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I only claim "The Daily Show" writers made so many jokes about conservatives because they make themselves easier targets than liberals. In particular, what I have always appreciated about "The Daily Show" is that they avoid cheating their comedy where it would be easy to manipulate to show how absurd or ridiculous the stance or topic happened to be where instead they just let the material show it for itself. The recent "critique" of the whole Brian Williams thing is a prime example where all they have to do is show how duplicitous the news media happens to be with "fibs".

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I've never seen "The Daily Show" as "liberal left leaning" especially when that show would regularly chew out the Obama Administration for lacking backbone for many non-partisan issues.

On the other hand, time and time again one party seems to carry a lot of pretension and puts on "airs of moral righteousness" more than the other and that is easy to make fun on. When you look at a topic like "same sex marriage" and one side goes "I'm for it as civil rights thing," while the other side goes "It is an ungodly abomination that shows more proof that Washington DC is turning into Sodum and Gamora with all of its lust and greed and sinfulness!" the joke becomes easy: "You know congressman, you live and work there for 20 years to help make it like that!"

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I feel that the wiki at sites like this have to be generalized so some one who has no idea about a game can read and understand it. If someone went to the Dark Souls page updated with a big diseration on what the multiple theories on why a character makes mention of something specific, I would be "meh" about it the update.

I say clean up the page but you may want to avoid going into details on "this is how this drafting works".

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That is excellent! Is it possible to increase the size of that?

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I've been casually goofing off in Heroes of the Storm.

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I agree. The fun part of the "original concept" was that Disney Villains were teaming up with (at the time) Square/Final Fantasy Villains where going with Organization XIII is just a bunch of guys with X in their name. I would love for them to go back and embrace those characters where what is the point of spending the money and using the IP if they just crank out a bunch of new characters?!

As for new Disney characters, Frozen and Big Hero 6 are easy adds.

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"Swapping" is allowed in the case where like "restore from catastrophic failure" where the old machine died in a completely unrecoverable way so you get a new machine. This shows up at Microsoft when you activate it where as long as you haven't activated your license fifteen times it should be fine.

As a practical matter, you should get the OS as cheaply as possible. If your OEM version doesn't work any more then going for beta or other discount programs is the way to go.

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So the problem is that celebrities have fans? Why do you care what some fan does? If some company wants to make a buck off of catering that kind of fandom, why should that bother you?

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This is a big "....what?!" that is crazy enough to be feasible! :)

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@corevi said:

So, is MCC ever going to be fixed or have they given up on it?

New "der blinkenlites" from the new game will make everyone forget the old problems!