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People forget there are issues with Halo but then again people forget the issues with Half-Life as well. The constant remakes help obscures the issues.

It should also be noted no one builds shooters with Halo or Half-Life controls either.

There are issues with everything ever made. What's your point?

Controls are secondary. Every shooter in recent years gets the 2 weapon system, health regen, a grenade button and aim assist. That's a bunch of very meaningful innovations popularized by Halo: CE. Because of those innovations many people now prefer playing shooters on consoles. Something unheard of before the first Halo came out.

I know you aren't being hostile but the question comes off as "huh?" The question was about the "reverence" of some classic game where a comment was made about how it plays and there were loads of problems with those games where design has come a long way (pacing, layout, etc). It isn't so much a problem but a recognition the change in design over the ages. To suggest "controls are secondary" is kind of flippant because this is the interface the real world person has to the game software. As I wrote, no one has these layouts (either Halo or Half-Life) for a good reason.

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People forget there are issues with Halo but then again people forget the issues with Half-Life as well. The constant remakes help obscures the issues.

It should also be noted no one builds shooters with Halo or Half-Life controls either.

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I think they should abandon it before they re-brand it. And keep in mind that I don't think that abandoning things is automatically bad or a failure. Sometimes when experimenting things don't work where I'm not sure the features of the Wii U are worth continuing to support.

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I really liked the movie but I'm curious if anyone knows how well it did at cinema? I ask because when it was originally released I remember it being clearly branded as The Edge of Tomorrow but the home release seems to be very much "Live. Die. Repeat." with The Edge of Tomorrow name being hidden away as though the film did poorly so they're rebranding it in hopes of getting more people to watch it.

If I remember correctly it was wedge in after X-Men: Days of Future Past and before Transformers 4. Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat clearly "won" but didn't have much time to shine and ultimately dwarfed by other movies. So it didn't do badly but in a summer with a a couple of literal and figurative giants in it, you are correct that it was easily lost.

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Wow I didn't expect such positive reviews

It feels like the E3 demo/slice was just not that great which caused worry but that is how some games go where devs have to cludge together a demo with odd requirements.

And it feels like after all the "serus biznss" with so many other shooters, having a highly arcadey one is very welcomed.

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As already hinted, both this movie and John Wick are surprisingly good turns for the "action movie" genre which felt stale even after The Expendables. What sells both movies is that their leads easily slip into that role. You believe Cruise's character is a simpering goof that is forced to be in a war. Later on when transformed by the experience you believe that character is bad ass.

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Seems to me it is a mental health issue, not a gun carrying or gun selling laws that are the problem.

Criminals and mentally ill people don´t care about what is legal or not.

Btw, when people propose banning guns, they never talk about the police force. Should they be allowed to carry a gun in the streets? (a friendly reminder that there are few European countries out there were police officers don´t carry handguns. They do often have a gun available in their car though).

But it see a "gun selling law" issue. It is so easy to get access to a lot of weapons and ammo that a lot of people who really have no reason to have one can have one "just because". Forget the other details: In any environment with a lot of weapons, the rate of injuries and deaths go up. That isn't about good or righteousness or laws but statistics.

And btw, it is important to note that the kid killed himself with a handgun which is often ignored and unreported across the US. The biggest method of suicide in the US is "firearms" with the old popular method world wide of "hanging" coming only comes in at half. I'm not saying that "get rid of the guns, get rid of the problem" but rebutting the idea that the ease and availability of guns is harmless.

Basically, ease of gun ownership has had an easy to measure effect and I personally struggle to find the benefit or silver lining and a bunch of stats seem to bear that out. Its not a plague or epidemic but it is worrisome.

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Before Columbine, there was something like dozen a mass shootings with less than 5 people dead each. What has changed from the 80s on is the tech and the availability of cheap and easy to use and easy modified weapons.

So a giant "whatever" to people who think there isn't a problem with the level of gun violence in the US. If no one is willing to ask "Why did this kid have access to a handgun?" then we must accept that this stuff is going to happen with regularity.

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A big issue with Man of Steel is how it was relentlessly unfun. Everyone was telling Clark how much everything sucked where no wonder why he fretted if he should use his power to save anyone. He is so worried about what humans would think of him that he ignores or forgets that the world is being destroyed! It was so dark and gritty it sucked the life out of the movie where I'd wish I was watching Jor'el The Intergalactic Freedom Fighter instead.

On the other hand, Guardians of the Galaxy was packed with fun and a hell of a lot more fun to watch. In fact it could be said a problem with the movie was that it has a "break neck" pace and rarely slowed down but at every moment there was something serious along with something fun going on.

At this point, it feels like Disney/Marvel has the right idea where I'm just rolling my eyes at the "leaks" on this and that and how "serious" they want to keep Batman v. Superman Special Victims Unit. Bring it on Avengers 2!

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People are weird....don't feel guilty or try to say you are sorry for liking a game. Even those that seem controversial or unpopular.

On the other hand, if you hate something like "mustard" then you are a monster and should feel bad. :)