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People keep forgetting something: Part of "The Internet" is at your side. The slowdown might be in your home setup (who knows what you've done to it at this point). The slowdown might be coming from your immediate provider.

Suggesting this is all Sony's fault and they need to fix it belies the small fact that Internet is complex that no one has control over.

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I thought Spring Breakers was surprisingly interesting. It is supposed to be creepy as hell because spring break in general is creepy as hell.

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If you need to "retrain yourself" to use a interface that is supposed to supersede the old interface then and it doesn't work reliable, how useful is that interface? Given a controller or a remote, how useful is a voice interface that works intermittently if not at all? What is the exact "up sell" in this case? It is more expensive and complex because it might work? I'm not exactly impressed since the old interface was nearly faultless.

Let me put it this way: If Google TV or Apple TV had this voice command feature and it was as reliable as this there would be a lot of jokes and many would consider a failure. Why is Microsoft exempt?

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All digital on console is a terrible idea. Hey guys let's give Microsoft and shit eating publishers the right to charge what they want because they'll have no competition on closed platforms.


*Cough* Steam *Cough*

*sneeze* But Steam is not a console. *sneeze*

This is the major reason why what Microsoft was promising on XBox One was not "the all digital future". The odd way they were handling disks and the weird sharing and odd buy back system is the contrarian to the "all digital future".

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I know people have fun but I have always seen this as a futile excirse. At best asking someone to "Pick 10 games from 2013 that people must play" is fine but asking them to compare them is always crazy.

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Man of Steel was definitely "bleh" but given how First Class and X2 went I definitely give Singer a lot of room to try. Trying to repair where the story went is kind of noble.

As for the story itself, I'm not a comic book expert but it would make a lot of sense to use Wolverine's character instead of Pryde's for the journey especially if they want to tie together the disparate time lines.

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Love the voice stuff. Is it perfect? No, but what voice recognition is? And when it does work (in most instances for me) it's fantastic. People just need to adjust to the specific phrases it demands.

So "you are using it wrong". Always a great deflection for something that is faulty.

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Siri is handy as an interface into apps. For instance it is easier to setup an appointment using Siri than it is to use the calendar to enter it. When the context is limited, Siri works great. When it is not you have just as much luck going to google.com and typing in stuff. Since 7.0 they've been focusing on Siri support into apps instead of a general "assistant" thing they originally toughed because it just doesn't work.

But that isn't what is going on with Kinect where it is just simply that the voice command interface still doesn't work. It definitely doesn't seem like it is "partially working" well enough for the higher price tag.

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Which version of the character? One of the quirky things about Neir was how it was released in the NA and Japan.

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The "XBox switch" thing is one of the most useful features to go with this and is never actually told to the user.