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A Wipeout HD one would make for some killer roller coasters.

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Heads up: it's in this weeks Humble Bundle.

I played it last night and was blown away. Everything from the art to the music to the level design was spot on. Perfect length, too.

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Probably a ticket to the Game On exhibition. Played a lot of games that day for the first time such as Rez, which went on to become one of my all time favourites.

Also, backing the Double Fine Adventure was a great investment. I've been following the development of Broken Age via the making of documentary and it's been really inspiring.

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@dfl017 said:

Lone: Reality Testing

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned more. Giant Bomb community must be sleeping on this dude, especially considering he makes somewhat video game sounding music. Jaded is my favourite track at the moment:

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None of those seem rare or quirky enough to mail in. Depending on the condition of the games, you could sell them on eBay. Otherwise just trade them in along with the CDs to a second hand place.

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How long have you got in Melbourne? If you like sports you should definitely catch a game of footy at the MCG.

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Anyone know if Resistance 1 is still active? I played the shit out of it.

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I barely understand why anyone would preorder a physical copy of a game (maybe if it's limited print?) but preordering a digital game...? Why?

I'm guessing preorder bonuses.

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This is great news. Been a fan of his work since Brick.