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Heavy Rain definitely was different especially in that generation of "brown (space) military shooter" after another after another after another so I don't fault anyone from getting hyped up on something that partially worked.

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I'm not defensive or offended. Just pointing out a fallacy in the argument. You can't demand journalist be held and try to set a higher standard then go "Why aren't they saying anything about it?"

Do you want Patrick to be a journalist or do you want Patrick to make fluff pieces that the masses want to feel happy about themselves?

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Also if Patrick Klepek is sincere about improving the level of discourse on the internet then why has he not called out any of his colleagues for their twitter exchanges? If he is too worried about complicating his professional life then I understand that but if it is a principled stance then maybe it should be important enough to do anyway.

He has drawn attention to some of the harassment by people associating themselves with "Gamergate" and condemned it, and rightly so, but why has he not, to my knowledge, condemned the harassment, DDOSing, Doxxing, and death threats by anti-"gamergate" people? Maybe he thinks that those people are a minority who don't represent the movement and he'd probably be right but he has not been so generous to the "Gamergate" supporters who have said the same thing all along.

Maybe the fact is he has no idea what is going on with them. Maybe Patrick is worried about posting inaccuracies and half-true details just to make you feel happy which is terrible journalism.

I'll give you a hint: According to "you", it isn't the place of any journalist to promote or denounce anything they report on. Are you asking Patrick to ignore that just for now then go back? It is not Patrick's place to tell others how to do their job. Go ahead and ask for better standards and high quality but suggesting they should do this or that probably not your concern let alone business.

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Using the currency which you have no influence over messes with that country's economics. They'll experience inflation and can't spur growth at arbitrary and inopportune times. To say "We'll just keep using those guy's currency" is kind of crazy for any advanced western economy.

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Fixing bugs in a MMO need to be done carefully and planned. After all they could make it worse by breaking the entire area or making it more exploitable.

There are a lot of moving parts to any MMO style system. To say they should have caught it in testing belies the fact people notice patterns that can't be accounted in regression.

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@cagliostro88 said:

@tdot: But they made much more than just show off her polygonal body. They changed the whole attitude of the character. If they simply gave her a "sexy space amor" (i would have never imagined to type a sentence like that in my whole life :D), and kept the same attitude that would have been somewhat fine. But they went from a strong no-nonsense soldier (that i didn't like btw, hate space racists :D) to a different character. They evolved her in a massively stupid way (i guess i should have expected that from the late Bioware). Look at Samus Aran for a similar comparison: they did give her too high heels and a skin-tight suit. But the actual problem was how the character itself changed in Other M

Samus wasn't changed, though. Her personality had never really been properly explored in any Metroid game prior, and while the writing in Other M left a lot to be desired, the characterization of Samus herself is fine. She's still a capable and strong bounty hunter, but she has human emotion and flaws. The heels on the Zero Suit in Other M were a bit much, but the actual suit itself, which had been introduced in Zero Mission, is fine as something that serves as a powersuit undergarment.

Being a two-dimensional badass is not strong characterization, whether that character be male or female. A strong character is one that is more defined as a human, and that means seeing the flaws and scars that make a character who he or she is.

Samus did have a lot of character defined and laid out before Other M. The issue is Other M seemed to contradict or ignore it for no pay off which feels cheap and cheating. For a lot of fans, the "Zero Suit with Heels" is just another facet of this issue where they mistakenly believe "We know what fans think is cool about Samus and Metroid".

It wasn't a "gender" thing but a "lets update a character badly" thing.

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It would have been easy to believe that if "Yes" won that Cameron would have had to resign. Cameron let alone the next PM would not be eager to let another happen unless it is a campaign promise.

ps. Oil in the North Sea is some of the most expensive and intensive oil field to work on. I'm not sure why anyone thinks it would have made Scotland wealthy let alone make up for the shortfall in immediate budgets from going independent.

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Keep on fighting THE MAN for the men where they have to protect their tempests in teapots from...something? You seem to think these people can make Rockstar bow to pressure which seems laughable but whatever. I see GTA 5 videos all over Twitch and YouTube with people having fun playing GTA Online which allows open character creation.

And really that is the thing everyone should take away. So what if someone is unhappy with what someone said? If one is happy then it is okay to continue on to be happy.

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Isn't the combined population of NI, Wales and Scotland as large as London Metropolitan Area? On the one hand it is an issue that there isn't enough attention for other areas but on the the other hand there has to be a lot of attention on that area of the country because a lot of people do live there.

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I've asked these same questions and haven't gotten answers either. It hasn't been around long enough for people to figure out or find out. I have specific questions about how the game library is managed which no one can answer yet.