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GT5 is up there on my personal list of worst menu interfaces. Also, pretty much any entry in the NBA 2K and Madden franchises (most of the other 2K and EA sports games too).

I have to echo this, these menus are the absolute worst they remind me of the Windows 8 "Metro" interface but infinitely messier.

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@redglovesociety said:

funny people

I I was really bad with my disposable income as a teen. That was the last time I wasted money going to the movies.

Funny people Sucked Shit, I couldn't believe the one person in my group trying to defend it, HOW do you make a movie called FUNNY PEOPLE and start it with "YOU HAVE CANCER" and then proceed to not be funny at all...ever.

I also saw John Carter which I thought was pretty good, nothing mindblowing but a good movie nonetheless the concept is really awesome.

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oh yeah dredd bombed too that made me sad cause karl urban made a great dredd

It really makes me sad that it bombed, I thought that movie was Really fantastic it deserves to get another.

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Damn that was a really good article, I am so happy that the site didn't fall apart after that it was bad enough losing Ryan, losing the entire thing would have been the worst.

I still find it so hard to watch/listen to old content Ryan had such a huge personality and so much energy that it is still hard to imagine him actually being gone. But its all still here and its been getting better and better can't wait to see what next year brings.

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@Mike said:

I guess this is a good thing for people who missed these games the first time around and don't own a PC. I think I got Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Infinite on Steam for under $15 sometime last year though, and those games have been going on regular deep discount on Steam and other PC stores for years now. Hopefully this package isn't too expensive, especially if the games haven't been significantly overhauled.

Seriously if this package isn't 30 dollars or less they are crazy these games have been dirt cheap for quite some time, unless they do some real work to spruce them up (I imagine they won't).

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After seeing some video footage of the retail game, it looks pretty underwhelming in the looks and STYLE departments, will probably pass on this SlamDown!

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I literally haven't switched off the Sneaking Suit since it unlocked, I normally always play at night and considering I just did one of the end game (Not a spoiler at all but eh) Total Stealth missions and finished it in under 20 minutes with all objectives complete without ever firing a shot I don't see myself ever not wearing that suit.

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It's certainly no Snake Eater.

What a thrill...

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@deerokus said:

This is one of those things that drives some people crazy which I genuinely never even notice.

This. When people complain about breathing and other stuff like that I just don't even notice.

Yea I just listened to most of it on my ride home and did not pick up on it even once.

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@shalashaskauk666: Dude I couldn't agree with your post anymore if I tried, its crazy the price you must pay if you just have the base game.

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