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I think the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal was probably exactly what it needed to be. Animation quality's really fantastic. The new transformation sequence is super cool, IMO. The music of everything so far still isn't grabbing me.

But hey, Tuxedo Mask has never looked more handsome.

Tuxedo Kamen/Tuxedo Mask "leaving jump" was held a little too long though as if to say "GAZE UPON ME!"

Another side thought: With the way the new art looks, Naru looks even more "adult" compared to Umino which makes him even more whimpy looking.

I kind of missed the "Next time on Sailor Moon" thing they had at the end of the episodes but that is from a bygone era. For today's shows they do the modern tease and close thing which is what we got with Ami running away in the rain.

I might be alone here, but I like the new OP more than the original one.

I'm actually okay with the new OP. If anything I wish they had gone more synth pop like a lot of modern shows do. :)

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Zone out the enemy while I rifle through my old stuff in the attic!

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The key thing with SUNSfan and Purge (one team that did the Newbie Stream) is that both have a bunch of "caster" experience already. Purge has extensive experience playing and creating videos around specific elements of the game: One of my favorite series he does is "Purge Comments on a Pub Game" where he select a public game and does commentary on it. These are not high level play but he pulls the game apart analyzing what went right and more importantly what went wrong. SUNSfan has been helping to run DotaCinema which also features a lot of video production and commentary like Purge where he pulls apart games for comedy but that is still the same analytic eye.

So these guys have a lot of experience looking at and commenting over games and that translates well into this style of "Lets look at midlane, this player is doing okay but he can't leave or he wil fall behind but his bottle is empty. He can wait for the runes to spawn here (top) or here (bottom) or he can call the courier and carry it back to the fountain to refill. Lets see what he does...." where other more hardcore casters would just ignore that and concentrate on whether who has the higher last hits/net worth which will lead to who will win mid.

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Skyward Sword is just "off" which results in a let down. This was supposed to be the great hope of a "next gen Zelda" and it never came together where it seemed to have systems added that were never really that integrated and mechanics that seemed glued together instead of designed.

Or another way to put it: Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is a better and more modern Zelda game than Skyward Sword. So in the end, it isn't about hating it or that it is bad but Skyward Sword just isn't that good.

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I can't believe the "Are hamburgers sandwiches?" question is more interesting than this.

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I said some stuff, that I deleted out for brevity's sake blah blah blah.

The issue with Dota 2 is there are a lot of quirky things that are never readily explained. For instance how to effectively use Eul's or Ghost Scepter. When should one get a Mek vs Pipe of Insight. When you want to build Treads vs Phase. Hell there is even quirky things like knowing you can use Eul's a mini-BKB that is important to know but never explained even though all of the parts are detailed in the item's text.

Basically it is great recommend builds and items are in the user guides but that isn't an explanation.

Well here's the thing

I definitely think the game could really use a significantly better tutorial mode and beginning match maker mode than it has currently. That would solve a lot of these kinds of problems.

But on the other hand, if you view DOTA 2 more as a video e-sport than a video game, the expectations and experience really isn't that different from athletics.

If you go play baseball, the rules and quirks of that game are completely alien as well if no one teaches you how to play. The Infield fly rule, catcher's interference,Balks, when to tag and when to run, how to bunt etc etc.

You wouldn't go into a baseball game for the first time as an adult having never seen the game and expect to know all the rules and quirks or have the umpires explain it to you as you go, so in a way expecting DOTA 2 to do that for you is asking it to do something it shouldn't necessarily have to.

There is a difference between rules and tactics. Using the Baseball example, the issue for a rule like the infield fly rule isn't explaining it to someone in when the game is going normally but explaining it when rule is broken...which rarely happens in modern pro games. Most casual observers aren't going to think or notice this rule or effect. A better example are onside/offside rules because play stops suddenly for what seems to be random events.

On the other hand, match after match and series after series there are players making the decision between Heart of Tarrasque and Satanic. Or Battle Fury and Radiance. Or why the player picked maxing out one skill before putting 1 point into another. Or whatever where these aren't rules but tactical choices made that are never written down and are opaque to casual observers.

This is actually timely because Valve has invited enough casters to setup a "New To Dota 2/Newbie Stream" which has a different pace and cadence than other traditional casters where they take a little time to explain skills and item choices made when they get the chance instead of active commenting. A couple of times they would point the camera at something going on like pulling neutrals to stack and explain step by step how and why they would do it. It is just the thing the game needs for a bunch of new watchers because these new viewers would have no reason to believe or understand why that is beneficial due. There is no rule or regulation that says "Thou shall pull this neutral stack this far for efficient exp/gold collection".

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It should be noted that the "New To Dota 2" stream is available in the in game replay system. Fire up the client, download one of The International 4 games and you can hear and hear that stream with additional controls.

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I wonder: Can anyone pull a game like this in FIFA or something? I wonder if it is possible to simulate a game this tilted.

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...well then. That happened. I guess I'll watch The International 4 now?

Seriously did the whole team have a mental break down? Maybe the pressure of feeling the whole nation was depending on them was too much.

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The dirty secret is that video game development itself is highly stressful and risky compared to other forms of software development. Man or woman, you can find a very rewarding job and a much steadier paycheck at some "normal" software development position.