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Sounds like a cool experiment. Not sure where the notion that kids appreciate anything other than high-budget, AAA, mainstream games comes from though. I mean, Minecraft disproves that completely.

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Someone should buy them all dictionaries and highlight the word privilege for them. All I see is a bunch of privileged people trying, and failing, to be morally superior.

You're noting "earned" privilege, where the video concerns "inherent" privilege (which can play a heavy role in earned privilege).

Actually, I'm not. I'm noting how they're a bunch of inherently privileged middle class, mostly white guys, living in San Francisco.

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I literally face-palmed at the irony of number 8 in that list of 25 benefits video. They have quite literally been asked to speak on behalf of their gender--that's what the video is.

Someone should buy them all dictionaries and highlight the word privilege for them. All I see is a bunch of privileged people trying, and failing, to be morally superior.

The only point in that list that actually holds up is point 6: that games media is male dominated. And who is to blame for that? A bunch of people in this video bare a lot of that responsibility seeing as that is their industry...

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The guy is just desperate for attention. I mean, let's face it, the game he made has zero merit, artistic or otherwise. People only cared about it because he was fired for making it.

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Only the value of the t-shirt should be on the customs form, not the total subscription value. A subscription/membership is a service, and UK VAT does not apply to services supplied to customers in the UK from businesses overseas.

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The way it is now is the way it will remain. By that I mean that what we think of as casual games (Candy Crush, Angry Birds, etc) will remain mainstream with all age groups. The modern concept of AAA games (CoD, Halo, etc) will continue to be mainstream with a certain demographic of teenagers and young men. Occasionally games that are fads with children will be mainstream (Pokémon, Minecraft, etc.) Everything else fits in to niches of various sizes, and that's ok. There will continue also to be anomalies that nobody can really explain (WoW.) Finally, Korea will continue to play Starcraft as a national pastime.

People who dislike any sort of gaming will continue to exist, although what you'll actually find is that they are smaller in number than you think. Many people who state they're not gamers or don't like games are not talking about literally any and all games ever made, they're talking about not identifying with a stereotype they've grown up believing exists. Hardcore/core/traditional gamers--or whatever you want to call them--will continue to exist. Because of that, the stereotypes about those gamers will continue to exist because that is just how people on the outside of a group categorize said group--through stereotypes. Ultimately, lots of people will continue to play various types of mainstream games (mostly casual games) yet also somehow state that they don't like games, because people.

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Monthly, no ads here, no adblock. My sub lapsed once maybe 9 months or so ago when payment mysteriously failed, but when I corrected it I still didn't see ads.

You should contact @rorie to get it figured out, OP.

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Urgh. Why couldn't they make something this awesome without the terrible Nomura crap in it. It's like they're just teasing people at this point: "Ha, see what Final Fantasy could have been? Hahahaha."

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Loved the Sega Genesis gamer bible gag. The most interesting things about this was simply seeing how it all continues to go more and more mainstream.

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Jason is awesome and has a wonderful personality. More Jason everywhere, please.