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Such powerful words, even with Lang saying it, so much power you stupid fuck.

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Good write up, honestly my favorite thing about AE has to be some of the new music, downright AMAZING some of these redone tracks make me just stop playing and listen.

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Shit guys, calm down. I don't if you realize it, but you're doing the exact thing that a video on the front page of this site is putting a spotlight on.

Yeah sure it was stupid, but you're way out of line claiming he should have been killed or never born in the first place. Seriously, grow up children.

He's probably read a thousand comments about how he's a fucking idiot, still you just join the mob with your torches and pitchforks. For shame.

What in the world are you going on about? The worst these comments are really getting is that he deserved a kick in the head for doing something stupid. Which he kind of did. Seems like you are kind of picking at a straw that isn't really there.

Yea there isn't a single comment that crosses the line in this thread no idea what you are freaking out about.

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The thing that I notice that makes this very different is the lack of lock on and the fact that I counted about a dozen times that you would be Dead in HM, that game doesn't allow dudes to get behind you without you being dead.

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I just...really really liked the story in the Thief games, I think Garrett's VO was fantastic, and the lore mysterious and fun with his VO gone and the story turned to mush I have no interest Thief Deadly Shadows will have to remain the height of the series for me.

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For me I find it more annoying that the levels don't seem to connect naturally. There is no way that Iron Keep was originally supposed to be above Earthen Peak, so that elevator ride up is bad. It feels like they didn't finish a level that leads to Iron Keep so they stitched it in somewhere else. Same for Dragon Aerie and No Man's Wharf.

It all feels especially rushed and unfinished when you look at how well all the levels were interconnected in Dark Souls. Part of the issue though it that the ability to fast travel was a late game unlock in the original so everything before that had to be a short distance from everywhere else.

This was my biggest issue with the game I had a ton of fun with it, but didn't have any of those, Oh shit I am here now moments.

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Very hard to read.

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Wow wow wow I saw this when I woke up, seriously didn't know what to think about it did not realize that he saved that dudes life.

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Thank you Giant Robot, Goodnight!

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I loved outskirts

3 Year n 3 Month old necro, didn't mind the outskirts.