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Meanwhile on NerfNow.com....

Back to kindergarten!

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Because the US isn't weird at all...

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I think the buyback change will be good for competition. All too often the late game just degenerated into "farming for buyback insurance" instead of pushing onward to finish or maneuvering to defense.

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If you want obscure, I've got a copy of Jade Cocoon in the storage/closet somewhere. Probably next to Kartia and Elemental Gearbolt. Hmm...I wonder if those light gun games work at all on a modern HDTV.

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I thought "augmented reality" are things that cross real world and game world things which Valve is definitely doing.

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I personally think Halo 2 is might be interesting for VGK because it is a bit unconventional and a bit controversial. Halo is a bit rough and still feels experimental while Halo 3 is the culmination of what they had learned. Halo 2 is the middle child where they were they were confident in their abilities but still had to experimenting and was a bit reckless. I wonder if what the story they were going for in Halo 2 was one of those "ahead of its time" things where today you'd almost expect that kind of "twist" in a FPS campaign.

Have you done Dark Cloud or Dark Cloud 2?

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Bloodseeker did need a boost. Not a nitro powered rocket thruster! :)

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Speaking of Reddit...

Shesh, Windrun only does +50% is turtle speed.

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People act like the Project Diva F thing was an insult where I look at it as a good it was presented at all. As long as they aren't lying about being experts or interested in something they are not then it is fine to have Quick Looks go like that along with the fact it raised awareness of the game in general.

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I don't think anyone doing a Quick Look should be forced to do anything for any game especially if they don't care or even understand. This means you get Quick Looks like Project Diva F or they skip them. Which is better?