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Oh, toxic, the word that means I don't like it but I won't explain why, because I can't.

I do understand that if you can't oppose an opinion with anything your own, banning discussion is the only recourse. They do what they can, because they must.

I don't know Toxic seems like a pretty good word when on the steam community discussion page there are people rallying asking the developers to fill the game with people they hate for terrible reasons (Women, Minorities, Children, Real people) it's fucking disgusting. I support their right to make the game, no one should "ban it from the internet". But if you can't see how this game was basically created and marketed to give the most heinous people online something to parade around like it is something to be celebrated? I don't know what to tell you.

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Well if it was Hatred's goal to get people riled up mission accomplished, no one was trying to censor the game those sites and platforms have every right to cast a bad light on a product from some potentially unscrupulous people. You would still be able to buy/discuss the game on Their website no one is trying to take it off the internet and "attack free speech" I wouldn't sell that game on my service and the discussions it has been bringing up are toxic and not constructive because the game seems to offer nothing constructive. The people supporting the game are the same people who run around and defend bullshit under the guise of freedom and justice for all and we know that is NOT why they are supporting it.

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The problem with Destiny isn't how many damn shards and energies you have, it is a 6 hour singleplayer corridor shooter with No Story, No characters, no big events or exciting set pieces. It looks nice has amazing art and cool enemy design and then asks you to grind the same levels and bullshit you've already done to get to the raid.

They made World of Warcraft+Halo and only put in the first 4 zones and one endgame raid. They said they were making an MMO that is what people were expecting and the MMOs live and die by the size of their content, it honestly wouldn't have taken to much more and they could have worked within what they made but they didn't. No quest NPC's out in the world no meaningful interaction with other players, the open areas of the Moon-Venus-Mars-Earth should have been much much larger and even if they weren't bigger they could have used the space better and made actual quests more "dungeons" to explore. Its a shallow and sad little MMO with ambitions for something it is certainly not.

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you're all a bunch of debbie downers


But... mine is no better

Still no Half Life 3 :-(

I will continue to replay Half Life 1, 2, Ep1, Ep2, Black Mesa and hope I didn't waste time falling in love with a story/universe that will never be completed.

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I thought this was gonna be in the Destiny forum


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A full blown big budget Blood Dragon 2..would be kinda dope and just make it as Stupid as fucking possible. Flying vehicles, flying Blood Dragons, jetpacks, laser vision, yea the more I think about it the better that sounds take the reigns off even more than Blood Dragon 1 just go fucking insane with it, make a god damn video gamey game.

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Yeah I called the cops right after posting this. They sent a patrol out to check it out.

Certain animal noises can sound frighteningly human, and usually like women or children, so that fits too.

Yea man animals can makes some insane sounds, there is a place not far from where I live called Hap Hazard that always had ghost stories of a woman ghost that would scream at you. It was Bobcats certain calls they have sound 100% like a woman being Butchered alive it is fucking awful.

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Don't mind me, just posting posting a link to some porn.


I like this post.

DUDER, Think of the children!!!

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Thrand, Eldgrimr and Marquez devise a test to see if the new Cross-guard Lightsaber from the New Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer by J.J. Abrams is dangerous to the wielder or the opponent.


Awesome video, I thought the design was badass from the start it looks like a bastard sword, Star Wars has always been Sword n Sorcery it's cool.

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Yup. It's pretty stupid considering all the games I have. I think it actually has to do with having too many options for me. I have been better about it lately. I have had less time to play games so when I actually do have time I pick a game pretty quickly.

I've been doing the same, it makes me feel like a crazy person, I have 319 steam games and so much stuff to finish on consoles...I don't know whats wrong with me but I have been doing better with less time to actually do that.