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I'm going to bed now. This is too crazy. too crazy.

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ok. what the f*ck. It's 01:10 in sweden and I am collapsing in my sofa. While waiting for a new ER I have spelled "feaces" in bookworm, gotten a new record at a few Mirror's Edge time trials, I have gotten to and died at the 6th level of Popeye for the NES and booted up and quickly turned off chrono trigger for the SNES.  I have played a few rounds of tf2 and watched an entire top-tier starcraft match from korean TV with english commentary.
This is crazy. I need sleep

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Ok, now im tired of Popeye... What now. 
This is terrible.

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This may be the worst thing ever...  
I am going to listen to beethoven and play some NES Popeye now. 

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@PhaggyBigNastyMcKill said:
" @Excuberance said:
   Now onto the real stuff: Which terminator movie rules supreme? "
the second one, that liquid terminator shit was awesome. "

And you know it!  
Next important question: Alien or Predator?
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@Rourkey said:
" i thought it looked cool  Kinda like fallout meets Motorstorm "
I dont know, part of it looked really great with the fallout-esque environments, but some of the shooter parts just looked like doom 3, monster design and all. 
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Ok, so TANG was great, now what... 
What did you guys think of the rage trailer?

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hurray, something to do! TANG here I come!

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Ha! screw this we do them all! here is a lolcat: 

And the answer is Pepsi!  
Now onto the real stuff: Which terminator movie rules supreme?
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you know what, image association might just do the trick.  
That or a incessant spam of lolcats.