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And yes, GTA does encourage you to kill civilians as in 5 there are those side-missions with Trevor.

This is false every single one of those mission is him killing gangs, weaponized hipsters, and the army none of them are civilians except the hipsters but even in that case they attack him as do the rest of the groups.

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I have very fond memories of this game I remember beating it at least twice.

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BOTY confirmed?

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It really does look like a bad parody of Postal 1 and has the exact same problem as Postal 1 you play two levels of it and it becomes a boring slog, looks nice though and the physics seem neat but beyond that just seems like such an "eh" experience.

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I am just starting to get a little overleveled (Next main story quest is 11 I am 13) but I have been finding a balance so far, I don't really care if I stop gaining XP I have been able to avoid that so far but I love the side quest so much.

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I'm not touching windows 10 until they clearly announce their pricing model. My sources indicate that Windows will become a subscription based service and I am absolutely not interested.

They said this is going to be free, the consumer version should stay free and maybe they will do a sub model for Server and Professional but they better not fuck us over with a sub pricing after this thing comes out.

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The world of the Witcher seems like a shitty place for everyone, men, women, elfs and dwarves everyone gets the short stick so..don't know what they are going on about.

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@alexw00d said:
@poisonjam7 said:

@sterling: I would say AT LEAST 30 seconds. Mine usually take over a minute. Is there an option to install to the HD? I don't remember seeing one, and I don't think it does it automatically.

To be honest the game doesn't load particularly fast if you don't install it on a £200 ssd on PC either.

I have it on a 80 dollar 128GB Kingston SSD and the loads are under 10secs.

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Well, it looks insane but damn the music is good.

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32 hours? I have 50 hours and literally just stepped foot in Novigrad last night.