My last blog was almost a year ago.

And looking back at my writing from then, I kind of hate the July 2009 version of me.
 The main reason I'm writing this is to prove that I know how to spell, use punctuation and capitalize correctly. 
Do you ever look back at things you've written and want to punch past-you?


should I get Bionic Commando?

I am a pretty big Capcom fan and and am pondering getting this game, but it has gotten mixed reviews ( Jeff liked it)

the gameplay looks very fun mainly the swinging but the shooting looks terrible and unsatisfying.

anybody played it?


I can't decide wether I like far cry 2

I mean I really enjoy the gameplay and the story is pretty cool, but there is WAY to much driving unsuccessfully "spiced up" by and enemy encounter every 30 seconds, and also most of the missions are exactly the same. 

p.s I am only half way through

WOW, game reviewers used to suck

just watch some of the old gamespot reviews on here

I mean I think we can all agree that  Ryan, Vinny, Jeff and Brad are some of the funniest and most interesting to watch review games.

but man, they used to be so boring Brad was super monotone, and Jeff  just looked depressed.

what do you think happened, why are they so awesome now? is it just from experience, or did they realize one day "hey, I can be animated, interesting and funny in a game review!" ? 

I want an RPG, help?

I am craving another RPG (just beat mass effect, finally) and I can't decide which one to get.

 the ones I am thinking about are

oblivion (the only reason i would think twice about this one is because I finished fallout 3 not to long ago ( i did almost everything) and I am kind of burnt out on bethesda games)

star ocean (looks like good JRPG fun)

lost odyssey

fable 2 (loved the first one)


can i jump in to the final fantasy series?

OK, slap me if this is a stupid question.

I have never been much of an RPG person until recently I have been way into all kinds of RPGS.
And i have never played a final fantasy game before, but XIII looks really interesting, so i was just wondering if I would be able to enjoy/understand the story at all if I play XIII.
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