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I always find out about everything they do too late. They performed here in Tallinn back in November and I found out the day after it had happened.

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Favorites are definitely Shin Ramyun, Thai Choice's Tom Yum and some Curry Sobas. They're all so good.

I prepare them all the same way. Boil them in water, crack an egg or two in there, serve as a soup and garnish with loads of sesame seeds and nori. During the summer I'll throw loads of vegetables in there as well - carrots, tomatoes, paprika and chili. Brilliant stuff.

I know it's shit food and killing my body but it's so good.

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Plex so you can stream shit from your PC to your Nexus. It might be obsolete with chromecast soon enough though, I'm not sure.

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It's pretty cool how the game was delayed so long for the entirety of Europe but only UK gets the sweet vinyl.

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Game has limited the vinyl to UK only. Fucking bastards.

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I'm kind of happy I can't even give a fuck about the online aspect of the game being all ridiculous by the time it's out here. Xbox Live Gold and all that.

I just want to play it for the story and maybe local with some friends. Still not sure if I want to get it used or new, but I probably won't be able to resist. I've wanted this game for too long now.

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Finally... And what's this digital fan pack? Avatars and wallpapers?

Seems that way. The ratio on some of those images makes them seem like dual-monitor wallpapers too.

I bet a pube that it's just the size for a facebook cover picture.

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There's still something Zen is holding up their sleeve. Hopefully it'll be a low low price and not some worthless gunk like a mouse pad or stickers. That digital fan pack is insulting enough.

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Beat as many missions in ACV as you can without getting frustrated and then move on to Alpha Protocol I guess.

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I'm entirely fine with it. Couldn't afford this in May anyway.