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Wow, 9 months, still no fix. And all this needs as a fix is an extra <script> tag.

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There're a bunch of undefined achievements showing up on Steam now. Hopefully this means they'll actually get the pre-existing ones that are still broken working in the next patch as well.

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I'm fully aware that, in many instances, it's often better to gem with improper colors, since some colors are less relevant to DPS/healing/threat for many classes. For instance, my main is a mage, and "blue stats" are fairly worthless in PvE settings. Mana 5 and stamina have no effect on my DPS, spell penetration only in very specific instances, and spirit only to a small via Molten Armor. 
Yet all of my blue slots on PvE gear have Purified Dreadstones (+12 SP, +10 spirit), because part of me dies a little inside when I gem things "wrong," even though theorycrafting might support me using Runed Cardinal Rubies (+23 SP) instead. While I get back more than half the difference in the socket bonus, I'm trading either 2 or 4 additional spell power (depending on the item) for 10 spirit, which translates to a +7.5 crit rating through Glyph of Molten Armor. As you need 45.91 points of crit rating at 80 per percent crit chance, that's roughly a 0.16% increase in crit. 
I suppose the difference overall is slight, but I've had a few players in raids comment that I should just socket improperly, but I just can't bring myself to do it out of some weird principle.

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I really think what people mean to say is just that it's virtually sidequest-less until the very end. I would argue that the story itself is no less linear -- perhaps other games just made you feel as if you had some free choice more, especially the pre-PS2 era games in which featured an overworld map. Even then, at most, the best you could do is temporarily skip something (e.g. Gongaga in FF7, which you can skip and go to Cosmo Canyon, forgoing some cutscenes until much later) or go about things in an order of your choice (e.g. the three scenarios in FF6 upon returning to Narshe that can be completed in any order). 
I realized that the root of the complaints is the lack of choices until late in the game as to what to do, but to call the game "linear" is a bit weak, as it's really no more linear than any other game in the series, unless I'm missing a game in which your decisions have a radical impact on how the story develops.

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If this isn't the right forum to finish my quest. But really, when they add this to the site, they have to expect a certain amount of spam, right?

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I need a break from this utter waste of time of a game. After spending over an hour-and-a-half and wasting a shit-ton of gold on repairs, I didn't get the achievement the raid group I was in set out to earn, because the goddamn leader didn't take the time to look at the comments on WoWHead and actually learn how to do it properly. Wonderful. Hatch 50 whelps within 10 seconds of Onyxia's liftoff? You need dedicated hatchers who can do so immediately.