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I found that GPU scaling was the best solution to this problem.

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Hardcore Dave made an appearance

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Try this.

At the Roku home screen, input the following code:

Home: 5x, Rewind: 3x, FF: 2x

This should bring you to a secret bandwidth settings screen. The default setting will be "Automatic", change it to "3.5".

This will prevent the Roku from automatically downgrading to a lower quality stream.

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@Milkman said:

So, yeah, in the end, these people are right. The Rock vs. John Cena probably is good for business and the WWE will probably make a killing on WrestleMania. But I'm still going to slam down my replica title belt, run into my room and shove a Christmas tree up my butt so fuck you.

They ARE right in a sense, and WM29 will probably do great business, but that's not even the point.

The real problem with all of this nostalgia booking is that it's very shortsighted. The Rock is the biggest draw in the company currently, and he retired 10 years ago! What happens to the WWE 10 years from now? What superstars of the modern era will have that same kind of drawing power in a decade?

WWE hasn't built a company-carrying megastar since Cena. If the current generation of "top guys" aren't even worthy of headlining in their own era, then how will they hold any value at all in the future?

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Poignant words from one Rich Gallup:


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WWE 13 is without question the greatest video game in the history of technology.

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You can pretty much already buy a Ryan figure.

...he's a Jive Soul Bro.