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Thank you so much for your kind words, duders. It's extremely important for me to hear something encouraging, especially now.

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Thank you so much for your support, duders! You can not believe how important it is to hear some encouraging words right now.

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@thatpinguino said:

Is their any way to apply for asylum in a different countries now that you are out of Ukraine? Maybe a country that be better for you long term.

Czech Republic definitely was not my first choice, but unfortunately it was my only option. I had valid visa, because I wanted to visit Prague in the summer. I guess my dream came true, but I have to stick here a while longer I guess. The only problem here for me will be finding a job. Most of the people I've communicated here do not know English. Maybe that's me being a bit ignorant and I should learn Czech faster. Obviously any English speaking country would be much more fitting for me, but I don't really have any friends in US, Canada or Australia powerful enough to help me with a job offer. Sticking here for the time being.

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@forcen: Thank you so much for your support, buddy.

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God damn, I honestly can't imagine being in that situation at all. It's also frustrating to hear about the discrimination you faced once you got out of there. People seriously said those kind of things to you? What a bunch of fucking assholes. I have no idea what the law is like in Ukraine, but if that happened here they would get into so much legal trouble that it's not even funny.

It's nice to hear that you had friends to help you out though when it really came down to it, and I hope you'll eventually manage to return home. I don't know how I would react if I was in your shoes, but it's good to hear that you're at least making the most of it.

Last four years I've been working remotely for a certain Ukrainian dubbing studio. I was doing pretty good job and I was told that by the editor in chief on numerous occasions. When I moved to Kiev, where their offices are located, and asked them to register me officially, they replied: "In current political situation we don't want to hurt our reputation or have any troubles with the government". They wouldn't pick up the phone after that conversation.

I have started looking for a job in the same field, since I'm qualified to do it and it's the only thing I've trained myself to do good enough to make a living. There are two more studios in Kiev, they were eager to talk to me and I landed interviews with both of them. As soon as they saw my ID, I heard racist comments towards me and place I live, even though that personally I have nothing to do with the conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine.

I can't officially work in Czech Republic until I receive a decision regarding my case from Ministry of Interior, but I keep freelancing at Russian dubbing studio to support myself.

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@spoonman671 said:

What's the story with your degree? Have you been able to contact your university? It may seem petty in comparison to your life, but I think having an education would greatly benefit somebody in your position.

My actual diploma is still at the university I was studying at. I have not been able to receive it, whilst I left in the beginning of June. Apparently to continue my studies abroad (or at least in Europe) scanned diploma is enough. Before my uni closed down for good, I wrote my buddies so they would send me those scans.

Unfortunately I can't apply this year, I'm just a bit too late, but next year I would be able to get my major or at least I hope so.

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for me this entire story is so far from my normal day to day so that it feels surreal, even fake.

Even though I went through it I still can not fully comprehend the fact that I might just never see my home ever again.

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You know what's a great game? Dotes.

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When you try to debiggen a video that is featured at the top of the main page - this happens. (Latest Google Chrome version) Edit: Giantbomb has revolted against me. Can't fix the formatting.

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@tazzywon: Thanks for that link, bud, had an awesome time watching it for the fist time.

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@cale: Can't really blame you. Sleeping Dogs is pretty good.