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Try the Konami code. :)

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I translated pretty much everything in the town and didn't find anything of worth, most of it repeats.

Half of them say how nice it is to have a visitor for once and the other half insult your rectangle head.

edit: acctually I have some of it saved.

i think it is nice to have a visitor for once

what is wrong with your head

how do you do

he wears the fez

ha ha ha check out mr rectangle over there

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I made a quick little translator to help with decoding the in game text. You'll need to input all the letters yourself, I didn't want to spoil anything.


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@steve86uk: shh, don't mention the C word!

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The bottom third of videos has been getting corrupted for me, its never there to begin with and generally kicks in half way through watching.

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Its a shame they never got around to developing a DS version, the two screens and built in mic would have been a perfect fit.

Flawed but inspired game.