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Karaoke...in front of a very large crowd preferably.

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Does it really matter?  All of these companies rip off of each other's ideas anyways. 

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Don't ask her out.  That's a terrible idea.  The reason most younger guys have problems talking to girls is that instead of viewing a girl like a person who might become their friend, they view girls like someone who might become their girlfriend.  Just find an excuse to chat with her a bit, and the more you do the easier it will become.   Then, if you both really like hanging out, maybe try asking her to a movie or something.

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mikevanpwn said:
"breton said:
mikevanpwn said:
Its really sad actually.  Here Maxis spent years making this game, and yes EA implemented this DRM but now Amazon has a 1.5 star rating on the game and may discourage people from buying it.  Who loses here?  Maxis.
Yeah, 'cause EA sees no share of the money, it all goes to Maxis, right? And the reviews aren't entirely on DRM, the game has been a reasonable let down for a lot of people. So I honestly feel a low score is in order. One star? Maybe it's too harsh, but still.
EA may lose some profit but Maxis could lose years of hard work.  Its doubtful that the amazon spam will make a huge dent in Spore's sales but they're attacking the wrong people.  Giving Spore a 1 star?  As your own suggestion goes to an example of an attack on Maxis.  Seriously, its Maxis who loses."
There's nothing they can do to hurt EA that won't hurt a developer as well.  The only thing that will cause EA to change their DRM policy is attacking their wallet.  Even if they circulated their information about DRM in a more mature and responsible fashion, their point would still be to get people to not buy Spore.  They can't say "go ahead and buy Spore to support Maxis, but remember to send EA an angry e-mail too."  EA isn't going to listen unless they feel that the outcry made a sizable dent in their sales.
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Shooting the movies simultaneously really isn't as bad as it sounds.  The Lord of the Rings trilogy was all shot in one big year-long session down in New Zealand.  Kill Bill vol. 1 and 2 were also shot as one movie and later split into two.  Whether or not the world needs another Spider-Man movie is the real question I guess.

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The narrator completely sold me on the game.  Dude is awesome.

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I got to play the 3 games for the original Xbox that I always wanted to.  So, I'm happy.

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When people perceive that games don't change enough, they call it the 0.5 iteration.  When people perceive that games change too much, they think it ruins the franchise.  I think you should ponder how hard it is to try and please anyone, let alone everyone, before you resort to such petty insults against Capcom.

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It's likely only going to happen for the smaller first-party releases.  Like Rare games obviously.  Not that I don't like Rare games.  They just probably are not going to move as many copies as a Fable 2 or a Gears of War 2.