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Video cards are one of the major, most expensive parts of a modern PC. Buying an ATI or any video card just because one thinks "it is cool" is easiest way to lead yourself to a disappointing build.

As mentioned by others, NVidia is still around because their product "just works". The only product that "just works" better is Intel (and they have more cards out there!) but they don't play in the same "bleeding edge" space.

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There could be an argument made that it would have been fine at 2 movies but 3 is crazy and this movie shows the problems with this level of padding.

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I like Pepsi and I like GeForce. I don't think I selected either "because it is cool".

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Random thought: What if the reason why Nick didn't want to air this in the channel was because they didn't want to deal with "Korrasami"?

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Saying that "Steam storefront is a pile of flaming garbage" makes me wonder what they are doing for shopping. For whatever reason people throw their hands up in the air when they see Naughty Bear on Steam but don't care if the physical thing on the shelf at Best Buy? Do they also ignore it when it pops up on other digital store fronts??

Why not do what everyone else does? Instead of staring in disgust at the front page, do a little curation or only buy things you know about. People who show up at Best Buy and blindly pick games off the shelf are asking for trouble. Why don't think the same thing will happen on digital ones?

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The fact people are even asking and comparing these two games shows what is wrong with Game of The Year. Play them both! They are both fun and awesome!

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Isn't a problem with Amibos is that they are kind of crappy quality? Maybe they are getting rid of them to flush the "version 1" to make way for "version 2".

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Today PC gaming is better than it has ever been. Gone are the days of the 90s where every month some company would come out with a new thing that would trump the old thing causing people to scramble to rebuild.

I see why console gaming appeals to some who want the "zero configuration" setup but I see Steam as a great facilitator that has helped me maintain a library that is stable and grows which is much more than any console has.

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Not really, if NeoGAF doesn't want to have discussions on this game then that is their business. Meanwhile you, me, and millions of others can think whatever they want. You are prescribing way to much "power" to NeoGAF if you think if that discussion there means no one thinks about it.

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It is their boards and they can run them however they see fit. If they think discussing games like Criminal Girls is a waste of time and will lock threads on it, I can not argue. If they think discussing games like Hatred is a waste of time and will lock threads on it, I can not argue with that either.