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Not really, if NeoGAF doesn't want to have discussions on this game then that is their business. Meanwhile you, me, and millions of others can think whatever they want. You are prescribing way to much "power" to NeoGAF if you think if that discussion there means no one thinks about it.

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It is their boards and they can run them however they see fit. If they think discussing games like Criminal Girls is a waste of time and will lock threads on it, I can not argue. If they think discussing games like Hatred is a waste of time and will lock threads on it, I can not argue with that either.

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i know Destiny isn't a MMO, but it seem to be. in other MMO styled games is this behavior common? if so could you argue that the player would in a sense be expected to see this comming, i don't know how World of Warcraft handles these things, but i would assume that you'll have to buy the newer expansions to continue playing the game, i wonder if the same logic could be applied here.

Nope it's not common in other MMO's. WoW doesn't make you buy new expansions to keep playing, you just don't get access to the content of the newest expansion, but they don't restrict access to any content/modes you had before that expansion was released. Blizzard have actually been giving away free upgrades to the Mists of Pandaria expansion and all the ones before it, but even before they did that you weren't locked out of playing the game or any of the content you already had just because you didn't buy the latest expansion.

If they plan to release these smaller DLC (they're not expansions at all) then it'll take about 4 of them before the ratio of original strikes and DLC strikes tilts in favour of the DLC ones and people will run into this problem a lot more if they don't keep buying the $30 DLC. A "big" WoW style expansion for Destiny will just be Destiny 2.

You are misrepresenting what goes on in WoW. You can play WoW today without having bought the "Warlords" Expansion but you are heavily gated off. You can't use the latest "queues" and the "legacy queues" may behave oddly. A lot of the "old content" does still exist but it has been radically retrofitted into the new "engine" which you only have partial access too without fully purchasing the expansion. All "assets" are in the global and local files which are available to all players. What isn't available to all players are the UI elements. To suggest a player who only has "Pandaria" will not notice much right now is not true at all. They can play but are going to be working around a lot of blocks.

What happens regularly is they "catch up" a bunch of the old content so new and returning players don't have to buy 5 expansions to get the current content. This isn't impossible for Bungie to do where they just need to repackage it in the story as a big bundle.

But that said, the way Blizzard does their releases is they release a lot of "major updates" for free and charge for the minor things (pets, mounts, services). Blizzard hasn't charged for instances or raids and probably won't for now. Selling instances and raids is something Bungie should have stayed away from just for their sanity let alone the buyer's let alone that Bungie is already on shaky ground right now with the amount of content available where releasing more free would do a lot for good will.

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...and once again a bunch of comments show Destiny is probably an okay MMO because the haters who hate it talk like it is the "worst thing ever" and that means it must be a pretty solid MMO. :)

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If Destiny is an MMO, it won't have a sequel. Sequel to MMO systems are killers because they split the base and make both games smaller. If Bungie knows anything about the market, they will never think about doing a Destiny 2.

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I can see why one would be upset about this kind of "mis-match configuration" but it is something MMO players know about. It is a partially a "push" and partially a "pull" to do it this way.

Ultimately one shouldn't play MMOs like Destiny if they don't want to deal with MMO-like things just like this.

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So absolutely nothing has changed? Good to know.

Do you mean nothing has changed from when Microsoft flubbed the original announcement of the game causing a raging crap-storm? I suppose that is true.

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You know Destiny is a "solid MMO" because it suffers from the same issue that other "solid MMOs" have: People bitching and moaning about terrible a game it is after sinking nearly 48++ hours into it.

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Side note: It has never shown video games make people violent. Although "the public" believes it there has never been a solid connection where someone has played a violent game then has then thought "this is okay to do" and subsequently gone out in the real world and acted that way.

It has been shown that video games make people aggressive. The antagonizing environment and the competitive drive can make someone who was passive before playing agitated with both winning and losing. So in the real world the player may win or lose but either way many are more forceful and aggressive and emotional immediately after playing these games.

So that is really what the issue is with these games: A (seemingly) high stakes game that is an aggressively adversarial environment leaves people in the real world feeling pissed off or extremely elated where anyone who doesn't know how to handle their emotions acts out. I'm not sure "changing the game" helps as much as getting people to learn sportsmen like behavior like how to control their emotions when they win and lose.

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I wish I was more excited about this but I was not enthusiastic with what happened with all of Street Fighter 4.