Fuck Computers.

     Well normally I am not a big blogger but I felt the need to do one because a "great tragedy" has taken place and I feel I must vent.  As a select few GB'ers know I have recently purchased BFBC2 on the PC, and it turns out that the game is fucking awesome. I spent the first few wee hours of Sunday mourning playing through the Single player campaign which IMHO is much better than everyone has been letting on.  So I stopped playing for lunch and realized that I had not put the final piece of my PC puzzle together, I had a brand new 500gb drive ready to be installed, so I saved my game and put the drive in, I boot up the computer and I notice something new.
Now I work on computers for a living and the moment I saw this my head exploded, I hoped and prayed that I was wrong, turns out no, I was very much Right.
Windows 7 had somehow magically put the Boot manager on the second drive and the moment I had removed it chaos ensued, I spent the next 8 hours trying to restore it, basically wasting the rest of my Sunday performing my everyday job on my own equipment. I was livid to say the least.
Now here it is Monday and I get off work in 2 hours, but there is no BFBC2 waiting for me at home with open arms and a cup of hot chocolate, just a cold dead expensive piece of metal that I have to work on.  
 And sorry Ahmad_Metallic, I will try to get another game going with you latter this week : /
Hope your weekend and Monday and the rest of your week turn out better.