A way to read the pages with comments from the top.

Any page with comments or forum posts always defaults at the end of the page.
It can be very annoying to have to scroll back up to the top of every page, then scroll down to read the article or posts, then when you go to the next page scroll all the way back up and start all over again.
A way to set the default veiw to the top of the page is needed.


Abby's here, things are changing.

My little girl was born on June 6th, and she's growing like a weed. I'm glad to have her, but it seems like I don't get a chance to spend any time with my son now that she's here and requires so much attention.
The wife just started back work this week, and she works 3rd shift at Duke Medical, so I'm up at night with Abby. She doesn't sleep through the night yet. Good times.
At least im getting some time to play through some of my old PC games at night. Ive been playing Disciples II, Divine Divinity, and a little Warcraft III the last week or so.