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I'd be down for the raids. I haven't done them either, and I'd prefer to do it with a group of newbies. I'm a few levels below you though, is that OK?

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Ahoy aka XboxAhoy. He's best known for his weapon retrospectives, but everything he does is gold. Dude puts so much work into his videos. Check out his making of videos, they're seriously impressive.

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I've finished every game in the series and I've yet to play co-op. It's cheesing it imo.

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Going with a DSLR seems like a wise choice, but keep in mind you'll also need audio gear.

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What ever happened to Claude?

And Video_Game_King?

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@humanity: I didn't get invaded there either, which is probably for the best considering both times I got invaded my framerate turned to shit and the other player lagged big time.

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@humanity: How quickly did you kill the Bell Maidens?

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@humanity said:

@evo: I never got invaded once during my entire playthrough, and I was playing online and doing co-op with other players just fine.

So you were luckier than me.

Do you need to play co-op to get invaded?

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I only got invaded in the nightmares. Did I get (un)lucky?

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They're hard. Get over yourself if you think otherwise.