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I was never was a huge GTA fan but I Love the FPS mode in GTA5 the controls aren't 100% perfect but its close enough to make it a very different experience, they even make the camera swoop into your head from cutscenes it is handled really well.

The driving in first person reminds me of Far Cry 3 and its hilariously fun, I don't know what it is about it that makes it such a revelation for me but, It feels like an Open world story driven FPS with an insanely detailed world and poking at that world in a more in your face perspective just changes it completely for me. Set your FOV to max, up the sensitivity like right below 3/4ths, change the controls to FPS standard and flip on free aim and have yourself a crazy almost to real at times experience.

Or get Far Cry 4 if you want the "jungle" open world with better shooting controls, or if you want a 75+ hour RPG get Inquisition.

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TB will probably end up taking this out, but man I really REALLY want to see Jeff accept this "award" so bad.

I don't know man Pew has like 20+ Million hits on Every video if he really wanted to rile up his fanbase there would be no stopping that.

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Your killing animals the entire time, People are animals.

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That picture...that is amazing I like TB as well but come on lets make Jeff "trendy" Blgh.

Edit: Wow I didn't know there was so much TB hate, I haven't really watched him for that long but shit had no idea there was so much controversy with him.

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Another sad reminder that a proper RTS Warcraft 4 will probably never be a thing. CURSE YOU ARTHAS!

Yea I loved the stories from Warcraft 1-2-3 they were surprisingly in depth for an RTS, I like WoW don't get me wrong but I feel like the MMO butchered the lore. I only say that because I thought the lore was worth caring about Pre-WoW now its a mess of memes and movie/TV references but I didn't expect it to hold to that level of quality there is just to much content to keep it interesting.

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@evilsbane: Its definitely 2 pictures taken at different times within the games day, so the lighting can't be compared accurately. But I can tell that isn't taken from a last gen version. Ground textures were much worse that that, the trees look too nice, and there's more foliage, even if it doesn't look like much compared to the ps4 version. Digital foundry confirmed the difference, though it isn't always that striking. It depends on the area.

There is no doubt its from a new version but your right the Xbox One shot looks like high noon while the PS4 one looks like 6:00PM +

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So, I just saw this image when looking at the digital foundry performance analysis for the game

Can anyone confirm/deny this image to be true? It seems really absurd that the 2 versions could be so different.

haha.... ya looks like someone is getting cheeky and posting a 360/PS3 and labeling it Xone. Is it not obvious?

I bought it on Xone but, with a crap internet, it took me over a full day to download it. I'll try it out tonight and sure hope it doesn't look like a 360 game (like above). Mainly just got it for first person view

As an owner of the Xbox One version that is horseshit it looks fantastic.

Edit: There is apparently more Grass and bushes in the PS4 version but something about that shot seems really off.

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Plug in a controller. Problem solved.

That should never be in a solution in this sort of game, it should fit mouse and keyboard just fine.

It should just work but its not like the controller isn't a good option and if you don't have one you should get one anyways there are to many games that just play better with a controller.

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I would honestly call this an achievement, the FPS mode is really engrossing and they way they give you every control method you could want is really something else. It also looks amazing which makes the FPS mode transform this game into something akin to Far Cry 3-4 in a City and its Fucking awesome.

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Really? . . .REALLY? This is what were angry about today? The ability to customize the feed would be neat but seriously it's his Twitter, your talking about a tiny subsection on right side of the main page when he starts selling Mt. Dew and Doritos on the main front ad get back to me.