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Really sorry to hear this, Jeff. Wish you the best.

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Yea I wasn't expected a discount, not sure why some people are. Just because the game was just released doesn't mean it's gonna be any cheaper. If you don't think it's worth it at full price then just wait and the price will go down. Or buy it for ps3 at a big discount.

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I'm curious if you have been seeing more people on since the game went on sale? I'm down to buy it for 30 bucks but i'm just worried that there isn't enough of a PC community =\ I also tend to play at odd times cause of work/kids

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1. No man's sky

2. Arkham Knight

3. The order

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I understand people not liking the whole PR of it but it IS PR. That being said it's nothing different from what happens in other industries. PR is PR. We should be excited for the games and properties that look fun. I find the negativity a bit much as well. I also hate how so many people act like things have to be either amazing or they are total crap, nothing in the middle. Nothing wrong with a game that's just fun, not bad and not great. nothing wrong with a game that doesn't appeal to you either, if it appeals to someone else. I personally don't think little big planet 3 showed that well but it looked like something that I may be able to play with my daughter so I'll probably get it. People complaining about what the order is? don't buy it! I LOVE story heavy games and I love the atmosphere and the mechanics shown so far. By the same token I personally haven't bought a CoD game in several years now but I also don't complain about it or care, there will always be games for me just as there are games for others.

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I think my daughter would love this. Can it track 5 year old bodies as well as full grown adults?

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I do. even my ps3 I would leave on for days at a time and I don't ever turn off my PC's either. I don't put the console on top of any other electronics and it's open air on all sides of it. I also keep my house at 68 degrees.

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i love my PS4 and I'm happy I bought it. I don't need anyone telling me that it's pointless to buy it now, etc. that's all dumb. I spend my money however I want and I'm very much happy with my ps4 and games. Great system, can't wait to see how it continues to grow in the future. In this generation I have a ps3 and a 360, I prefer the ps4 but I still have both. I can't imagine Microsoft will release any exclusive that would make me buy an xb1 but if they do I have no problem buying that console too. That being said I wouldn't do it for a halo game, a gears game, or a fable game. I dunno what else they have.

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I get about 90mb down on my fiber connection realistic speeds. While 50gb is big, it's not a deal breaker. I prefer to not have to switch discs so it all depends on the game, whether or not i get it digital or physical.

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@walkerd: same here, i use youtube whenever I can so I can get a consistent stream. I think the problems started with the new site since I don't remember having them before. it's frustrating especially with premium content that isn't available on youtube.