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This seems to sound like the same complaint about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The game on the whole is awesome, one of the best of the era, but the boss fights were weak if not broken. For games like this I always wonder if they should have never tried to build the game around the concept of "boss fights" where missions just unfold as the player complete objectives instead.

Having written that, if they feel compelled to have a boss fight they should have done them like the Zsasz fight where you have the tools to defeat them so use them. For other fights I would have have just as been happy showing a CG sequence instead.

And I loved the combat scenarios in both Batman: AA and Batman: AC. Fun on a bun brawling!

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That old school Bubblegum Crisis!

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That reminds me, why is Joker even in a Suicide Squad movie? I'm not much of a comic book expert but I am pretty sure Joker had little to nothing to do with it. Why not make make Leto do Captain Boomerang?

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This is a case of "trying too hard". They might as well tattoo "Look how crazy I am since I'm The Joker!" on his forehead instead.

Part of the lure of The Joker is that he looks odd and clown so characters and reader/viewer aren't sure if he is "really insane" or if it is an act. Writing it all over your body kinds of ignores that.

ps. It should be noted that the best of Fast and Furious is when it abandoned the "I'm so serious street racing" stuff which was the issue with Fast and Furious 1. And it appears that is going to be the issue with DC movies going so serious and dark and gritty.

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There are a lot of studies that shows games, especially ones based upon a direct competitive component, makes the player aggressive. Kids (and adults) who don't know how to control their aggression behave poorly including being rude and crude which means bad behavior like sexism come out.

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Different strokes for different....wait you played through it twice and then decided it wasn't very good? And what is with people falling for the hype?

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I don't get that complaint either. That is as silly as saying Microsoft hurts game developers who release on XBox One.

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Doesn't Valve make about 30% from the sales of other people's games through Steam (or thereabouts?)

I dont necessarily think it's 'greedy' of EA to want to try and circumvent that payment through their own platform, even if said platform is a bag of crap, that I don't want.

That said, EA don't generally make games that I'm interesting in buying, so it isn't much of an issue for me.

But the trick with Origin is that EA takes 100% of the sale for EA games. Given how many "other games" on Origin I would call it "greedy" but the reason is clearly money.

Blizzard also has a platform where they sell Blizzard games but they don't pretend to be anything but a store front for Blizzard games. Maybe this is what EA needs to do instead of trying market it like they aren't.

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I don't know if it is a problem with EA's customer service but that Origin itself where I do not doubt Steam has worse CS but Origin has a number of issues that Steam seem to never have.

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The reason why "the suits" think moving to general mobile is a great idea isn't that they don't think Nintendo don't have a successful market selling portable gaming systems and games but that their portable market is **tiny** compared the general mobile market let alone the general mobile gaming market.

I look at the situation the reverse of what many who are "anti-freak out" where I wonder what is so special about protecting Nintendo's Gambeboy/DS platforms. It is nice to have but I'm not sure that is enough justification ignoring a giant and growing market.