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Final Fantasy 8

First try I got to the start of Disc 4 when you're on Lunatic Pandora and have a boss fight vs. Adel. I was severely under-leveled (all characters around level 35 iirc) because that game is totally borked. You can't leave Lunatic Pandora and all the enemies only give 1 exp per battle, so I had no way to level up. I had to restart...

So second try I get my characters to level 89 on Disc 1 and max out my GFs. I did that over end of term break from school by fighting Vysages for hours in a certain part of the world map prior to the forest on the way to Galbadia Garden where they were the only enemy encountered. They're super easy to kill and give levels extremely fast--no idea if that's the most effective strategy at that stage of the game, but it's what I stumbled upon and chose to exploit. It was the most boring grinding ever. Anyway, I continue on to the end of the disc and boom... corrupted save data when trying to start Disc 2. I foolishly had been using only one slot. The memory card was fine, just the FF8 save wasn't loading. I assumed at the time the game couldn't handle the fact I was so over leveled, though I don't know if it's just a coincidence or not.

Never beat that game. Though I did play it again and get past Adel with a normally leveled party. Then I lost interest in finishing it.

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@altairre: Jim is right about Molyneux's history with over promising and under delivering, sure. But Godus is the only time he's responsible directly to his customers for funding. None of the previous stuff with Fable, Black & White, Project Milo, etc is any reason to get angry with him. After all, in those cases the press were at least half to blame for reporting things he was saying in early interviews, usually around announcement time, that were so obviously flimsy ideas unlikely to see the light of day. The customers of those games never had any right to be upset over things he said in interviews early in development and to me it always stank of entitlement on the part of those who did.

This time he messed up big and deserves to be questioned as to why. But he didn't mess up bigger than the significant number of other developers who asked for Kickstarter money--or money from other methods like Early Access--and then failed to deliver a complete game on schedule.

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Good journalism is factual, truthful, and above all it is written with the interests of the reader as the primary concern. Even inherently subjective forms of journalism such as reviews can meet those criteria. The RPS Molyneux interview fails because it is scandal-mongering, which is not in the interests of the reader and is inherently dishonest. The intention was clearly to get him to admit to some kind of lie or trip him up and force him to contradict himself--although it failed to do so. The reasons an interviewer would do that are fairly obvious; to get more traffic, which is in service of the publication and not the reader.

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Most people would have refused to continue with the interview after that first RPS question. In my opinion Molyneux came away from that interview looking like someone who doesn't want to hide from his failings, even in the face of overly aggressive and unprofessional interview tactics with the obvious intent of ruining his reputation even further for the sake of more clicks. Meanwhile, John Walker and RPS came away looking like the worst place to conduct any kind of interview. RPS used to be such a good site... what the hell happened?

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The sad reality is that the absurdity of that episode is what a certain section of the games/tech media have been reporting on their sites and saying on Twitter. If the non-existent threats from gamers towards certain women both existed and were acted upon, then what you saw would be fairly accurate. Many people are too ready to believe this kind of garbage when it's written online by a so-called journalist, but when it's acted out in front of their eyes they're quick to call it a gross exaggeration.

My advice is that when you next read a story about how gamers are threatening women, ask yourself if that is you, or your friends, or any gamer you've ever actually met. If it isn't then maybe you shouldn't so easily believe those things about the demographic of which you are yourself a part.

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Getting Danny and Mary in on this is just all kinds of an awesome idea. Really hope that's the plan.

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Male and female game characters look the way they do for the same reason that it's primarily attractive people, made all the more beautiful by their highly skilled makeup teams, that succeed in acting. It's a non-issue. The way a character looks need not say anything about the character at all. More often than not, in games, tv and movies, if the character's appearance isn't somehow important to their character (i.e they're meant to be sexy, or meant to be ugly, or meant to be non-descript looking) then they'll be attractive for purely aesthetic reasons, and that's just fine. In actuality, it's much more of a potential issue in tv and movies than in games because then you're dealing with hiring people based on attractiveness rather than acting talent. In games, it doesn't matter how attractive the voice actor portraying the character is, the character can still look beautiful while the actor has a hunchback, a peg-leg and two glass eyes.

There perhaps is an issue with the depiction of female characters in some games; Not visually, but narratively. Unfortunately, the discussion has been co-opted by a certain disingenuous someone, at least in the public forum. It's also worth mentioning that there is just as big a problem with male characters. Ultimately, most characters are poorly written and have no depth or complexity.

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It's this simple: No content should ever be censored anywhere in the world for adults. The only exception is content where real people are really hurt or abused in some way, or the content is directly trying to insight that to happen.

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@onarum: I don't think Jeff is the kind of person to hire for the sake of tokenism. If they hire a woman I'm sure it will be for the right reasons.

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I kind of feel bad for Patrick. Working for a blog makes logical sense with him being stranded out in Chicago though. Hopefully he can find a route to going independent on Youtube or something, because he's way better than the low standard of a place like Kotaku. Big get for Kotaku though.