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TeflonBilly said:
"twenty0ne said:
"Eh, not my problem. Therefore, I don't care."

Good post, but it's kind of apples and oranges, and not everything in this world is a slippery slope.
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LuckyWanderDude said:
"I disagree. In fact I'm an advocate of piracy. If a developer cares about money that much, they aren't making games for the right reason."
That's the worst justification for piracy I've ever heard.
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Long way to go.

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HandsomeDead said:
"EvilTwin said:
"HandsomeDead said:
"2 - 4. Lord of the Rings trilogy"
For this treachery...we go to war."
Nine hours worth of poorly directed, insultingly childish garbage? I'll pass.

Inb4 'But it got loads of Academy Awards. It must be amazing!'"
Well, everyone has their opinions.  I guess that's why this topic exists.  Still disagree with you.
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Something about his reviews always rub me the wrong way.

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HandsomeDead said:
"2 - 4. Lord of the Rings trilogy"
For this treachery...we go to war.  No but really, I can't make a top 10 most overrated movie list off the top of my head, but in recent memory I'd say "No Country For Old Men." 

Edit:  Oh, and "Fight Club".
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Such and such is "made of win" or such and such is "made of fail".  Stupidest internet phrases ever. 

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The "off-topic" forum should be taken off the "latest topics".  I don't come to giantbomb to discuss politics. 

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BiggerBomb said:
I do not think, I know.

Our country is in crisis right now. The economy is collapsing, racism is as rampant as ever, we are at war on two fronts with our military stretched so thin that some Republicans are already suggesting the possibility of a draft. The current President is the single most incompetent President in our country's history and this degree of incompetence has destroyed our global reputation and has created tension with Iran who is already threatening to destroy one of our greatest allies, Israel. There will most likely be a war between the two nations and should that happen, we will be forced to intervene.

People always see the present as finite, but no nation lasts forever and to assume that the U.S. is somehow incapable of defeat is ludicrous. If we don't get our act together and elect a President that can stabilize the deterorating principles of our country, we are seriously fucked.

That is why this is the most important election in the history of our country."
Not that I don't think this is an important election, but you're really blowing it out of proportion.  This is by far not the worst off our country has ever been.  I also think your assessment of our current president has been completely bias by the age we live in. 
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crunchUK said:
"EvilTwin said:
"Why do you think this is the most important election in the history of our country?"
george bush is gone"
Not a good enough answer.