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What is there to discuss? It is nonsense to suggest that there is some special or public interest in finding details about someone's personal business when it turns out that there is nothing farther form the truth.

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Curfew. Papers, please.

And how exactly should they be dealing with the unrest?

They've got a volatile situation with plenty of angry people, and a good chunk on the side just itching for the opportunity to get their loot/riot on. At this point, a curfew is the most benign way they can effectively enforce the law since everyone in this thread seems opposed to tear gas and riot gear.

It's really the only choice they have, at this point.

You are suggesting there are no alternatives at this stage where I believe there are multiple left open. How about the fire the police chief and open investigations on what other management was responsible and fire them as well along with starting a state and/or federal investigation into the original incident and impose a curfew? I bet that would defuse a lot of the tension and anyone rioting afterwards would be showing their real intention.

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This seems to be a case where the police are making every mistake they can make even though they are trying to act in good faith at multiple points. At this stage the only way to get this to stop is to get the governor involved and the national guard because none of the local authorities have shown they are any better than circus clowns making up the act as they stumble along.

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This season is great because they ditched "Korra With Attitude" in favor of Korra willing to listen to her closest friends and allies. Also they've added a lot to all of the other main characters where multiple times in multiple episodes they've had their big moments to shine. They've also done a bit to show that the bad guys are bad guys for logical reasons which are the most dangerous bad guys.

I just wish Nickelodeon wasn't being such morons about how they are handling the show.

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Speaking as somebody who has EA Access, it is really good. The Vault alone is worth the price of admission. I don't buy games online as is so no loss there.

Sony trying to play heavy handed is amusing. "PSN subs have increased a whole lot" which is obvious given that they put the online access behind it. I don't see a benefit of PSN over XBLA at this point. The GwG titles on the XBone have been excellent.

How does "The Vault alone is worth the price of admission" and "I don't buy games online as is" make sense?

I've wondered for a long while now about how this functionally works and even with some having access to this I still haven't got an answer. What is actually in there? How do you select something to install? How do you manage the whole system? These are the key details that will make or break these system more than actual number of games. Which reminds me, how many games are in there right now?

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Because it really seems more like a TV commercial?

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What do you define as "macro"? Is it just binding keys in such a way to allow casting net on Meepo while another key is Poof on another Meep while another is attack? That isn't a "macro".

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No. If I wasn't interested in those games before bundling them with a console doesn't help. What feels like would make sense for me is offer the console and offer a free game digitally out of a set bundle.

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Lets get away from the heated "console wars" and pick a different example to demonstrate what the issue is: iOS and Windows Phone and a bunch of developers like Chair or whatever.

- It is understandable if Apple buys Chair to make iOS apps and games.

- It is understandable if Apple hires on contract Chair to make some game Apple came up with for iOS.

- It is irritating but understandable if Apple hires Chair to make Infinity Blade 4 only for iOS if Apple pays all production costs. This actually happened a lot in the past but not so much any longer and for good reasons.

- What would be really murky and cause a lot of static is if Apple pay only part of the production cost for Chair to make Infinity Blade 4 only for the iOS.

Basically no one should be in the business of paying Chair to not make Infinity Blade 4 for Windows Phone or whatever platform no matter how popular or unpopular they are. This is bad because a bunch of money was spent and we as consumers and gamers got less games as a result.

I understand why the producer side sees exclusive and timed-exclusive as beneficial (basically it shifts/relieves a lot of risk off the smaller company) but the question is why did gamers side against Microsoft/for Sony.

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Well this has gotten weird, dark, and weird dark very quickly.