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It would have been easy to believe that if "Yes" won that Cameron would have had to resign. Cameron let alone the next PM would not be eager to let another happen unless it is a campaign promise.

ps. Oil in the North Sea is some of the most expensive and intensive oil field to work on. I'm not sure why anyone thinks it would have made Scotland wealthy let alone make up for the shortfall in immediate budgets from going independent.

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Keep on fighting THE MAN for the men where they have to protect their tempests in teapots from...something? You seem to think these people can make Rockstar bow to pressure which seems laughable but whatever. I see GTA 5 videos all over Twitch and YouTube with people having fun playing GTA Online which allows open character creation.

And really that is the thing everyone should take away. So what if someone is unhappy with what someone said? If one is happy then it is okay to continue on to be happy.

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Isn't the combined population of NI, Wales and Scotland as large as London Metropolitan Area? On the one hand it is an issue that there isn't enough attention for other areas but on the the other hand there has to be a lot of attention on that area of the country because a lot of people do live there.

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I've asked these same questions and haven't gotten answers either. It hasn't been around long enough for people to figure out or find out. I have specific questions about how the game library is managed which no one can answer yet.

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Part of the issue in this particular case with Ubisoft is that they fumbled with the "corporate speak". People would have been okay with only one character especially if it is construct of the game's story line (there was only one historical person but multiple people can interface with the memory in the Animus, so for those story missions they are locked into playing person no matter how large your team is) but instead they gave some mumble jumbo about stuff that wasn't really that wasn't accurate at all. If Ubisoft had just simply said "The team made a design choice" instead of "Its hard!" people would have been far less critical.

So gamers hate the marketing and corporate speak especially when they have a hunch it isn't true. And yeah it happen to touch one of those nerves that sets off the internet too.

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The sad truth is that both sides where promising a lot in crazy short time lines. I think they can do some token things now like pass an act that permanently protects Scottish Parliament (and heck do that for Wales and NI too) but actually writing up how much they Scotland can control of their taxing is going to take a lot of thinking and negotiating to do correctly which is going to take time. I will not be surprised if most of it won't get done before the next election since they are about due...?

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I think the facinating thing about this whole thing is the major constitutional change for the whole of the UK. Commonwealth countries and US and India have more federal style government systems (national government with national powers, state/province goverment with local powers) and it seems to work well where the UK is definitely behind in this respect. If Scotland gets increased local power, then so should Wales, Northern Ireland and especially England too.

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When I saw that Mosaic actually worked.

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How else should a democratic vote work? Or to flip it around, why should a majority of people be ignored? Hard decisions need to be made on big questions where even if it is 50.1% to 49.9% a decision needs to be made.

Oh the other hand, the Scottish First Minister called the shots (name escapes me). If he thought that this was an issue he could have set the terms more like "must win by 60%" but chose not too.

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I still believe it comes from easy to bruise egos floating around the Internet. If it were really about "taking video games seriously like any other art form" then one can't flip out when anyone says "I wish they won't do that".