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Many people have a problem separating opinion from the person....including themselves. You are not your opinions any more than reviews are their reviews. It is fine to like a game that reviews poorly. You can still like a reviewer who didn't like a game you like.

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I kind of want Bioware to do something else.

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If one signed or agreed to not discuss a game, discussing it on an open forum is not a good idea. I don't think there is anything the GB moderation team should do about either since as long as it stays in the rules.

As for the game itself people were worried about this awhile ago. Basically what many people wanted was just "Skyrim with friends" but going MMO isn't that at all.

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My gut is telling me this can be solved by a Vinnco Product of some sort.

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Yeah I can't shake this feeling it is going to be a Persona 5 anime or Catherine 2 on iOS.

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It would be like setting up your laptop on the living room table and using Skype to talk to someone. It is "perfectly viable" but more often than not you pick up the laptop and move to another area if others are watching tv or playing or whatever.

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So you mean a house without kids and a dog that run in and out or are playing with toys on the floor nearby. Perfect for the bachelor pad.

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Reviews are opinions and should be taken as such. Opinions have value but one shouldn't over value them either.

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Suddenly I am getting a Heaven's Gate vibe....

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The original Mass Effect is has some serious technical issues. I don't think I can recommend it to someone without a lot of caveats.