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You know what's a great game? Dotes.

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When you try to debiggen a video that is featured at the top of the main page - this happens. (Latest Google Chrome version) Edit: Giantbomb has revolted against me. Can't fix the formatting.

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@tazzywon: Thanks for that link, bud, had an awesome time watching it for the fist time.

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@cale: Can't really blame you. Sleeping Dogs is pretty good.

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I wanna choose Sleeping Dogs, but it'll be unfair, cause Skyrim has bigger potential... Damn...

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Lost save data for my Diablo play through on PSOne. Had 3 chars there, thought I was gonna cry. That's why you should keep your char saves on different memory card.

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Hearing stuff about my mother in Dota 2 every day.

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Probably Eminem, especially after his new album drops in November, I thing everyone will go mad again.

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I was devastated when I heard the news. I hope that his wife will find some comfort right now. I love Ryan with all my heart.

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You want that Dota 2 invite?