twitter?

So, what could be of some use to someone? Perhaps skipping this blog post entirely is the best thing you could do, but that notice would have better served it's purpose in the title of the post? Yes, that'll do.