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Oregon Trail. At least for the time period that was a game that could sort of simulate real world events in a "oriented for a kid to understand" way in those primitive early days.

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Keep in mind people want Microsoft to do well and fix mistakes when made. Fixing up XBox One to compete against the PS4 or whatever is not the issue. What no one wants is a Microsoft acting like everything they are doing is some favor and then doing us another favor when they cancel it or dramatically alter expectations. Its this corporate double speak, which Sony does as well, that drives people up the wall.

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You've got to have some flex. The reed that cannot bend in the storm, will break.

If you want to get philosophical, remember this fun tidbit from thousands of years ago: All war is based on deception.

Wait what does this have to do with anything?

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It seems like Microsoft had a plan for a lot of features but only got them sort of working and decided to go with and figure out the problems later. It is now later and they didn't figure out how to address the problems.

I don't really care since I'm an unabashed PC guy but it always seemed it was a serious problem that the messaging was constantly off at each stage and step. Every time a question was asked about a feature or plan they didn't seem to have a good answer or they had contrary answers. No one knew the message. It felt like no one had the plan beyond "We'll fix that". No one should be surprised if people get mad if they bought in early and find out "All of that stuff we sold you on...had to cancel it because we couldn't figure it out. Aren't you glad we did you that as a favor?"

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As of today (July 21), there are still 7 days of bonus left on it. If you manage to get a compendium you do get things by default like the squakins courier and other goodies but it is going to hard to build up levels to unlock everything.

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Man why did Brad have to be a goober?! :) Anyone have the vod with time stamp for that segment?

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What is Bane anyway? No one will miss you anyway Bane!

CS Efficiency in Dota 2 can be tricky especially for ranged. For melee it is about weighting the risk of going in close and exposing your self to ranged attacks and getting the extra exp/gold. For ranged the point and back attack speeds are so varied that you really need to practice on a wide range of heroes to learn how to adjust quickly. Unless its a hero I know well, I usually fumble the first waves hitting too early or late until I get the rhythm down.

Ogre Magi is one of the three heroes I call "completely and utterly random". Its hard to take him seriously or ignore him. Also one of the few Int heroes that is melee so yeah that is weird enough.

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Those transformations remind me just how freakishly long their legs are compared to torso/body.

The episode itself again is pretty much like the original version except updated so it retro or worse anachronistic. I also like the implication that Luna actually has a bunch of "moon kingdom tech" hidden away somewhere.

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The claim that someone needs to be an expert to review something is always fallacy. It is a valid review to take someone who doesn't know anything about racing or racing games to review a game like Gran Turismo 6. Now whether or not this review is useful to you is a different question and dependent on you not the reviewer.

A reviewer can claim he hates or loves something in game for completely arbitrary reasons and that is fine. If someone reading that hates that the reviewer did that then that is fine as well but that isn't "a bad review" either.

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I feel the same way with LoL. :) I wholeheartedly recommend watching the official "New Player Stream" especially when it is casted by Purge and SUNSfan. They do a great job of explaining specific facets where if anything they maybe too meticulous but it is definitely way more informative than the usual "HYPE TEAM" announcing style.