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The Witcher 2 - Beyond all expectation. 0

    The Witcher was a flawed game, and ill admit from the start that I never finished it, it wasn't because I disliked the game just certain things happened that prevented me from ever going all the way, but the atmosphere and character clicked from the start. I have to go back now, and finish the first, and I am so compelled because its sequel is not only one of the best RPG's ever made, but one of the best games.The Graphics    Stunning, with a decent gaming PC this game shines - on a above pa...

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Delve Deep Enough and you will find an Amazing game. 1

     Risen is one of those games that I expect many people picked up played for an hour and quit. And there is a simple reason for that, the first 10-15 hours is all setup to overarching story but its backed up by some decent voice acting and a main character with a face only a mother could love but his take no shit attitude is a nice change of pace.  First lets start with the bad, the combat in the game can be rage inducing, enemies seem to play by completely different rules than you when it co...

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Its What Halo 2 Should Have Been. 0

If you were one of those people waiting for Halo 2 with baited breath got the midnight release and took the game home looked at the case saw THE FINAL FIGHT FOR EARTH saw the early E3 videos with the earth combat and it looked awesome awe inspiring then you played 3 levels on earth then off to another halo and you died a little inside this game is for you. Its not perfect its not the second coming in fact its pretty standard Halo here but its on earth and it feels like the missing chapter in Hal...

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PC Gamings Finest Hour. 0

     It's really sad to see the PC game market slowly sliding into the gameless void that it is in because I really believe it is where true innovation can thrive. (Don't get me wrong I love my 360 like a child). When I bought this game last year I was really intrigued by its claims of a dark tone and morally gray choices so I picked it up.Well I started playing it before the Enhanced Edition was released or even talked about. The bugs and crazy long load times at first did not deter me but even...

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