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Genre distinction discussions aren't that interesting anyway. If one wants to discuss if a particular game's Rogue-Like qualities then go for it but I don't see the compelling reason to build up a list of "is/is not".

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The story went sideways where they should have stopped at 12~ and "regrouped" for a proper second season instead of just shoving more out the door.

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Uh...what decade are you living in? People have been using and "grappling" with this on mobile and PC for most of the 2000s. If you are looking for "impact" you missed it by about 10 years.

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Wow, since when did all the hate for Man of Steel happen?

Right after leaving the theater. :) And emphasized by Pacific Rim. We have Idris Elba telling us "We are canceling the apocalypse!" while Henry Cavill is "I r sads". I won't be surprised that PR is going to be the best "super hero movie" of summer 2013 while Man of Steel will leave many feeling it was a wasted opportunity.

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As many as they can get it on without going over budget.

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Snyder isn't a bad director he's simply mediocre; a notch or two above Michael Bay.

This. He seems to believe he can cover up movie and story issues with being moody with CG action which is pretty but leaves me thinking "this is pretty dumb".

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Improved resolution is nice but as long as it requires families move their furniture around to use it then it is still broken. It does us no good that it can now track my fingers if I need to rearrange the family room.

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I don't play LoL but I'm always curious what goes on in the game. I click on one of the few threads (for whatever reason they are rare here) and find out there is no information, point out some problems, then I'm told to go away. Put a mirror up to yourself and maybe you'll see the issue.

If you want to foster respect or discussion (or both) you need to present clearly and concisely. I still don't know what your complaint is beyond the perpetual nebulously defined "player community sucks" and a post was locked for what I assume was bad behavior. What is the actually discussion here?

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All online systems need a robust reporting system but this style of reputation management still seems dubious. No one should be demoting anyone or it will be abused where 30 years of various systems that have come and gone have proven that over and over again.

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If you spent no time explaining what the problem is then why would I spend thinking about it either. I have no reason to go to a message board I never visit to possibly read something I could care less about.

I don't play LoL and already see why people rage in that game. :)