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@cwniles: that would cause substantial defrag time as well as increase load time for a bunch of stuff.

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Your videocard issue sounds like overheating or poor connection. Check if your card sits tight in your motherboard and install SpeedFan or MSI Afterburner to check videocard temps. Enable logs, so you would know what the temp was when driver crashes.

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You either carry those scrubs or be a scrub, if game goes bad, open a mango shop in the rosh pit.

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@privodotmenit: I have no clue how can someone put 2k hours into Dota 2 and not spend a ton of cash on it. Show me this person!

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Revelations was one of the gems that I played a year after it's initial release and I enjoyed it quite a lot, unlike Resident Evil 6. My hopes were high regarding the second part, although I was quite confused that Capcom took an episodic approach to this chapter, since I was out of the loop for quite a while. Kind of a shame to read this negative review, but knowing Capcom, this is just the shit they might pull on their audience once in a while.

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Partick, what in the name of god are you doing? We love you and thank you so much for everything that you've done!

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Hey duders! I've just renewed my membership and I have $15 discount on GB Store. Since I live in Europe and simply do not want to put up with crazy shipping prices, I'm giving it away to a random duder, who posts in this thread until Sunday. That would be all!

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Great read, thanks!

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I'm late to the party, but. Ice-T Final Level Podacst. You don't have to love rap music to love Ice-T. Podcast is extremely funny, features famous guests, they talk about video games, music, tv-shows, movies and life. I don't know how, but Ice-T is so badass, he manages to slide in stories about his life before he got famous so casually. "Nah,nah,nah, you don't get it, dawg... When I say I was hustling, I'd wake up at 7AM and commit felonies the whole day, robbing fools."

Bill Burr Monday Podcast is just ol' Billy ranting for an hour about life, football, internet. Prepare yourself for occasional and unintentional comedy that catches you off-guard. "Me-Undies, Me-Undies, Cup your fucking balls!"

I'm pretty sure someone pointed out that Comedy Bang Bang, or should I say Comedy Fang Fang is fantastic.