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I've finished every game in the series and I've yet to play co-op. It's cheesing it imo.

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Going with a DSLR seems like a wise choice, but keep in mind you'll also need audio gear.

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What ever happened to Claude?

And Video_Game_King?

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@humanity: I didn't get invaded there either, which is probably for the best considering both times I got invaded my framerate turned to shit and the other player lagged big time.

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@humanity: How quickly did you kill the Bell Maidens?

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@humanity said:

@evo: I never got invaded once during my entire playthrough, and I was playing online and doing co-op with other players just fine.

So you were luckier than me.

Do you need to play co-op to get invaded?

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I only got invaded in the nightmares. Did I get (un)lucky?

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They're hard. Get over yourself if you think otherwise.

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I've only played Bloodborne. Can't see anything topping it this year except for Ori, Grow Home or Life is Strange once I play them.

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@coolarman said:

I finally got around to watching Birdman and honestly for me its a 2/5. The movie just seemed like it had its head way too far up its own ass. I just felt it came across as way too whiny about how no one wants to see art they would rather see entertainment. The director just felt like he wanted to get yell, kick, and scream about how his movies aren't taking serious by audiences. I have not liked any of Inarritu's past work and I suspect that I probably won't go see another one. Now if people want to yell at me for being wrong they are certainly welcome to do so.

You're wrong.

I wasn't really a fan of the Birdman stuff but that movie is not a 2/5.

The cinematography and editing alone makes it a 4/5.

I agree, Birdman's shooting was off the charts. I am not a big fan of leaving things to interpretation(the ending) but nonetheless its easily one of the best movies of the year. I'm quite strict with my ratings so I don't know about 5/5 but I'd say 4.5 seems about right.

Just that second where he is deciding whether to put in real bullets into the gun was amazing! Like a split second decision of to be a or not be, he seemed indifferent about death.

Yeah, there's some genuine wizardy with the shooting. My favourite is that tracking shot that ends up in bed with Ed Norton and Naomi Watts. I didn't think the bar could be raised after Children of Men, but they did it.