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I will not upgrade any functioning Windows 7 machine to something else. But writing that, I would probably do Windows 10 if I was doing an entirely new build.

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I am never sure where this adoration comes from. Yes, backwards compatibility is a nice check in the "Pro" column but is hardly a make or break feature. This is what Sony was counting on with the PS3 and tried to justify the outrageous price with that feature and it fell with a splat. Backwards Compatibility is a great feature but it has to be priced correctly.

The thing about legacy games support especially for modern games is that they are getting harder and harder to run. Burnout Paradise is a stellar game from that era that works stand alone but the real fun was online while the trend for even single player games is to have synced online ala Demon's Souls. These go away whether or not you pull out the original console or use compatibility mode.

Side topic: Although a little cynical, every generation has a giant pile of turds games. People maybe eager to play Viva Pinata but anyone really jonesing for Kameo? Is it more reasonable or economical to do BC or "HD Remake"?

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No, what is really going on is that the "lead platform" often is more stable where the followup platforms tend to be unstable. Heck we see this even between consoles.

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I can't believe people get into a bug-a-boo over little details while ignoring the core thing John Oliver and crew brought up: There is a problem with online harassment that ranges from annoyances to destructive to dangerous where the attempt to hand wave it off or blaming the victim is equally terrible. Who cares if it is men or women or what ratio or whatever? Revenge porn and swatting are serious problems and seriously dangerous.

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I had a SLI configuration back when when the Nvidia 200 was bleeding edge. It was awesome when the game supported SLI but it did make the system more unstable if the game wasn't thoroughly tested for SLI. The big drawback was clearly the cost where I'd love to do it again if I got the money to go for it with 900s.

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Just keep the hands waving. :) There are plenty of games that don't have "XBox 360 servers" live any more. It is awesome that you can dig up Oblivion and play it but others especially third party games are going to be a crap shot.

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The issue isn't whether or not Microsoft can build a VM to run 360 games in the xbone (answer: unsurprisingly they can!) but how does do the online components work? XBox Live today isn't quite the same thing even for something like Gears of War (sans remake).

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One of the old issues is that Anime (and other tv/movie/video) is that it is passive while a Video Game is interactive. It isn't that Anime "gets a pass" but that there is a level and certain types of complaints are futile because the show is still the same show. On the other hand, a game can be patched or even modified by both the player and the creators.

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For me it isn't about loving or hating Microsoft but wistfully wishing Silent Hill was bigger. Microsoft can and maybe still go through with it but it would be no more than "money pit vanity project".

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I have a soft spot in my heart for Silent Hill but to believe that a new SH would be worth an exclusive is kind of "fanciful" because the audience just isn't that large enough to justify it.

But stranger things have happened last gen so why not now?