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Wow this really sucks I was extremely excited for this project what a bunch of bullshit.

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Smough and Ornstein these two for sure are the worst, they both take tons of damage and they just have so many moves that can end your run.

I beat the 4 kings first try which was one of the best moments I have had in the souls series, I was so tense having no clue what to expect from him everything just fell into place and I got em.

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Mods are for fun, sometimes people go crazy and spend a ton of time and resources building something insane and that is really cool but not the norm and in some of those cases a donation would be a consideration. But most of the time its Macho Man/Thomas the Train Dragons, and I LOVE that stuff but its just for a bit of fun then you turn it off, the mods that actually improve the game/graphics/levels/NPCs are amazing and give the game longer legs but I would never pay 40 bucks to gather together the required mods I have to make the game look nice, I am not going to spend a dollar to make the Moon look HD and a dollar for better bushes and trees.

This whole system is ripe for abuse there is 0 quality control and that normally would be okay they are mods but once you start putting a price tag on them it just turns sour, I am a huge Valve/Steam fan but I hope this whole thing crashes and burns.

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I just find it funny that so many people care about if jeff likes it. Is his validation that important?

No but I like Jeff and respect his opinions and it is nice to have him come around to something you never thought he would, I love Half Life and he has always been really down on it so it was nice to hear him comment about it in a positive manner a few months ago. I love the Souls series and he has been quite open about his general disdain for them so its pretty cool to have him sort of come around on the game because it is something I enjoy.

It's like my girlfriend being a Nintendo only kind of person and then she just bought a PS3 out of the blue and got half way through Dead Space 1, it isn't something I am constantly thinking or worried about but it is pretty cool when someone you know/like starts to experience something you enjoy in a positive manner.

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Donation Button, that is all it needed to be.

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Yea no idea why people would think that.

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I have no idea why so many hated Man of Steel it was heavy handed in spots but compared to the last Superman movies we got it was a masterpiece, this looks awesome.

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I'm not some EU crazy person but I enjoy the series and after rewatching all of them again in Bluray quality but as close to the theater cuts as possible, they stand up they are really really good movies.

The trailer was intense cannot wait for December.

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Salvation had one of the worst sappy endings I have seen in a long time, I will wait for the masses to descend on this movie and judge it before I come anywhere near it.