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The combat is good if you don't just play like an imbecile, use the bombs, use your signs, dodge and roll use the parry and its great and for the love of god don't spam, hit and move. The one thing that is a huge drag is the Targeting and target switching is pretty bad at times, sometimes you have to deselect and reselect to get to a new target very aggravating when your fighting 6+ Wolves or Bandits.

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@viqor said:

I like it quite a bit, but I really don't like not being able to tell at a glance how powerful your opponent is. I hate wasting 5-10 minutes losing against someone that I should never have been playing in the first place (and wouldn't if I could see their relative deck strength). Unless I'm missing something.

Even the most powerful deck can get reduced to nothing with weather cards, don't be afraid to let them dump their hand out, losing that first match is a strategy in itself, holding on to combos for the last 2 rounds is a great way to win.

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My specs are :

  • Intel i7 920 at 3.2 GHz
  • Nvidia GTX 770
  • 12 GB or RAM
  • Installed on a regular 7200 RPM HDD
  • Running at 1920x1200

I have most things on Very High/Ultra with bells and whistles on except for Hairworks, V-sync and Antialiasing. Performance is pretty good. Framerate is usually in the 40s, it sometimes dips in the 30s but rarely lower. I'm happy with it so far.

Huh that is really interesting, my system:

  • Intel i7 920 at 3.2 GHz
  • Nvidia GTX 780 FTW 3GB
  • 12GB RAM
  • On an SSD
  • Running at 1920x1080

I have everything on Ultra except Vegetation Distant set to High, Nvidia HairWorks Off, everything else is maxed and I am getting a smooth 60FPS, my 780 is OC'ed that has to be what is doing it.

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@terminatorz said:

It's Ok. I played it with the dude at the bar in White Orchard, I thought it was pretty intriguing, but I haven't played it since because, dude, I'm here to witcher not to spend time and concentration on a card game.

You should really give it a shot, I was dismissive of it as well but the games are actually really fast and its a fun side activity to take away from all the monster hunting.

Its awesome to see so many people are enjoying Gwent even if it isn't your cup of tea its simplicity combined with a surprising depth is to much to ignore.

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I really love Gwent, but I'm finding my go-to strategy

(winning the first round by one or two points to conserve cards, using all my cards except one in the second round in order to get my opponent to waste theirs and then playing the one attack card I have left against whatever weather cards they have left over to take the game)

has kind of broken the game for me. Hopefully the AI gets a little trickier, but so far I've found that I can win in one or two tries with that strategy, even with opponents whose decks far exceed my own.

My Northern Realms strategy has been to have Foltest as my leader, save all of my siege cards and play the Melee and ranged cards and get the AI to waste most of their hand, I can normally beat them on the last two rounds because they waste their hand in the first one I am hoping for more tricky plays but its still a ton of fun to make the deck stronger and stronger.

Glad to see so many people are having fun with this game and this weird little CCG.

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Save loss is the worst, on PC no joke I have 60+ Manual saves in 20 hours I refuse to lose progress I have had enough of save loss bugs the last 2 years nothing will make me quit a game faster.

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This game is literally the best thing I have played in two years, maybe longer I simply cannot believe the scope of it, I'm only 20 hours in and it just blows me away how much stuff is on the map I haven't even made a dent in this beast I can already tell the hour count on this is going to be out of control.

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The Witcher 3 is one of the best games I have played in 2 years fucking no contest. Even with the broken quest its still not even a question.

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@flstyle said:

Are you fucking kidding me...

Huh, I didn't realize I had already left a comment.

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Cause it looks rad as fuck.

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Xbox One controller has been amazing.