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I bought an Xbox One for two reasons, to play Co-op games online with my cousin and to play Halo. MCC serves its purpose but Fuck Me it was and is still a disaster the Co-op I bought it for didn't even work until a month after we both bought the game at full price. I hate everything about the interface, you can't snap an app on the Homescreen so it literally will launch a game or load the Games n Apps...app to snap something which just doesn't make sense. Also the "stand-by" feature is nothing more than Windows Hibernate which I never use on any computer I own because it has always been a wonky feature that breaks in subtle ways that will drive you crazy and here it is no different.

I could go on for awhile nothing it does is the end of the world but after the ease of use I had with my 360 as far as friends and online the Xbone has been a constant struggle, Destiny was the game I bought with my Xbone and while I got my monies worth it was not the Halo MMO I was promised so that has been rotting in the pile never to be played again. Hopefully Halo 5 will blow me away I really enjoyed the Beta so if the Singleplayer+Coop experience is at least functional (High expectations for this generation) I should hopefully not regret buying the system itself.

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The naysayers blow my mind this already looks fucking tight, the art style is simple but poignant, the gun play looks amazing along with the sound design I hope this does well it is a cool concept.

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VR is so close I can taste it, I can't wait for the next Elder Scrolls\Fallout to come out with full support for one or all of these devices, we've all been waiting for the next step...ITS ALMOST HERE!

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I never really thought about it...but I think obviously Jeff just doesn't want to take away any of the limelight away from his client Dr. Tracksuit and that is what he wants as well, it is Jeff's job to sell his client not for his client to sell him.

Also he could just be forgetting due to the...large amounts of "medicine" Dr. Tracksuit has to take to perform.

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@kristov_romanov said:

Oh no, Homeworld: The Master Chief Collection.

It's not that bad.

Yea absolutely not, as a "proud" owner of MCC it is certainly not even in the same ballpark, MCC is...just busted I have played a ton of MCC but that is because Halo is a great series but everything about that package has issues, this is not that bad but it's just one of those huge oversights that I just can't fathom how it got overlooked

EDIT: To the arguments about patching above... am I the only one that remembers the original HW1 and Cataclysm actually shipping a bit broken, too? HW1 and 2 definitely got a lot of post-release patching, and finding those was a big part of how annoying it was to reinstall them from my original discs. At this point you just had to go to mod sites and download whatever they told you to.

I own HW1 on disc and there are certainly bugs but nothing that prevents anything so central to the game from working, scripting errors and crashes are what I remember happening the most (Arguably worse but that happens in Remastered just to a very acceptable degree) its still playable its just makes an already tough game harder when you can't employ these basic tactics, they make a difference. But man it looks pretty.

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@akyho said:

@evilsbane: You make it sound way more broken than it really is my point. Not "Broken games are ok" a tiny bit of patience and WAY less melodrama, the way you put made it seem as disastrous as Colonial Marine and should never have been released. This is something that could have and probably did happen with 1.00 of Homeworld when it was first released guess what happened? 1.01 probably fixed it and far more hanouse bugs than the ones you encountered in the Remastered. Then if that didn't work they patched it again all the way up to 1.05 as it was last updated.

This has always happened and will always happen since patching after release was allowed, this situation is no different from when Homeworld 1 was released.

Patches ARE NORMAL. If you were coming to this 4 years from now and its the exact same THEN you can have your melodramatic post, as it is it has been 2 days being so defeatist is just being whiney , you need things in perspective.

You seem to be the only one overreacting here. It's a big oversight I am hopeful of a fix, but that doesn't mean I can't be surprised that a core tenant of the combat is basically nonfunctional on release. Homeworld had plenty of bugs on release that were never corrected, there is a chance this may not get fixed as I mentioned so expressing my woes over it doesn't exactly seem melodramatic Gearbox made a great product and I hope they take it all the way. It doesn't matter that they can patch it I know they can and I hope they will but it's just a big question mark of how that got left like that.

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I loved being able to call formations in HW1, its a shame it didn't make it in, even if HW1 is using HW2 rulesets...

It is a shame, but hopefully it will get corrected, it was still worth it for me just to get the originals working correctly on a newer OS but I look forward to at the least a community mod to fix it.

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@me3639 said:

Oh look another day one Wahhhh post. Didn't see that coming, ever.

Seriously? I could not give the game more praise if I tried, it's just a really fundamental thing that isn't there and its just surprising? I'm not saying anything unfair but thanks for your input.

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@akyho said:

This bug is the epitome of being a patch job at anytime and considering this day and age were games are broken for months on end. This one bug is tiny! Look at Rome Total War 2 that thing has been overhauled so much its not operational and none of the utterly game breaking bugs or moronic AI for your army and theirs THAT is a moment to lament and give up until a patch. This little bug however will only harm a purest your self that know the in and outs of HW.

Which is an huge overreaction, also....have you considered since HW1 in the remaster is literal smashed with HW2 (the skirmish allows all races and ships fight each other no matter about game mechanics changes between 1 or 2) that the formations and other things aside from UI is uniform and the same for both games. Meaning the formations are working as intended right now?

Just because we have gotten used to everything being a broken mess doesn't mean we should be okay with it.

There are many other bugs but those I can look past for a such a ambitious remake, this is not a tiny bug it is malfunctioning in every way. You don't need to be a "purest" (Which I am not or I could have written about 4-5 more paragraphs) to notice how broken it is telling your ships to form up around another ship and have a few of them just drift away to nowhere is not okay in the midst of battle.

I wouldn't call anything I said a huge overreaction considering I commended Gearbox for doing so well in many other aspects but this bug is just shocking since it absolutely effects combat in crazy important ways and is worth pointing out to others picking this up to play HW1.

There is no way this is intended and if it is they need to change it soon.

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@ssully said:

That sounds like an unfortunate bug that slipped through the crack. By your title I thought this was another Gearbox Alien cerfuffle.

Jesus Christ no, there is way more good than bad but this is an insane bug that some others in the community have implied could be tied to this version of HW1 being built entirely in the HW2 engine which further implies it may not be fixable... I hope that isn't that case.