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The thing missed in some responses is important: I believe "classic" Devil May Cry would have sold poorly as well. This is why many companies have died this generation where it is a tightrope walk where they can't keep doing the same thing last generation but also can't completely abandon the previous generation either.

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Devil May Cry did suffer a bit of "Castlevania Syndrome" where one section would be "Baroque Banquet Hall" but walk through the door and your on a "Sea Side Cliff" and walk through another area and you are in "Ancient Cemetery" and then through another door "Abandoned Mine Shaft" and then up some stairs and you are in a "Dusty Library". On the other hand, DmC did seem to have more of a sensible layout in so much it was some city and particularly when you "crossed dimensions" both places seemed to have continuous themes even though they were dramatically different.

Again I don't know if it is a problem but it is different. To me the game is fine but it seems like Capcom and attaching the Devil May Cry name to it probably hurt. But then again this is second guessing since selling games at $60 seems like a big risk any more whether it be a new or old franchise.

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Remember that you started it so if you are unhappy with the quality of the discussion then it is easy to find the source of the problem.

I did and I wanted to see just how long it would go, before one intelligent reply or a funny joke. Still waiting.

It sounds like the joke is on you. If you need a big hint: If you want intelligent discussion, start with an intelligent statement. Dropping a link to a vague "talk about things" is pretty stupid.

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Remember that you started it so if you are unhappy with the quality of the discussion then it is easy to find the source of the problem.

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Your employer should have been in the business of providing your health care to begin with but that is ancient history. However to have businesses complain "business is hard!" goes against capitalism as well. Pick your poison where the solution doesn't seem to be "ignore it".

If it is really too expensive to run a business because workers are too expensive to hire then they need to act like a business and put their money where their mouth is. If they can only afford to pay a living wage and pay out health care to half of their hired employees then how ethical was it to hire so many?

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Get in line, buddy, just behind the europeans, the soccer fans, the anime fans, the Canadians... etc.

As a southern anime fan, I'm just about ready to sue for emotional distress.

You would have had a point if you were a Southern Canadian Anime Fan.

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RE6 was pretty schizophrenic. I can't tell if it got that way because the way the game was made or it was purposely written but it is a mess.

The point is Capcom seems to be chasing "the money" trying to emulate the success of others but ignoring the simple stuff that they do well today. Capcom shouldn't put effort into trying to make RE7 into some CoD game with zombies. We already have that.

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It feels like for you and others who have this malaise is that most prudent thing to do is simply this: Wait. If there are no games on a console, you gain little buying it now. The "gee-wiz" of these things falls by the way side if you aren't doing anything with the box. Especially these days it is very hard to justify pre-ordering hardware without the software. There doesn't appear to be anything gained from buying the hardware early and waiting for the software to come where if anything history has shown this is a risky thing to do.

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I thought everyone from Southern California always looked like they bathe in baby oil or suntan lotion so the waxy look didn't bother me.

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So this is "bad" because a kid has gotten some adults disciplined or fired or it is "bad" because it is actually "astroturfing".