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These are launch games. You should always suspect anything prepared by them as pure marketing but even more so in launches. Suggesting you can judge the quality of the game from a screen shot for a launch game is really questionable.

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I would say say Batman Arkham City is a better "2013 game of 2011". *shrug*

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Actually I would be intrigued with experimenting having others produce a show. Let Brad do one and see what he can do.

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I love how some of you guys are shitting on the OP and then are angry about Skyrim winning over Saints Row the Third.


That is not irony.

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This thread is pretty "incredible". I like how people think they can demand revote on things they like.

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People lose their minds over the weirdest stuff. I am not saying this thread or posters in it are doing anything bad but I have a feeling the next several weeks is going to be unbearable.

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@hailinel said:

Oh my god, these console arguments.


This is the Internet. People will become mortal enemies on the internet just to get attention.

On a serious note, what I hope happens is that sales do end up being off which makes companies ready to come back humble but ready try to get our favor back by fixing what went wrong and delivering on old and new promises. Although it might not be entirely their doing or the situation might not be that controllable, the producers and others who made decisions on Dead Rising 3 need to hear loud and clear that this is not good enough.

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I laugh at people who think launch titles are going to push the consoles to their limits, or make the most of the hardware...I laugh indeed.

Can I giggle at those who suggest this good enough for now? I'll be elsewhere playing games at higher resolution at higher frame rates on hardware that I lasted updated 7 months ago.

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The more I look at Dead Rising 3 and see the problems it has, the more and more it feels like a PS3/360 game that was "rush ported" onto XBox One. It isn't the XBox One so much as people rushing this out the door.

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I don't know if it will be "the worst" but since everyone and everything is connected by social media far more than before things like this go under a very giant microscope. Everything is getting scrutinized and everything will be picked apart.