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what they are saying is that they are making their game accessible. Instead of mentally 'walking up the stairs' they have 'installed a ramp' .  
People these days, whether it's because of chemicals in the food, drinking water, or vaccines, are becoming mentally challenged and slow.  So when such a person sits down to play a game requiring strategy these days, they are unable to complete the challenge.  They may be able to see a youtube video of someone else beating the level, but THEY want to beat it and claim they accomplished something independently; that they are psychologically special.  If a game pushes someone to the limits, to have patience, and to put thought into it; a challenged person will likely just give up on the game if they don't succeed.  
So today you see a trend of dumbing down games, so 'everyone can win' quicker.  
One of the first wake-up calls to this accessible edition of the game is the ability of Hitman to see the paths the enemy is walking.  Instead of making use of the audio engine. so that the gamers hear the foot steps, they put in a walking-path-line that is visible through walls. If they want to include that as a cheat after beating the game on a certain difficulty (or maybe for those who play on easy), I wouldn't care. But now it seems like it's a core feature from the start. Probably one will have to unlock the 'classic' gameplay.  Strategy and thinking (classic mode) will be unlockable play-styles, while dumbed down no-patience gameplay will be in it from the beginning.

"Hitman less sandboxy" .  In the past Hitman games, the maps were massive. Your insertion point would be far from the action and you had to 'work' your way in by observing and taking advantage the surroundings.
The developer claims of '10 doors too many' is silly.  They should refine the mission documentation so that enough information exists for the player to know how to 'avoid' many of those '10 doors'.   The "10 doors" mentioned refers to the freedom in a level, not literally 10 doors.  It's the idea of "Wow, this level is large.... where do I go now?"    I guess they want the level to be playable WITHOUT reading the mission description.................. reading is so old fashioned.
Rather than the gamer thinking 'Let me try here and let me try there' , it's "fuck it I don't have time for this and I don't have time for that".  -- they get fed up and say this game is bullshit. Why kneel down to quitters without patience? People spend hundreds of hours playing the same shit over and over again in BF3 and other RPG-esque games. People don't want to be strategically patient with Hitman? He's a Hitman for goodness sake. Hitmen take their time and plan shit out. 
"Ya know.... gamez r lik complx...k..."    
A future Hitman game will not even have full motion control. It'll just be a movie with context-timed button presses. And even then "Omz buton has 2 be pushd to fastly 4 me".  A dumbed down people will also have a dumbed down language to go with it too.
It appears that any game released for the console must be 'accessible'.  I had made this observation in the past, and then it appeared via video last year with the Building the Bastion 05 video.  You notice how usually during loading there are "tips" on the screen? Even for PC games. It's an xbox suggested solution to engaging the player, which is part of their TCR (technical certification requirement). And if you watch the 'Building the Bastion 05 video you see the developers talking about their experiences of resolving an issue. Greg Kasavin even says that the TCR is like the "constitution" for Xbox games.
If you search online there is the TCR text of the 2009 version from some Chinese websites. I don't know if it's complete and I cannot find the latest TCR. It is said that developers can only access it and are not allowed to publish it online.  
The TCR outlines Microsoft's "philosophy" for gaming. So a 'proper' game will abide by those rules. Some seem legit, but don't be fooled. What happens if you don't pass the certification? You can't publish on the system?  "It's our way or the highway". So when we see dumbed down games, "accessible" games, you gotta ask who really wants those features? the developers or are the developers meeting a ... 'constitutional requirement for game publishing'  that's out of their control? 

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fuckin' gutter trash, $60 isn't enough.

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@Mikemcn said:

I just want the guns and i'm willing to pay excessive amounts of money for them.

come on man, don't let them get to you. Fight the evil!
They want to "Tribes: Ascend" their games. There is no concept of "by gamers, for gamers" . Whenever you see videos of the Tribes: Ascend team members play the game, they have millions of XP and gold. They have access to all the weapons and features. It is no longer, "by gamers, for gamers" (where they sell the game as a single unit). It is the concept of "we made this fun game and we are not going to share this fun experience with you, unless you pay us funds at regular intervals."   
This shows that there is no parity between the gamer and developer.  If you look at Battlelog DICE developers rarely play the game. They don't really like what they make. They just follow and implement documented design cues to have players addicted (invested) in their game, without providing substance, so as to hook and reel you in for future purchases.
In place of the Modding community, today we have youtube producers; who just make montages and other things (this is where all those creative juices are going), Those youtube producers are just marketing the game (to get new people to play and to retain current players) without cost to the publisher/developer.
You must realize the publishers/developers do what they do for money. There is a whole science behind what they are doing, it is not by luck, or that they happened to stumble upon this gameplay by chance. They mind fuck you to get you to give up more money than before. Before you just bought the game box and that was it. Now they want to pay for the game in never ending portions, to upgrade this and that. If you want an advantage, pay up (legalized cheating). You can dress your character and get accessories and stuff. It's like boys playing Barbie dress up shit with games. "I am a fucking MAN. My nut sack touches the fucking floor, bitches. Oh and by the way, I just bought this skin pack for my soldier in Battlefield 3. It's soOOO tiieeeeEEEEEeeeeght."    These are weird times. 
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The digital consumer today is quite dumb and immature.
They are willing to surrender a lot of their money for less content and less value. 
This is the main goal.  How can you bamboozle the dopes into giving up their hard earned money for less content, less value, and even less privacy, yet still give them the illusion that they've gotten away with a sweet deal? and then to have this process repeated over and over again...

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@PrivateIronTFU said:

@Evilmetal said:

the game is not worth $60 . Developers/publishers feel that it's easy to simply increase the price of a game. But with that, there should be higher criticism of the product. I saw gameplay videos of Max Payne 3 from beginning to end, and it did not strike me as a $60 game. For $60 I think a score of 7.5/10 reflects it's quality well.

This makes no sense.

Allow me to make this accessible for you.  The game is not worth it. Wait until it goes in the bargain bin.
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the game is not worth $60 . Developers/publishers feel that it's easy to simply increase the price of a game. But with that, there should be higher criticism of the product.  I saw gameplay videos of Max Payne 3 from beginning to end, and it did not strike me as a $60 game. For $60 I think a score of 7.5/10 reflects it's quality well.

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it's an ethically horrible game.

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the article reads like this:
"You fuckin' girly men want closure, you got it!"

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Some of you guys don't care about what they are doing right now. They may not be charging for weapons outright, right now, but they are preparing the customer for their future business model.
"Are we giving away too much for free?" 
These are the words straight from the horse's mouth, as they say.  The BF:P4F developer has a dude that considers these angles.
It's not about the game anymore and having fun. The developers don't even play their game. Plainly, it's about creating a product that will take advantage of psychological, and mental weaknesses of the mind of the gamer.  "Just a few more points till the next unlock" , "I gotta unlock them all". They are looking at the gamer these days as a drug junkie that is addicted to their product.  "Ohhh... they sell unlocks in another product too, big deal if they do it here too." What?  There are many people on the forums who have varying degrees of the addictive weakness, some more than others it appears...
Soon they will get you in a position to make "affordable" emotional purchases. "Oh this asshole just got me with the AUG?! fuck this."   *you quickly take out your credit card to buy some EA online tokens to buy a weapon unlock* 
If you take a moment you can see how the dance will evolve. 
The worst purchases are the emotional ones. Logic gets thrown out the window in these cases.  Right now, $40 to unlock everything is extreme. But they will find a way to make it 'accessible' ... "We listened to our customers. Many of them just want to unlock one weapon and its accessories only, and our priority is to satisfy our customers. So we are making available the purchase of single weapon unlocks."  They want to come out looking like the hero, as if they solved hunger or something, when in fact they are the ones who created the problem.
They won't say that they have customers who despise the unlock system and just want to play a game without unlocks and just focus on strategy. EA won't be speaking to them, they are not the customers that will be making the shareholders happy. EA will be speaking to the addicted gamers only, those who have OCD or other issues that make them more... mentally open to accept the model.
I guess the way you need to speak to people online about how publishers/developers are taking advantage of people, isn't in a way where you assume the other party has common sense. You may need to speak to them under the consideration that they are addicts and need help.
The pillars of their business model should be identified; emotions, psychology, and peer pressure I'd say are the main ones. 
Peer pressure is another area that cannot be forgotten. If your buddies play the game, then if you want to have 'fun' with them... you will need to buy the game too.  It has similar qualities to what they taught in school about drugs. How some kid says "smoke this man, you'll be cool too. You'll be one of us".  But instead of drugs, in this situation it's video games. In Asia they have rehabilitation centers to get people off of game addiction. It's a real thing, I'm not making this up.
So with peer pressure, you can get tangled up into the addictive business model. Your friends buy an unlock or an expansion pack, you will need to make the purchases in order to maintain parity with the crew. It's a trickle down effect. You see EA's Battlelog, Facebook clone. The same vices that exist with Facebook are wanted to exist in the Battlelog environment as well, to help with the business. So they want you to make friends in Battlelog, this way you can succumb to peer pressure, ... jealously, etc.
 The psychology portion includes two properties[there are more]: the susceptibility to addiction, and the reasoning.  The addiction is straight forward. They use the profile, ranking system, and unlock system to make you come back for more. "Look at this ribbon, bitch! I am the man! I'm a fuckin' war hero brah." They want the gamers/customers to become 'invested' in the game. When you become invested in the game, down the line the publisher can offer an expansion pack and/or additional content for sale and you will be open to making the purchase. "I've come this far already, what's a little more going to do?" or another way "I've spent $59.99 already,  what's a few more?" , etc. These questions start touching on the other aspect, reasoning. The customer tries to reason with the situation, to come to terms with it.  "It's just the cost of a lunch, I spend this much almost everyday anyway".  The reasoning goes hand-in-hand with the addiction.   You start creating excuses to help you continue on.
The reasoning aspect is dangerous. It's coming to terms with the shafting; making excuses of how the shafting is NOT shafting, but rather a 'nice feature', or 'optional feature' .. a 'friendly feature', etc, even though it is in fact outright shafting.
The emotions, I touched on that earlier, you get angry or emotional, you make a purchase.  If you had to physically go to the store to make the purchase, a family member could zap you out of it; but today with credit cards and online transactions, it's just a few clicks away to arrive at an 'emotional nirvana' without intervention by another person.  This makes the gamer become vulnerable to the methods employed by the publishers/developers.
It's a wild situation. You also should consider how publishers say that their games are examples of "Free speech". So they are angling, they are positioning themselves to protect their actions; their business model. It's not the content they are fighting to protect. Their objective is money, and control.