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Oh sure changing a name doesn't "fix" the issues with that are core to the game but it would have soured less people. It feels like if Dragon Age 2 was presented more as "another adventure in the same world" instead of "this is the true sequel" like they presented then people would have approached and treated it differently, warts and all.

As a rule of thumb, unless storyline is tightly bound they should avoid calling things sequels. I'm very supportive of the idea of multiple games in multiple parts of a setting where especially the "Dragon Age World" really has the space to do it....just don't call them sequels. :)

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It could be correctly argued that an issue with Dragon Age 2 was calling it Dragon Age 2. If they called it Dragon Age: Adverb Noun then expectations would have been different and less hostile. Going with "Inquisition" instead of a number is probably a wise idea.

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Dragon Age 2 burned me with their pre-release media so I'm not going to harp on them on releasing stuff like this but I am going to wait till people are releasing game play.

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The problem Tyrrael is describing is that an known issue with the "windows dongle" for the 360 controller is that it has a notoriously sketchy fuse and USB is notoriously sketchy in amp/voltage regulation. It is easy to bust the fuse and end up with a non functional receiver for the controller. You can try to replace the fuse but they are not easy to find and require skill to replace.

Basically, after going through this myself I came to the conclusion I should have just gone with Logitech. :/

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@connerthekewlkid said:

@extomar: I just recently came out of a year long coma, would the Roku be a good device to catch up on my TV shows?

As someone who is completely and totally just a random dude who is hip and loves high tech electronics and completely and totally not someone hired by any vendor to bolster their electronic reputation by planting information: The Roku is a reliable and inexpensive device suited to all of your television and streaming needs! I'm not saying it is awesome but it is pretty awesome!

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You are not insane for considering buying an expensive electronic device.

You are insane for asking strangers on purchasing advice on an expensive electronic device.

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I agree. What appears to be happening is "the mixer" only knows of one and only one audio output device which is on the graphics card. You need to figure out if the "on board audio" is disabled or broken before you can change the setting.

Depending on how "old" the "on board audio" is it may support PNP behavior which will automatically solve this issue because it "knows" if there are speakers or headphones plugged in and reconfigures the mixer automatically.

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Although no one will really care or miss the game, the fact that companies are passing on XBox One for even throw away movie franchise games is kind of...different.

The "lifeblood" of consoles is a steady flow of new releases...even crappy ones. Canceling titles never bodes well for that platform.

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"Double down on TV" is not a good idea. At this stage who knows if we can even record let alone bother. If all produced programs are available to stream at any time after release off the Internet, do you need a DVR? That leave sports as the last refuge of TV which is fine but as the tech moves on it becomes the same issue: Why do you need to record the game if the game is going to be available to watch for years with just a search and a click?

The TV as a device that sits in a living room that displays stuff is not going away. The TV as a thing you watch stuff from channels might be going away. Making a game console that uses that as a major feature maybe pretty foolish. I certainly wouldn't make it a requirement that you have to plug in HDMI to do it since a lot of programming is no longer coming from that interface.

Forget "double down on TV" Microsoft. Can we get Netflix and Amazon Prime unencumbered first?

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I believe work like this is "work for hire" and do not normally get royalties from the game itself but they may from selling the soundtrack itself. The "musician" works at the request of the producer isn't happy with the work or attitude it is their prerogative to fire them and hire someone else.

I never cared for the music in these games. If it turns out that O'Donnell felt like he needed more money, he should have made a better effort in producing and selling the soundtrack instead of whining about it to the producers.

ps. Why do people feel like he should go work at 343? I would rather see him get out and do something else...