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9/11 is the most believable. Although so many people would have to be in on it.

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Spelunky cemented it's place as my favourite once I beat Hell. Everything about it is perfect—the look, the feel, the music, the challenge, the replay value—it's the ultimate go-to game.

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Also, you've gotta land 8 hits in a row. Took me a while to figure that out.

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After this and "i" I'm liking the direction this dude is going in. Is it much different to his older stuff? I've been meaning to listen to Good Kid but I don't like Swimming Pools.

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I don't get the love for the nemesis system.

Moments like the one you described were cool at first, but they're essentially no different to every other encounter in the game. The only difference is you're taking down your "nemesis", but simply dying to an Uruk isn't enough to make me consider them anything but a hurdle in the way.

They behave too similar to other Uruks, their weaknesses are too easily exploitable and the information required to do so is too easily obtained. More importantly, they appear so frequently that it becomes an inconvenience, when it could've been a significant moment.

That being said, I appreciate the nemesis system and I'm looking forward to the next game, even if I've had enough of this one half way through.

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Rumble in the Bronx.

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If you like pool, Pure Pool is really good.

If not, Pix the Cat. It's one of my favourite games this this year.

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I'm more excited for Secret Ponchos.

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My friend has been playing it pretty much non stop since release day. I think it's a colossal waste of time.

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I thought Driveclub found the sweet spot between sim and arcade. If it feels like that I'll probably like this game.