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I'll send you a skype requested. Im also new and looking for a good group from UK/Europe to play with.


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Thanks :)  
Used the first one   DLXD-XAXT-B77M-N7QF.

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If theres any more beta keys for DA Legends please could I have one? Thanks

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Wow and i was hoping Fable 3 wasn't going to be just a shallow rpg...

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Oh Bayonetta just screams fun for me.

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Having a nightmare doing this boss fight.
I can take out the 4 heads no problem.
Then i attack him til stagger and call in odin. This usually puts the boss down to 75% health.
Now he starts using his Destructo ability and this is where im having problems.
If i take a sentinel then i can just about survive this attack but by the time i get the boss down to 30-40% health he casts doom and i dont have enough time to kill him.
If i try and attack him while he's charging Destructo then i cant do enough damage to cause the mini stagger (that reduces the damage of his attack), i've tried RAV/RAV/RAV and COM/RAV/RAV multiple times and never been able to do enough damage.

What am i doing wrong?

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deta@evilkaz of the starship illia Volyova.
Friend me up, im on UK timezone, need some fleet buddies :)
btw server down for "emergency maintenance"

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Hey, the video messes up at around the 21 minute mark, all green and only sound.