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Driveclub 2.0

Except that despite the issues, there is a good game here. The Halo series, while not my favorite, are highly respected games that have a rather large community. Can't really say the same about Driveclub.

Have you even played Driveclub?

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The other night I had an experience which can only be described as serendipity. An impromptu combination of flavours so delicious I had to make a thread for it.

Next time you've got a near empty jar of peanut butter, scoop some ice cream in there. Not only will you get the most out the jar, but you'll also have one less dish to clean.

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Nice write up dude. I didn't play all of the indie stuff but Swordy was my favourite too. Looking forward to see how it comes along, theres a lot of potential there. However, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime was probably my game of the show. Fortunately I had someone to play it with and we both had a lot of fun.

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Sony implemented custom themes the other day.

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You probably feel like shit in the morning because you've been lying on your bed for so long. When you get home from work, chill on a couch or chair instead. Beds are for sleeping.

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Pix the Cat.

I think a lot of people are unaware that it's three games in one. In addition to the main mode, there's Laboratory, which has some of the best puzzle design I've seen in recent memory, and Nostalgia, which is a pure test of skill. Both modes have 100 and 70 levels respectively, and both modes constantly introduce new mechanics and scenarios which keeps it interesting. I've been working my way through these over the past few weeks, and I think that they could've easily released each mode as a standalone game.

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Just about everything in Heavy Rain sparked debate. You either hate it or love it.

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I was probably gonna skip this but that looks genuinely amazing. It's like the transition from GTA 2 to 3.