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I wouldn't say those games are "totally broken". They have serious serious serious issues but that is not "totally broken". As others have noted and as Jeff puts succinctly, successors pay for the sins of the predecessor. No one will be surprised if it turns out the next AC and the Halo 5 will be less popular unless they show they have directly shown they have improved.

Someone I know in the industry also believes this and suggests when this happens they delay the "main product" and release something in the interim to build back trust. It is expensive to do but how much will that cost compared to lost sales for the next AC?

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Point of fact: In the Garner case, they wouldn't look at the camera of the officer who was holding him because as you noted it would just be pointed into his back. No they would look at the all of the footage from all of the cameras form the other officers who were also there.

I won't say it is always true but in general footage when interacting with city officials is always a good thing. Filming courts filming trails is a good thing. Filming city council filming their meetings is a good thing. Police filming themselves is a good thing. The more people and vantages recorded of the same event, the better. All of these are good because recording it provides one more way to help answer "What happened?" that doesn't involve someone "trying" to remember something. And don't conflate filming with the eradication of graft or crime or just mistakes either where courts still make mistakes, city council members will take kick backs, and police will misstep even though and especially because they know they are being recorded.

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The extraordinary thing beyond the death with Garner is that this seemed to be a petty crime (edit: What level of crime is selling cigarettes improperly? I assume it is low level but it would be nice to know for sure).

This is what many are also saying that it isn't exactly a problem with police using "extreme force" but all too often they are using it for everything including penny-ante problems.

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The whole "Game of the Year" thing focuses on the wrong thing. The idea that you can declare any game as the be all end all super thing to play just for a year is crazy.

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I guess it was a terrible year if you put the blinders on and only see the things you hate. I for one think there were several good releasing showing the best gaming have to offer from the small scale to AAA productions. Games from Transistor to WoW: Warlords of Draenor where stellar.

If there was something "terrible" this year, it was how attitudes of video gamer has been show to be extremely fickle where it lead people to believe the hype on something then a day later turn on it screaming it is POS. This the same fickleness is the poison that feeds into the gamergame garbage.

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@dan_citi: According to Wilson Brown visibly handed the cigarillos to the person he was with either before or shortly after the beginning of the tussle at the vehicle, saying something like "Hold these"

I don't mean to keep beating a dead horse but I would seriously recommend reading the documents that are available. It's not just testimony, it's almost all of the documents from the investigation.

I was skeptical of the situation when I first heard about it, wondering exactly was the reason for an unarmed person to be shot to death by an officer. Now that it's all available, it makes much more sense, even though it is still a tragedy. I think a big injustice is that a lot of misinformation and allegations were made shortly after the incident, which the police were prevented from responding to. Thus a lot of preconceptions have developed assuming that information was true.

Wouldn't it be nice if the investigation was "clean" instead of borked? Letting the body lay there in the street for multiple hours is not good. Taking Wilson's statement hours later was not good. Collecting witness statements even later is not good.

I don't blame the grand jury for not going forward because the evidence is bogus either way. The forensics doesn't indicate either way because of lax handling and second guessing later. There is nothing left but a lot of preconceptions and misinformation because the initial investigation was so botched and tainted no one can be sure what happened.

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This broadcasting feature inside of Steam makes sense as a marketing thing. If you aren't sure if you want to buy Far Cry 4, click here to watch someone playing it now.

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@feanor said:

2 individuals get into some shit with one another and 300+ million people lose their minds. Why can't we all just realize there are shit people in this world, and they are going to do shit things.

Hello, you must be new to Giant Bomb where someone can post "*high profile console* crashed playing *high profile game*" and people lose their minds.

"Figuring out" who was guilty and innocent is important but feels like a distraction from the much larger issue at hand: How did they get into a situation where an unarmed kid got into a confrontation with an armed and trained police officer? Paint either as saints or the devil seems to be the wrong issue to focus on.

My dad who just retired as a police officer seems to be from a different era. He always suggests that if you were a uniform and wear a weapon and take an adversarial stance and tone will automatically be uncomfortable. At that stage if you move in closer or try to touch them, they will flinch or try to get away. Although he has nothing but his experience, he feels what probably happened was that Wilson touched or reached out to grab Brown which caused Wilson to freak out and start to trash around to get away. Neither would be at fault but mistakes were made by both.

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The thing about grand jury as a process is that although it is supposed to be objective and impartial, it is heavily influenced by the state and prosecution. Often times, these are held "closed door" and only one doing any presentation are the state and their experts. This works "okay" when it is weighing whether or not the state should bring someone to court for charges against someone but very dubious when it is state being charges against someone who works for the state. And also: If the DA really wants the case to go to court, they will let the grand jury know it by the way they show them witnesses and evidence. Likewise, if the DA really doesn't want this case to go to court they will also let them know it by doing the same thing or showing them little or weakly questioning witnesses.

A fundamental issue is that the District Attorney needs a good working relationship with the police and sheriff. Bringing up any police or sheriff/sheriff deputies on charges is always tricky and many wonder if this is a conflict of interest. A reform that many want in the grand jury process is using "special prosecutors" when the police or sheriff/sheriff deputies maybe charged. Lawyers and experts who do not need to work with the people they maybe accusing seems to be a sound thing to do.

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Pretty sure Brown didn't steal anything. At best he threw a tantrum by tossing the stuff back cashier. Does that mean he needs to be arrested or shot?