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Don't turn to drinking, that'll just make it worse.

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@evo: Huh, that Kill Screen website looks neat. Maybe I'll check it out.

It's been through a few iterations, including being a subsidiary of Pitchfork early in its lifetime, but the site really seems to have caught its stride recently.

Yeah, it's come a long way since the Pitchfork days. I've discovered a lot of games, artists, exhibits and stuff that I wouldn't have otherwise.

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@truthtellah: Yep, and considering this article might be in their next magazine, those comments could make it to print. Pretty cool and frightening.

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Recently Kill Screen has become my go-to gaming website after Giant Bomb. Today those two worlds collided when this article on low-poly art mentioned a thread on this forum. Take a bow @ch3burashka and @scooper

Any outsider looking strictly at the chronology could be forgiven for thinking these artists are volunteering for a suicide mission. As evidenced by a comment thread about the Next Generation cover on Giant Bomb’s forum, the general consensus is that the low-poly graphics of the Unreal era look painfully dated today. (For example, see such retorts to the magazine’s claims as user ch3burashka’s “It seems Next’s April Fools [sic] issue came out 2 months late” and user Scooper’s Oscar Wilde-esquebon mot “fake and ur a bitch.”)

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I post hate mail to the office.

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Dark Souls II. I haven't played many games this year.

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My peripheral vision is fine, so if I sit close enough to the screen I can see the majority of the game.

So handheld/mobile/tablets are fine?

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Second best film I've seen this year behind Edge of Tomorrow. Enjoyed every minute of it, but the ending felt rushed. ★★★★

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