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TheHBK said:
"Huh, everytime you call, seems like you expect them to know what you are talking about right off the bat.  You do realize that you dont get the same person each time dont you?"
I expect he doesn't want to give out his personal information on the internet, and is probably also doing a little paraphrasing.  Just a guess.
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Man, I used to love Mark Hamill's Joker, but that laugh just isn't as haunting anymore once you've heard Ledger cackle. 

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They paid money for the license.  I'm sure they'll be doing something else with it.  TES:  V probably will be their next game though.

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Both stories are completely forgettable. 

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Br3adfan said:
"When me and my friends got together to play the demo we would all kill each other once and a while and it seemed that the last man standing would always get killed immediatly after, so maybe that is true or it could be coincidence."
I think that's something different.  It is pretty well known by now that the AI director likes to send a hunter or smoker after a lone wolf. 
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Wow, this thread made my day.  Thanks :)

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Gotta pay the bills. 

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I don't know if they've officially said they're done with Oblivion, but they're done with Oblivion.  It came out two years ago and already got two major add-ons.

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TeflonBilly said:
"twenty0ne said:
"Eh, not my problem. Therefore, I don't care."

Good post, but it's kind of apples and oranges, and not everything in this world is a slippery slope.
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LuckyWanderDude said:
"I disagree. In fact I'm an advocate of piracy. If a developer cares about money that much, they aren't making games for the right reason."
That's the worst justification for piracy I've ever heard.