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@milkman: Of course everything is not carved in stone, but when you make a list of hundreds of things you want to implement and instead you get the game released like that with the source code so the gamers themselves can introduce these things it leaves me very sour.

You made the smart decision by not going to buy anything on early access. I bought two game: this and Mercenary Kings. I'll join you in your decision from now on

Man Mercenary Kings looked so cool, I still think it looks cool...how is it so close...

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Half Life as a whole imo has an awesome story, it never reveals to much of the nature of things but grafts the story into the world in a really compelling way. There are so many small details there to pay attention to, the first Half Life obviously didn't have some of the ideas explored in HL2 but the core stuff was there and was developed upon in an amazing way in HL2 and Episode 2.

Also Zen in HL1 is awesome fuck the haters. Some of the platforming was a little eh but the whole area looked amazing at the time they showed that the Vortigaunts were prisoners without a word of explanation showing that your bad guys that you have been blowing away the entire time are slaves resonates pretty well especially considering the level of game stories at that time and I think even now. The other enemies are just indigenous creatures thrown into an alien world being teleported in at complete random, they use the idea in HL2 to make the earth into its own alien environment without having to make it look like a different planet.

I love that they introduce characters in the start of HL2 like they always were there, the fact that I can go back and actually know which generic scientist model was supposed to be Eli and Kleiner is crazy I love that they just try to be serious with the story for a fan of game stories I think it is some of the best most subtle shit in video games.

The best part you don't have to pay attention to any of it, those little details are there if you care. Obviously there are heavier story beats in HL2 and its Episodes but your still normally in control for almost the entire game and I find that commitment to the idea really commendable.

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@shaunage: Nice find man that is awesome, I totally remember that email.

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Basically I don't blame Notch at all, anyone calling Notch a sell out on the greater web has no idea how life works and the fact that notch has apparently wanted to leave for quite some time. He has the chance to fade into obscurity as a rich man, that's a very exclusive club because being rich often comes with a very candid lifestyle.

I think he deserves it since he pulled all Oculus support for Minecraft when they were bought by Facebook and called them sellouts.

Morals are worth approx. 2.5 Billion dollars.

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I just wanted it to have a level a content comparable to World of Warcraft (Pre-expansions of course WoW levels of content as it is now is insane) I don't mind so much that the missions themselves are lackluster. MMO's hide the pretty paper thin design through sheer wealth of content and this seems like an MMO with no content. I just wanted World of Halo, I wanted to be able to buy this and play it for 6 months.

They showed videos that made this game seem much more open and loot driven, they showed a guy finding loot chest in Old Russia in a "random encounter" and at no point was it apparent those chest would be a very small finite number. I didn't want to be able to finish the game in a weekend.

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Does this really need to exist here?

Answer your looking for: No

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This sounds dumb but the new Wolfenstein actually has some pretty solid stealth. You certainly won't get a "full stealth" experience like you would from dishonored, but you can do a large majority of sections in the game in a stealthy manner that is incredibly satisfying.

I would have to agree with this it feels very smooth, and when you mess up you just get to shoot like normal it works pretty well.

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I just wanted a Halo MMO, it clearly isn't that so.. meh..

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Windows Updates are a curse and blight upon all humanity, I work on computers for a living, the amount of time I have spent installing Windows Updates across all their OS's means I have seen those updates fail So Many Many times.