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This is something that has never really made sense to me.  Nintendo fans always want another Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, etc etc etc.  However, for other franchises, people always gripe about how such and such is just more of the same, or it's a 0.5 iteration, not a true sequel. 

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bartholomew999 said:
"In 2007 I was overwhelmed playing;
Burnout Paradise
Assassin's Creed
The Orange Box; Portal, TF2, and HL2 Ep 2 most notably
Rock Band
Super Mario Galaxy
Metroid Prime 3
Mass Effect
Forza 2
Zelda : Twilight Princess
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

In 2008 I traded in my 360 for a PS3 , kept my Wii of course ;-), and it has been a great year, one of the best...but 2007 was THE best imo."
Burnout paradise came out in January 2008, and you may have played Twilight Princess in 2007, but it was released in 2006.  Just to keep everyone honest. 

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I don't think that people think the classics always have to be at the top of these kinds of lists just because they're appealing to some sort of "golden age of video games" or such.  Just that it's not easy to judge a game's legacy within a year of its existence.

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Bodycount said:
"this is what it all means.

It means that XBOX(R)360 will be getting the definitive version of MGS4, similar to what is happening with tekken, final fantasy, devil may cry and all the other franchises that made the playstation brand relevant. With all of this in mind, MGS4 stands as the last bastion of hope for the playstation brand, because quite frankly it has been utterly PHASED OUT FROM THE LIVING ROOM by the XBOX(R)360 onsalaught. On top of all this, the game will include a free vial of kojima's blood as to say, "HERE, XBOX(R) fans, I love you. I love your console more than life itself just like SQUARE-ENIX does. Please take this in thanks for LETTING ME put my game on your glorious system that defines the hardcore gaming segment of today's gamers. The back of the box will also have a built in trapped section that upon being touched (Acidentally, most likely) Will send out a seeking missile that has autoaim even more forgiving than that of HALO(R) 3 (Exclusively for XBOX(R) 360) and will systematically destroy every ps3 in a 20 mile radius. If that wasn't enough, the games manual will also include the names of every playstation 3 owner, their current adress and location, a  foldable phazer Ion gun(thus the 'i' is explained) that is powered on pure XTOSTERONE. (The fuel of  the XBOX(R) brand) and will tell you to go wild.

Beware, ps3 fanboys. The mighty XTOSTERONE fueled XBOX(R) is coming to steal your pention check once again."
This post needs way more attention.
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Well, as you'll notice on the closing comments, those scores aren't averaged into a final score.  Just because the graphics or sound are particularly bad, doesn't mean the reviewer even has to factor that into their final score.  If he thought the gameplay was amazing, he might have given it a great score despite his feelings on the technical issues.  Actually, go look at the UK review.  For the most part, the UK review agrees on graphics and sound, giving them a 3.0 and 1.0 respectively, despite the overall 9.1 score. 

Regardless of all this.  I would agree that the IGN rating system is pretty flawed.  I think a system like Giantbomb's or 1up/EGM's is much better for focusing the reader on the text as opposed to the score, and for being able to use the entire scale.  As opposed to the 1 to 10 system where it seems like only the top half is ever used anyways. 

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I don't really understand why you care.  He's a very knowledgeable and funny personality in the gaming industry.  People who are exceptionally enthusiastic about gaming have to go somewhere to get their news and reviews, and many find that the personality inserted into Giantbomb's podcasting and writing is the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down. 

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samcotts said:
"The thing is, pretty much anyone who likes football can enjoy Football Manager 09, and that's anything but a niche audience. Football/soccer games probably sell more then any other in Europe, and I would imagine they sell moderately well else where too. The reviewer has no idea what he is talking about."
Really?  Because I was under the impression these head coach/manager games were pretty niche, even for those who liked football (or American football as it were).
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I'm not entirely sure I agree with you.  What would have been a better alternative?  Giving it to someone they know would have loved it so they could say "if you're into this kind of game it's great" vs. "if you're not into this kind of game it sucks."  That's the problem with really niche titles I guess.

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Ratio of views to replies on this thread is awesome.

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Seems to me like it would be a waste of time to tease an iPhone game.