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I listen/watch almost everything but I don't consider the 8-4 podcast to be part of GB I honestly don't even know who they are or why it is there, I tried to listen to a couple but..just not for me.

Also people calling the Bombcast long, blasphemy I would listen to 6+ hours of the shit the long run time recently has made me so happy.

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It isn't a question of should the try, its When, look at the Unreal 4 engine stuff, we are about to have some Crazy looking shit and it will only get better.

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I didn't get to touch the beta I really didn't need to I can tell the game is going to play just fine, I am just worried I am going into this ready for MMO levels of content and I am going to beat the game over the weekend.

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I'm not against the idea at all but I think he's said he just doesn't have the time to be on those podcast every week.

@theht said:

I just want more Box Office Bomb.

I think one of the reasons they don't do them that often is because Alex and Matt just don't watch that many movies or shows like they did back in the Screened days. If they could somehow trick invite some guest to appear on there (like the other premium podcast do), they could probably have enough to talk about between them all to have a monthly podcast.

I would Love to see more Box Office Bomb I really liked screened and that podcast makes it feel like it never really went away.

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Good luck Brad looks like you got some hilarious suggestions.

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AC3 was really a downer, I tried playing it again on PC and man I just couldn't but Black Flag was pretty amazing so I really hope Unity pulls some new shit.

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I think this is just the reality setting in that the Wii was a fluke with it's huge system push but low game sales, realizing that while they sold a billion units who cares if they don't get ANY game sales.

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That shirt is pretty insane. Love it.

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I just ignore it like everything else on social media, it is a good thing but at the same time there are issues going on that are far more pressing.

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*Standing Ovation*

Great article, great story.