Richmond. Am I dead man walking?

Hello, duders, this is my first real blog post apart from the very first one which I used to get the quest. This one is going to be serious because I have a couple of questions to ask.

Anyway, I got an opportunity for the W&T paid summer job abroad. I knew that it's gonna be a shitty job, probably underpaid, but this gives me a chance to live in another country for four or five month. In 14 weeks precisely I thought that I'm gonna be chilling out in San Francisco or having a mazel tov at Brighton Beach. The only thing people, who gave me the internship, had not said is that I'm gonna be working at MacDonald's, what is pretty fucked up already, and that I will have to move to Richmond. I'm ok with hamburgers, but the Richmond part freaks me out big time.

I've heard and read a lot of controversial thoughts on Richmond, VA and it is pretty fucked up place, flooded with crime and violence. I've never lived in a city like that, my home city in Ukraine is twice the size of Richmond and in population (500,000 ppl to 200,000 in Richmond), but it is a quiet place to live. Surely sometimes crime pops on TV, but nothing major.

I'm gonna be working at 18th Broad Street which is fairly close to Church Hill Dist. and Shockoe Bottom Dist. which are, from what I've read are not a great areas to hang out. My apartment will be at or near The Fan Dist.

I'm not physically intimidating, I mean I go to the gym three times a week, but I don't eat sport nutrition to get bigger so I look fairly normal. My question is following: is it as bad in Richmond as people say or these opinions are just non-sense? Should I buy myself a bulletproof vest or am I thinking about this stuff too much?