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Reincarnated Soul plays in the first stage???  *downloading*

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@Sleepy_Insomniac: I think the dashing made a huge difference, SotN (as well as a lot of older CVs) are pretty slow paced. I like the quick speed of Juste
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Why can't every month be Castlevania month? 
With that said, OoE is very very fun, it was a very good blend of just about every 2D Castlevania in existence. Being fairly new to the series, I have yet to play SotN in its entirety. So with that said, I will be working on SotN, which I just started. 

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I realize I already posted in this topic but I just want to say it again: Harmony of Dissonance. And with all the similarities to SotN and the awesomely fast-paced gameplay, why do people hate this game so much? This and Simon's Quest are my favorite. Ecclesia is also very very fun. I am in the process of playing SotN so I will judge that after I finish it. 

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OoE was amazing, PoR is decent too. I have not played the Sorrow games, for some reason they don't seem to interest me. But I'll give them a shot one day. HoD is my favorite and I'd be blissful if they made a DS sequel for it!
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Order of Ecclesia was very very good. The main character is awesome, the music and graphics are spectacular, and the gameplay is so much fun and fast-paced. A lot of reviews had warned me of a high difficulty, but I thought it was average. No harder than CV4 or SOTN. But very very good. For some reason though it's just not the same when your character doesn't wield a whip. But it does have originality to it, and it's fairly lengthy. Definitely recommended! 
As for Harmony of Dissonance, I think Terry_Bogard is right about the music. People hate the game partially because of the sub-par music. Besides Juste's theme, I agree the music isn't the greatest but it's far from bad. Juste's theme is my favorite Castlevania track in the entire series. I think also people hated HOD because it's almost a clone of SOTN, but if that's the case, how is that a bad thing, what with said game being the crown jewel of the series? And also because of lack of difficulty. It just upsets me seeing that I am coming into the series fairly recently and only to find my favorite entries into the series are the most hated ones (HOD and CV2). OOE is definitely up there as well, but I believe people like that one much more than the 2 I just mentioned. I have yet to judge SOTN as I'm only about an hour into it, but I'm sure I'll love it. 
However, why do I love HOD so much?  Fast paced gameplay, Castleroid style, not overwhelming difficulty, Juste is awesome, it's on a handheld (it gets points for being portable), and it's just so much fun. I especially love the Castle B portion because it's so surreal. But I still don't get why it is so hated. Perhaps one day I shall understand.

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I am a fairly new fan of the series, as I've only been playing them for about 2 years, on and off. Harmony of Dissonance is my favorite one and the one that got me hooked on Castlevania. I've played 1,2,4, 64,  CotM, PoR, OoE, HoD, LoI, and am now working on SotN. I've noticed HoD receives a lot of hate. And I really just wanted to know why that is. I realize the effect SotN had on the Castlevania series as it was the first  "MetroidVania" style of the games, and therefore HoD is somewhat unoriginal. But still, I don't understand the hate the game gets. I also enjoyed 64, but I do see why a fan of the series would dislike it. So please explain. 

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As a fairly new fan of the series, I have no nostalgic value for any Castlevania game. With that said, I loved Harmony of Dissonance. Also Order of Ecclesia is amazing. As for old school Castlevania, I like Simon's Quest a lot. I'm aware I am in the minority here, but don't get me wrong, I liked 1, 4, and (I'm currently playing and enjoying) SotN. But Harmony was the first one I played that I truly enjoyed (played CotM and Lament of Innocence prior to that but did not really enjoy them). And SImon's Quest was the one that really hooked me onto Castlevania, having only played it for the first time 2 months ago. I just finished the awesome Order of Ecclesia and am now working on SotN.

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Why am I the only one who loved Harmony of Dissonance???? I am THRILLED about this news!!!

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Harmony of Dissonance. 
The first one I played was Castlevania 64 back when it came out (98 or 99) and I loved it. Then when I got GBA in 2001 I played Circle of the Moon...and hated it!  So turned off by CotM, I stopped playing Castlevanias until one of my friends really turned me onto it again, and I tried Lament of Innonence. Again, hated it. And then another few years went by. Another one of my friends got me to try it again, and I downloaded CV4 on Wii. I thought it was pretty good, not great, but it was fun. So I decided to give it another shot, and got Harmony of Dissonance. LOVED it!!!  It even made me go back to CotM (which I have yet to beat) but I did slightly enjoy that one more than I initally did. Then I got Simon's Quest for my NES, and was hooked (this was only about 2 months ago), and ever since I have been dying to play every Castlevania, even the ones I disliked, giving them another shot. Played Portrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia (my 2nd favorite), and I just started SotN on PSN, and I am liking it so far, but I think HoD is still my favorite. Sure it's not the most original, and people claim the music sucked (I don't see why), but it's the one that got me into Castlevania, and Simon's Quest really hooked me after that. I plan on playing every Castlevania I can get my hands on, including Lords of Shadow. Yes I do realize I am missing the 2 Sorrow games, I will get to them eventually. So that's where I stand.