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All boards go through changes as time goes on. Posters and personalities come and go where staff changes help spur that as well. I'm not entirely sure it is better or worse than a year ago but one thing I've harped on is that I wish the moderators had more tools to promote and demote topics along with taking a stance against fluff topics.

Although the board software change didn't help I wonder if it is more the proximity to Gamespot/CBSi that has had more of an influence where people are finding Giantbomb.com more readily through that than by GB's personalities.

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Siri is handy for doing things that have a cumbersome interface to manipulate. It is easier to say "Siri, create a meeting at 2 pm" than it is to open the calendar and tap out the stuff necessary to create the appointment on the calendar. Otherwise its not that useful, if not worthless, where it just defaults to Google when it can't figure what you are talking about.

I guess nothing is more heroic for Cortana than setting up calendar appointments.

ps. I forgot my initial impression: Clippy Cortana.

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@ajamafalous: We have been down this road before where a company went from "being happy with a big release" to "betting everything on the huge release". I think this will sell millions of copies but is Rockstar going to be happy it didn't do 10+ million?

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Complaining about the quality of threads does not improve the quality of threads. That is going to require a change in moderation and editorial policy which most of us do not control. On the other hand, generating more high quality threads does seem to improve other threads.

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This was one of the funniest Quick Looks they've had in awhile. :)

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Part of the reason it is meme is because it invokes an emotional response. Duh!

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Nice work!

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@jimmyfenix: Is it wrong to be excited about that instead?

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In "classic terms", how do you share a cart you are playing at the same moment? You either have the cart and can play it or they have the cart and they can play it. "But it is digital" skirts the issue doesn't solve the licensing issue. Sharing shouldn't be a "buy in bulk" thing otherwise they would charge us as such.

Meh, I never was or really ever will be a fan of "digital lending" or it is silly cousin "used digital". Make it easy to see what friends are playing a lot of and make it cheap to buy. These systems does not need more rules that deny running games.