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These two pages need to be merged.

Reakktor has the correct name and more info filled out.

reakktor.com has the wrong name but more of their games linked.

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Its not that bad. You can probably wait 2-5 years before you shave it off.

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Hoping they do some kind of Ryan podcast or livestream or just change the site back over to the Ryan extravaganza they had last year.

I doubt it. The duders don't like to dwell on it.

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Have plenty more than i need already :(

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No, i love the fact that Jeff is more and more becoming a grumpy asshole.

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@rorie said:

My Nexus 5 has been great, and it's super cheap compared to other flagship models.

QFT. OP you should really take a look at the Nexus 5, hardware is about as good as the HTC One and you can get it for half the price. If you want you could wait for the inevitable Nexus 6 coming later this year.

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@darkstalker said:

Why do they constantly make this mistake with each Wolfenstein ? It seems so obvious people want to shoot hitler

I have no idea, seems obvious that it is what people want. I especially want to shoot him if he is some stupid resurrected zombiecyborg Hitler that is back to life for the third time. Sucks that he is not in this game. If i ever make a game i am going to put Hitler in it regardless of the setting.

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I don't want to know details. Just a yes or a no.

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Intentionally poisoning yourself is pretty dumb.

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Is it just me or is the audio quality on the GB Bumper really low?