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Lego Matrix

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@Marino: I'm using Firefox but it is the Firefox 8.0 beta. It is the most up-to-date I can get on that browser.

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@Marino: I had this issue too for a while. However, my edited list doesn't have a lot of stuff in it and I still got the same loading screen for a while. Try switching to Parchment v1 and then save. I recently tried it and it saved my edited list this time. Hope this helps!

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Hey everyone. First, I would like to thank everyone who decided to follow me! For my blog on GB. I will mostly post thoughts on game announcements, wish lists for the games I am looking forward to each month, and anything else that I feel the need to talk about. This is a blog about the games coming out this month that I want to play but can't because of monetary reason (AKA I'm broke LOL) Enjoy and let me know what games you want to play that come out this month. 

PS3 Box Art (US)
Mass Effect 2 (PS3)

Xbox 360 Box Art
Dead Space 2 (X360)

NA Box Art
Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded (Nintendo DS)

DC Universe Online [Jan. 11] (PS3)
Little BigPlanet 2 [Jan. 18]

Not a lot of releases this month but still some great ones. Thanks for reading!
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Could use some followers (not just for the quest). Anyone who follows me will be followed back. Thanks in advance!!