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@extomar: Alright, GB ate my last post, so let's try again.

Yeah, the change in emphasis away from coming in first is a welcome change for a racing game.

Also, I think it's a bit ridiculous the way some people are completely dismissing the "drivatar" stuff without playing the game and in spite of mostly positive reviews. It's certainly a dumb name and "the cloud" is largely just marketing mumbo jumbo at this point, but don't be so quick to throw away a potentially novel system. Yes, a few games have done similar things in the past to varying degrees of success, but I don't think that precludes the success or failure of Forza 5's system.

The key point thought is that this isn't inherently a XBox One or cloud or anything feature. I think it is particularly insightful when someone (Sessler or Lee?) pointed out that the issue with Forza 4 is the clinical and perfect execution circuit pathing for AI opponents made the game unfun and in many cases punishing. Forza 5 has done instead is just made the AI just a bit sloppy which has made all of the difference. This sloppiness can come from settings they already had in Forza 4 but you could never use them.

So in the end, the game needs better rules and relaxed AI opponents for more casual play which came from improving the design instead of improved tech. It isn't that Drivatars are necessarily a bad feature (there should be AI drivers with different models where one can be "my friends") but it is misplaced in solving the issue.

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As mentioned before, I just feel like this whole venture isn't fun. It is ridiculous to compare games like this and that is not a problem at all but there is no fun in making the comparisons. People are just clicking vote and moving on.

I tried to put some fun in the "MGS4 vs Dota 2" vote but it was summarily ignored so whatever.

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I agree. The big thing Forza (and Gran Tursimo for that matter) needed was different and dynamic goals in racing modes and it looks like they delivered. Getting away from "come in first or fail" rules helps a lot and that has nothing to do with the tech but is a matter of design.

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There were people in this forum carrying on about how the cloud was going to increase the power of the XBox One and make Forza 5 so much better than...something else (Forza 4?)? Anyone who knows a modicum of about the technology knows better. Any one who knows a modicum of about Forza 4 or the genre in general knows the issues aren't created or constrained by "power" anyway.

On the bright side I am glad NFS is getting some love reviewing better than I initially expected.

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"Game of the Whatever" are always ridiculous because how can you compare some of these games in any logical way? Instead I find more enjoyment in the "campaigning" but there is a distinct lack of that here.

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*shrug* This is a dead end argument anyway and I personally think the genre is in trouble because of the obstinate attitude at the "pro level" and the shallow play at the casual level. I guess it can be fun but it is laughable this game has "competitive legs" because many games with much more technical mechanics were snubbed as gimmicky while games that are much more casual are snubbed as toys.

Again, I am not saying you or anyone else isn't going to have fun because you don't need that for a fun game. But you are dreaming if anyone but a smattering of players is going to still be playing it beyond January is going to be playing it at any level.

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I suspect the hate for Xen comes from inadequate machines and a rough experience.

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@artisanbreads: I am talking about the pro stuff not the I wanna be "I wanna be smashbrothers to be a fighting game" people. But then again I was not into it when third strike came out.

Again, you are out of your element Donny. This is still the most famous moment in the competitive fighting game scene:

The depth of the breakers in KI should give it some competitive legs. Regardless, plays well and is fun. Who cares.

People thought there was depth to plenty of games that have come and gone. Personally I blame the community and their "It isn't Street Fighter" attitude which seems to ruin more things than promote.

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It would be perfect for Valve to show off a new but familiar game in Source 2 where a game like Black Mesa is a great candidate and less risky than Half-Life 3.

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I am with Chris Kohler who laments that the push for 4 player makes it good but not as good as Mario Galaxy.