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yup, definitely not HL3...

but being the valve fanboy i am, i will own one of these goofy things.

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...and just like that I have a perfectly good reason to throw together another HTPC. of course I will still use my powerful desktop PC for the games that require it. guess we'll have to see how it works as a dual boot as well, for the purpose of running games.

so... this OS is gonna have a prominent Half-Life 3 "theme" available right?? And perhaps this "theme" will be about 20 something hours long maybe...?

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Ugh, better not have a rags-to-riches plot line... how do you apply a story to a driving sim?

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WOW... worst visit to this site ever.

RIP Ryan

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Star Wars: Dark Forces is what took me down the games rabbit hole as a six-year-old. Sad day.

this. quite possibly the very first fps i ever played. if only i could have gotten the sound to work...

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could have called that one...

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meh. the only thing valve could announce to heighten my interest involves crowbars and antlions

/sounding like a broken record

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show is terrible... S01E01 was the only thing passable

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only a matter of time before EA deletes Criterion too... is Slightly Mad still alive or are they gone?