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This happened...

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Unless BBC are going to start airing Doctor Who after the watershed I worry this will be a waste of Capaldi's talent.

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I think whether or not we want them we're still going to get them. I could go for some.

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I might be a sociopath. I haven't been diagnosed with anything.

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Not Gamestop, but Game gave me Tekken 4 for half price when I traded in three games. Never again.

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Oh wait, that wasn't a PS2 exclusive. Damn.

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The Illuminati.

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I have a PAL copy of Shining Force 3, which is supposedly fairly rare. Keep getting that whole "maybe I shouldn't have bought this" feeling as soon as I remember it though.

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I used to wear several video game themed shirts but dropped the habit after deciding to wear more subdued clothing in general, but also because some of the conversations with strangers I got in wore thin pretty quickly (i.e. I had a Portal shirt and cringe when people say "the cake is a lie").

Sometimes I feel a little embarrassed about it if another person has a range of interests that I'd consider a little more respectable, for instance if they're in a band that plays all their own music or if they're constantly reading really dense russian books. But at the same time I've come across people who decried video games because they "like to actually *do* things" with their time, and I've found out afterwards that by doing things they mean watching appallingly generic television.

So, you know, apples and oranges. Maybe.

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I picked it up in a Steam sale sometime after xmas and would describe it as 'dope'.