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I feel that if Smite has an issue, it isn't that they are sexy but they are "cliche sexy". Yet another MOBA stacked with top heavy girls.

Dota 2 definitely has a lot of design so that all men/women/other heroes are different. Hell one of the females in Dota 2 is a god damn giant spider. Not a personification of a spider. Not a sexy humanoid dressed up like in a theme of a spider. She is giant, multi-eyed, eight legged spider that talks about drinking the liquified internals of anyone she catches.

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@mbradley1992 said:

@extomar: If Sony knocked on your door, walked in, and took all of your games because they are "revoking your license" or whatever, then you would call the police and file a theft report. The person who came in would likely be arrested, and Sony would disown the action as though they didn't condone it. If they take all the PSN games from the PS3 era offline today, and deactivate all the licenses, no one is going to arrest anyone for theft, because it is considered business. I don't know what you're trying to say. You condemn my post, but then you start talking about overvaluation. Are you saying that if someone took your games out of your house that you wouldn't file a theft report? Because that's just not true. You would. But when they can take the digital games offline, no one would file for theft because it's just going to be seen as them doing standard digital business practices. So maybe you can clarify what you're trying to say, because the way you originally worded it makes it sound like you're claiming that you don't value your games enough to care if someone broke in and stole them, which I'd almost guarantee is false.

What a spurious response were your babble has nothing to do with the topic at hand and you are wrong but all of that is besides the point. Since you can't seem to get the issue at hand I'll give you a giant hint:

I have an Apple IIe and have problems playing Ultima 5 now. If someone stole my Apple IIe and my disks of Ultima 5 guess what changes? NOTHING. Well not exactly "nothing", I'd have more space to put files or bottles of wine or whatever there instead. I really couldn't use that machine and play that game before it disappeared. I really couldn't use that machine and play that game after it disappeared. And since you asked, what would the police report say beyond "Yeah that stuff is missing...it looks like an old computer and a box of floppy disks"? (Fun side thought: I might have to explain what a floppy disk looks like to some!) And since you didn't wonder, I'm telling you I'd have a hard time putting a price tag on what got stolen to report to insurance let alone never locating a suitable replacement of either the hardware or software where I would end up in the same quandary of "How do I play this without being a PITA?"

On the other hand, I could just spend $5 to get Ultima 4, Ultima 5, and Ultima 6 digitally from GoG that will run on my laptop today. Oh my god, isn't that horrific?

So yes, I really do believe you overestimate the value of hardware and software where large chunks of my collection aren't worth stealing and yet you have the thickest, reddest rose colored glasses on looking at things like they were piles of gold when they are really just a stack of barely functional crap. Furthermore the suggestion that "all digital future is bad" is clearly not true.

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Reading some responses reminds me of something: Wasn't there supposed to be a modern live action Patlabor movie? Now that I think about it Goto and Nao are readily and easy to relate too, especially with today's audience, than Mikoto ever was. :)

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What "this"? Since people have been working with computers and software, people overvalue software. And in particular video gamers dramatically overvalue video games.

I have a closet that I use for storage for video games. I have a shelf full of Apple IIe stuff where I guarantee half of it isn't worth playing where the real gems like Ultima 5 would take a lot of effort to play due to getting the hardware out and set it up just right. I'd rather have it working in emulation that trying to set everything up and finding out Disk 4 is unreadable.

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@tuxfool said:

@extomar: They have made 2 theatrical movies : the original GiTS and Innocence.

Then here is Standalone Complex: 2 26 ep runs and a TV movie. There are a further 2 movies which are cut down versions of the episodes.

Then there is Arise which is a 4 ep ova.

So you really really really really agree they've been churning out way to many Ghost In The Shell things that amount to little or nothing or both? I'm struggling to see the value in another Ghost In The Shell whatever after so many TV episodes, movies, OAVs, manga/side story that will be abandoned again in a few years. This isn't like other long running series where they just churn out endless thing after thing after thing but worse.

Whatever...I will never suggest someone shouldn't make a movie so I have no doubt even more will be made in the future but that doesn't mean I can't think "Why waste the time?" I mean they made a live action OneChanbara so why not this?

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....I can only say "wow". I am surprised as anyone about this. I'm not sure if I can pull out enough plastic instruments let alone the disk to see and buy this though.

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@sodapop7 said:

I just like having the disc and box. I enjoy looking at the boxart and what the hell else am I putting on these shelves?? Books?!

And you will like having that disk of Madden several years from now when you don't have the time to play that ancient console that depends on servers that don't exist any longer showing a cover athlete that was probably injured and retired.

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@tuxfool said:

@extomar said:

Ghost In The Shell feels like a series they've "gone to the well one too many times". I have little interest in seeing this unless it is completely and utterly rebooted.

They have gone to the well 3 times in animated form, with 3 different continuities. There are 2 good continuities and a 3rd (more recent one) which is mediocre.

So you agree especially after considering how many movies they've made too?

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Ghost In The Shell feels like a series they've "gone to the well one too many times". I have little interest in seeing this unless it is completely and utterly rebooted.

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The issue I had with Nuts and Bolts is that it was a "much-liked platform" that turned into something else that had issues. I'm sure people loved it but if you were looking for that "3D platform" magic, you were going to end up disappointed.

It would be like Capcom saying "Here is the next Ghost 'n Globlins!" and release a game that was featured Sir Arthur piloting a steampunk mecha in an action game. I'm sure people would love a a steampunk action combat game but that isn't exactly what it felt was promised.