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This looks fucking awesome.

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Red Dead is one of the few games I have ever played that lived up to the hype, such a fucking amazing game.

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Keep an eye out for cameras they are easy to miss and can make the first level of the game a bit of stumbling block, if enemies just keep on coming you tripped a camera somewhere.

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The game is .. insanely flawed, but Bungie made some really fun combat and it is a shame but the end game combat is way more interesting than anything else. But it doesn't excuse the complete lack of story and essentially taking a 6 hour game and stringing it along like it is something different, if those 4 planets had even had 1-2 extra areas it could have been "okay" as it is with No big moments or actual story it is pretty sad.

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I am playing Shadow of Mordor and Destiny.

Destiny is insanely flawed I have had a great time playing it but Bungie is lucky the game plays so well because everything around it is a goddamn travesty, it could have been a "ten year thing" and it probably will still but it could have been flat out one of the best games ever made. They changed stuff at the last second and it shows, the mission design the "story" are unforgivable and to top it off the Rubberbanding and sync issues in multiplayer are ...something else. Shooting someone then getting blown away only to watch them walk 10ft to the left then suddenly die from your hit...and it happens almost every match the fact that this huge game has P2P multiplayer is amazing.

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The more frames the better. If I could push 120 FPS on a 120Hz screen and keep it there I would 100% do it.

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P.S. TITANFALL! Of course the only people left playing are super hardcore and will massacre you, but Titanfall is still a very good game.

That is because the only people left playing didn't realize everyone else stopped. Not trying to be harsh but you are the first I've seen in weeks mention Titanfall.

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Oh yea be sure to fix.. that built in fight mechanic...not you know the Portals that sometimes just straight up don't work...or having 60 bucks worth of content in your game.

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I like DS1 and DS2 A lot, I think DS1 is a better world as everything feels connected in a really cool organic way. DS2 feels like a hub with lots of paths but it plays better.

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@chimpchamp said:

Why is giantbomb and CBS siding with that group of people?

I don't know..the two months of attacking people on twitter, people being run out their homes, spreading lies and disinformation, death threats take your pick.

I would love to know when you thought GiantBomb has bullied anyone.

Also, make stances and decisions for yourself you don't need to support some vague anonymous group to grow a message. Drop the noble intentions stop supporting a group that has clearly shown "journalism" isn't their focus anymore if it ever was.