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I read that same article myself. Those developers are in total denial of why GameGate became a thing in the first place. Of the developers from that Escapist Magazine article, #5 is the only one of them who gets it.

It's unethical slimeballs like Ben Kuchera that serve as the quintessential example of why GamerGate continues to pick up steam:


Nice try but the media have already tarred GamerGate so succesfully that I don't think talking about it is worth it anymore. They've won, industry people have openly admitted ethics breaches and nothing has happened. We'll just have to wait it out for a while until something incredibly unethical happens again for any reaction to occur.

Intel recently pulled an ad campaign from Gamasutra over complaints about articles. I wouldnt say anyone has "won".

If you haven't been paying attention (and clearly you haven't) then you'd recognize that this kind of "ethics breaches" have been around for literally centuries in other places where I'm not talking about some banana republic either. Pull up the Wall Street Journal page and ask yourself how many of those reporters know the people they are working from going to the same places they do constantly (from school to events to whatever). Pull up TMZ and ask yourself how many of those reporters know the people who work with the celebrities? We are talking industries in the billions of dollars where lives are made and broken on a small group of people talking to another small group of people and effects how another hundred million think and act. Oh and this doesn't begin to cover the modern problem of "paid-torials"....

How does this all function or not fall apart or end up being comical? Maybe it has broken down but assuming it has not, the classic reason is the editorial staff. The editorial staff sets the pace and tone and decides if reporter is doing the correct thing. If the editor things the story is too biased or the reporter is too close then the editors have enjoyed and used their power to reject the piece. That doesn't mean the editor is above reproach but it is another layer.

If the editor of newspaper or site is comfortable with a reporter's work where they needed to use personal contacts to do it doesn't automatically mean it is tainted. It just means it needs to be more carefully and skeptically read. A bunch of the work Patrick does come from personal contacts and pursuing topics he knows and cares about and I'm okay with it.

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"Analysts" where surprised they didn't call it "Windows One". Now they went with the name that reminds people that Mac is also at version 10.

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It is "worth sticking with windows 7" in the sense that your machine is functional today with no more configuration or changes. If you were building a new machine, that would be the time to move on from Windows 7 and consider whether or not to do Windows 8.1 or wait for 10.

Personally I have never ran into a situation where an upgrade made a game "runs better". I've had situations where a new OS supported a feature the old one did not but that is not "runs better".

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Any comments on "new" horror movies? I've got my eye on Spring and When Animals Dream. And what the hell happened to The Green Inferno??

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I must say that Trick 'r Treat is a solid "anthology" style horror movie. I also recommend VHS and VHS 2 if you are into that style of movie.

And I have always wondered why Silent Hill gets a bad wrap. It is a solid fantasy horror movie that really honors the spirit of the games.

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@extomar: Dualboot.

Unless it fits on a USB drive, no thanks.

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No, but it has always been my policy to never take these kinds of upgrades to my main machine (why risk taking a perfectly functional gaming machine offline for a preview that even if it does install cleanly will in most likely will not support an upgrade?).

Multiple workspace has been around forever, even on Windows but for whatever reason was never officially supported by Microsoft. Although multi-monitor support is pretty good these days for games, I have never come across a game that supports multiple workspace because it is meaningless in that context.

ps. Microsoft has always let previews out for developers. They did it for Windows 8 and got a lot of feedback in official channels and unofficial channels that there were problems, serious issues with conveyance and flow, and people would not like it...where Microsoft took all that feedback under advisement and release Windows 8 more or less exactly what was shown in release candidates.

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I think the point just snuck by you there ace.

Or I could be part of the conspiracy and I"m trying to distract you. You decide.

If you need a hint: If all of GamerGate is what one things is a serious breach of ethics then I have to giggle. This is not a serious breach of ethics were I have seen on personally play out with serious consequences. But then again I'm part of the conspiracy because I don't take it as seriously.

And really that is the point of this thread: Does one want to take this small part of this small of what one does in their spare time and twist up their heart and mind so much they are obsessively following people they supposedly despise and running to message boards "spreading the word" about how horrible they are? Why does some journalist that is a jerk or has poor ethics going to stop them from playing a game? The only way that happens is that they are choosing to spend time on the internet crusading instead of playing a game. One is more than welcome to hold any opinion and do what they want with their free time but for many other people, especially outsiders, this is the kind of behavior they expect from kids trying to act like an adult. Their behavior is baffling and childish. And was is possible irony is that these complaints seems to serve little to an end since it turns out people overwhelming numbers would rather watch "Let's Play" instead of read short or long form reporting.

For me, I'd rather just note it and move on and even play a video game instead. Off to go email my conspiracy cohorts to figure out what I'm playing tonight instead of ruminating on what horrible everything is. #gamergator.

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I think people complaining about other people being in denial about GamerGate are pretty crazy too. They aren't paranoid because they are all out to get them and their precious video games!

Although GamerGator is some serious business. #gamergator

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If one is believes in free markets then one should also have no issues with immigration where in fact the free flow in and out of country of jobs and labor is what you really want. If it turns out that doesn't make one comfortable then they really want something else...

Do you belive in treating 20 billion refugees like agents on a free market?

Sure you can say you wanna have free immigration and everyone should be welcome everywhere and throw in peace all over the world while you are at it but its only words and nothing concrete. Sweden politics in a nutshell.

Yes in a perfect world every border would be as open as the border between Denmark and Sweden but we dont live in a perfect world and i dont see it changing soon.

Do you believe that there are 20 billion refugees from Norway, Finland and Denmark? If not then you would realize that 20 billion refugees do not have enough money to get to Sweden on their own and must get it from NGOs and other places (hint: if they did have the money they wouldn't be refugees). People flee and are refugees because they have to not because they are lazy or want too. They do it because they've done the "calculus" and determined that leaving everything they've got is better than staying in whatever situation they are in.

But that is irrelevant because I was not talking about refugees or asylum which is different than free movement of workers and jobs. Any political party that conflates the two is clearly after something else which was really my point.

The brutal truth is that modern countries need immigration. That doesn't mean that any nation should accept anyone but suggestion that they need to clamp down the borders and kick out the strange foreigners is crazy because it is expensive and destructive to their nation's economy.