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AC Syndicate probably would be hailed as a "hell of a game" if this was the first game in several years but unfortunately it isn't.

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Code Geass falls pray to a lot of this style of show where the "drama llama" is generated by absurd twists so often where characters flip flop "sides" so much that it is meaningless. It is literally "(a tale) Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing."

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One shouldn't take Twilight very seriously. One shouldn't take a gender flipped Twilight very seriously either. It has been something like 10 years anyway so the realization you may not like it be appropriate.

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Microsoft does have this knack for picking up the "second rate" and "dying things".

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I would like to see Bite and The Green Inferno. The former is more of a true horror while the latter is more silly stupid fun horror. And Howl also looks fun.

Actually I wonder if any of these are going to be in general release in the US. Ugh.

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"WoD" felt like the producers started going in one direction and the suddenly something happened to make them abandon it and release it immediately. This is why it feels very incomplete and slapped together.

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The dangerous precedent is that any one could make the same claim ("This isn't there material, give it back!") and try to forced any news group to take down embarrassing or even incriminating video, audio, or whatever. Ignore Hulk Hogan where instead it was a serious public official buying drugs with public money. That mayor/council man can claim the recording or receipt wasn't there's to publish.

Especially for corruption cases, there is a precedent that getting the material may be dubiously or illegal but revealing the material is in the public interest outweighs it. I'm not claiming there is a corruption or a real public interest in Hogan's sex life but blocking this endangers more serious journalism with honest ethical press goals so Hogan probably won't win.

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Nope. You didn't actually like the game, it just tricked you into thinking it was good.

Journey is bad and you're wrong.

I'm so stealing this line!

It's true, though. The same way slot machines and freemium Facebook games convince you that you're having fun by showing you a bunch of pretty blinking lights and exponentially-increasing progress bars.

Artificial fun.

The difference between organic fun and artificial fun for the consumer is?

One is real and one is not.

Err...what? The gamer is playing something where nothing about its results or outputs exists. It is all in the imagination. To suggest one is real while the other isn't is illogical.

This is as silly as suggesting one book or movie is better because one had fun that was real while other did not.

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I will not upgrade any functioning Windows 7 machine to something else. But writing that, I would probably do Windows 10 if I was doing an entirely new build.

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I am never sure where this adoration comes from. Yes, backwards compatibility is a nice check in the "Pro" column but is hardly a make or break feature. This is what Sony was counting on with the PS3 and tried to justify the outrageous price with that feature and it fell with a splat. Backwards Compatibility is a great feature but it has to be priced correctly.

The thing about legacy games support especially for modern games is that they are getting harder and harder to run. Burnout Paradise is a stellar game from that era that works stand alone but the real fun was online while the trend for even single player games is to have synced online ala Demon's Souls. These go away whether or not you pull out the original console or use compatibility mode.

Side topic: Although a little cynical, every generation has a giant pile of turds games. People maybe eager to play Viva Pinata but anyone really jonesing for Kameo? Is it more reasonable or economical to do BC or "HD Remake"?