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I think people complaining about other people being in denial about GamerGate are pretty crazy too. They aren't paranoid because they are all out to get you and your precious video games!

Although GamerGator is some serious business. #gamergator

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If one is believes in free markets then one should also have no issues with immigration where in fact the free flow in and out of country of jobs and labor is what you really want. If it turns out that doesn't make one comfortable then they really want something else...

Do you belive in treating 20 billion refugees like agents on a free market?

Sure you can say you wanna have free immigration and everyone should be welcome everywhere and throw in peace all over the world while you are at it but its only words and nothing concrete. Sweden politics in a nutshell.

Yes in a perfect world every border would be as open as the border between Denmark and Sweden but we dont live in a perfect world and i dont see it changing soon.

Do you believe that there are 20 billion refugees from Norway, Finland and Denmark? If not then you would realize that 20 billion refugees do not have enough money to get to Sweden on their own and must get it from NGOs and other places (hint: if they did have the money they wouldn't be refugees). People flee and are refugees because they have to not because they are lazy or want too. They do it because they've done the "calculus" and determined that leaving everything they've got is better than staying in whatever situation they are in.

But that is irrelevant because I was not talking about refugees or asylum which is different than free movement of workers and jobs. Any political party that conflates the two is clearly after something else which was really my point.

The brutal truth is that modern countries need immigration. That doesn't mean that any nation should accept anyone but suggestion that they need to clamp down the borders and kick out the strange foreigners is crazy because it is expensive and destructive to their nation's economy.

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Korra's social skills have nothing to do with it.

The threat was there and something The Avatar can only solve it was actually not that serious. It is a threat she didn't understand. Information was handed to her from a source she sort of trusted form out of the blue and partially from left field. Her friends and advisers didn't have great answers beyond being cautious and even asked to study the situation. So she runs off and does it...and made things much much much worse. She turned what was serious but localized problem into something that borked multiple worlds.

So no it isn't about whether or not Korra can get along with people or knows what to do at parties or knows how to make friends. This was about Korra making strategically poor decisions which lead to tactically unsound, random actions.

To put it another way: It is one thing to not trust or believe her father or listen to her friends or ignore her advisers for whatever reason. It is something really dumb to believe an uncle she rarely sees knowing there are "issues". They didn't even play up the "Hey I'm The Avatar and can fix anything" thing correctly.

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This stuff has my cousins worried too (they live in Denmark) but I've seen is that these parties seem to be a lot about the rhetoric where actually getting swept into power and implement what they talk about and giving responsibility makes them balk.

If one is believes in free markets then one should also have no issues with immigration where in fact the free flow in and out of country of jobs and labor is what you really want. If it turns out that doesn't make one comfortable then they really want something else...

And finally, Nordic countries are quite well off where the suggestion that they can't handle the strain from foreigners is kind of goofy.

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Saying "Book 2 is bad" but just not great quality. After the start of "Book 1" and what was going on "Book 3", "Book 2" can't even claim to be an "awkward middle chapter". Really, there was plenty of good stuff in "Book 2" but a lot junk that didn't work as well and that is why people think it is...bad. Korra's actions and motivations were weird and only done to service the plot specific to "Book 2" and then abandoned and forgotten (thank god!).

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Book 2 was great. I really don't understand the hate for it. It was a slower season overall, but it built up to something great. I can't wait for Book 4!

The problem with "Book 2" was that Korra seemed to want to believe the bad guys for little reason and blithely ignore trusted friends and colleagues for no reason while also suffering from being a bit impulsive for unknown "just because I want to hurry" reasons. Basically the actions Korra took didn't make much sense. The underlying plot did have a lot of promise but was only used to raise the stakes in the final fight giving it a cost.

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Running groups and instances is the fastest way to collect money while rolling need on what is allowed. Doing LFR also works but that may take time.

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This is not new where people forget games like Bioshock Infinite had a dramatic shift and rewrite at a couple of points. Although it is an interesting "what if?" I'm not sure it is worth any more time consider it or means anything in particular.

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It isn't so much that "games are supposed to be fun" but that it is a question of relativity. Something like "ethnic cleansing" is a serious issue and should be taken seriously so no one should be surprised if someone gets passionate about doing something. Something like "video games" is a bit less so due to the stakes being so much lower effecting far less people in a far less obtrusive or abrupt way. One can be passionate about what they like but they need to keep in mind how much it should matter where flipping out because "The Loot Cave" in Destiny or whatever makes you passionate may make one look whiny instead of convincing.

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Regardless I think everyone agrees that Nick should never touch shows like this again. :)